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Fat Albert's JATO Demo Going Away from Milcom Monitoring Post by Larry
There's nothing like solid rocket fuel bursting into flames to get an air-show crowd's attention.
The jet-assisted takeoff, or JATO, is a fan favorite at the annual Oceana Air Show, which takes place this weekend. But this is the final year you'll be able to see it.
The maneuver is performed by Fat Albert, the Marine-crewed C-130 cargo plane that carries the Blue Angels' gear. At takeoff, the crew fires eight rocket "bottles" that blast the mammoth plane 1,000 feet into the air in about 15 seconds - simulating a launch under hostile conditions.
Trouble is, the bottles date to the Vietnam War, and it costs about $16,000 to get one reinspected and approved for use, said Capt. Edward Jorge, one of the plane's pilots. The expense has become prohibitive.
"We're going to be very sad," he said. "But ya know, all good things come to an end."

Flyover F-18 Jet Makes Hard Landing - Officials Say Landing Gear Collapsed from Diamond Pilots
A Marine jet arriving in town to participate in a flyover at Sunday's Jaguars game was left crippled on the runway of Jacksonville International Airport after its landing gear collapsed on Saturday afternoon.
It is one of three F-18 jets that were arriving in Jacksonville from the base in Beaufort, S.C. ...

Air Shows from Aviation News:

Seoul Air Show Opens from www.koreatimes.co.kr
The biennial Seoul Air Show, officially named the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2009, the seventh of its kind since 1996, is to be held from today to Oct. 25 at Seoul Airport in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province.

17 wing plays host to CAPA conference Aviation.ca (press release)
The election has lead to a new Chair in light of the retirement of Mr. George Elliott, an important piece of Canada's Aviation Heritage in his own right, ...

Partnership hears air show, 'Joint Basing' plan update - Google
Randolph to host air show Nov. 7-8; Base joining with Fort Sam Houston, Lackland to consolidate some military functions.

Flight in B-25 a lesson in humility - Tehachapi News
James Doolittle launched off the aircraft carrier Hornet in a daring attack on the Japanese homeland, gaining fame as the "Doolittle Raiders. ...

B25 Bomber offers "Sweet" flight during Wings Wheels and Rotors 2009 - Everything Long Beach (press release)
This B-25 participates in various airshows and events around the country. Flights in this aircraft will be offered for $425 a seat. ...

Mustang News - Mustang News
During World War II, she lived in Tulsa and worked as an inspector of B-25 bombers. She married JC Walls in 1941, and they were stationed in California, ...

WWII B-17 crewman recalls POW experience from Air Force Times - News
KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — On Aug. 6, 1944, John Anderson was on a bombing mission near Berlin when German anti-aircraft fire hit his B-17. The plane went into a spin. For a time, the centrifugal force was so strong that Anderson couldn't move, much less make his way toward the door in the tail to escape.He thought he was a dead man.Instead, his fate was to become a prisoner of war.Today, Anderson is 86. Music is a passion, and before being drafted in early 1943, he completed a degree at the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, Mo. After being discharged on Oct. 11, 1945, he received a master's degree and embarked on a career that began as ...

Special delivery - The Keene Sentinel
... The wallet arrived at Robert H. Brookman's apartment earlier this month, bringing an end to a long and incredible journey that began in April 1944, when Sgt. Brookman was a 19-year-old tail gunner on a B-17 bomber flying over Germany.
Enemy fire hit the bomber, named "Bottled in Bond," severely damaging the aircraft's engine, and its pilot set a course for Sweden, a nearby neutral country. The bomber was hit again with anti-aircraft fire as it descended into Sweden. ...

87-year-old pilot is back in the cockpit from Diamond Pilots
After decades of flying, the 87-year-old World War II pilot finally got recognition.
It came two months ago, when he crashed a 1940s vintage plane in a field seconds after takeoff from Meadow Lake Airport in eastern El Paso County. ...
The plane took more of a beating than the pilot. On Monday, for the first time since the crash, he was back in the cockpit, flying a twin-engine 1977 Cessna Skymaster aircraft, his usual ride.
"It was time to get back in the saddle," he says. "I'm just glad to be back at it."

Museum volunteer receives RSVP 'Spirit of Volunteerism' Award from National Museum of the USAF Top Stories
Riverside resident and National Museum of the U.S. Air Force volunteer Fred Korner recently received the 2009 RSVP "Spirit of Volunteerism" Award.
The award is presented by RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) to an outstanding volunteer who has displayed a positive attitude, friendly disposition, helpful and considerate nature, and has demonstrated unselfish and generous giving to the community over the past year.
Korner has logged 2,800 hours since he began volunteering at the museum in 2003. As a gallery monitor, he ensures visitor safety and security, responds to visitor needs and inquiries, and shares the rich history and heritage the museum offers to its more than one million visitors each year. He also serves on the Volunteer Advisory Council, representing his fellow volunteers as a liaison to staff.

Air Zoo to extend free general admission through 2009 from airzoo.org
Due to the overwhelming response by visitors, the Air Zoo has decided to extend its free general admission through the end of 2009. The free general admission offer is part of the Air Zoo's 30th...

Newark Air Museum Night Shoot from PPRuNe Forums by 7of9
I ventured down to Newark with my Brother Brian (PenPusher) on Saturday for their night photo shoot which was a first for my there as I have never been to the museum before.
Many thanks to all who organised the event & also for the guys who posed for us.
Here are some of the selection of photo's i took starting with one Day shot of the Russian Jets which i thought looked nice in Black & White.

The Centennial Bird: One slice or Two. from Aviation.ca News
Reliable sources indicate the centrepiece of Canada's 2009 Centennial Heritage Flight, the CF18 Centennial Hornet, rather than being preserved for future generations in the Canadian Aviation Museum, is to be sacrificed to maintain the combat readiness of lower time aircraft...

U-2 exceeds 25,000th hour of flight from Air Force Link Top Stories
U-2 aircraft No. 068-0337 was accepted by Air Force officials in 1968, and exceeded the 25,000th hour of flight Oct. 18, 2009, in a mission out of Southwest Asia.
The plane, with a wingspan of 105 feet, is maintained by military members and civilian contractors of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, and is the second high-altitude intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance plane to reach this milestone.
The first U-2, aircraft No. 068-0329, clocked a quarter of 100,000 hours April 4, 2009. These two are the first of 33 U-2 airframes worldwide to achieve this feat.

99s present Swank with Earhart medal - United Press International
FAIRFIELD, NJ (UPI) -- "Amelia" director Mira Nair (L) and the film's star Hilary Swank (R) hold up a signed copy of iconic aviatrix Amelia ...

First Emirati women become pilots at Etihad from AVIATION-NEWS
DUBAI – The first two Emarati women have earned their wings as pilots at Etihad Airways with the airline transport pilot licence (ATPL), the Abu Dhabi-based carrier said on Monday. Salma al-Baloushi and Aisha al-Mansouri graduated from flight training alongside nine male colleagues. "Everyone at Etihad is delighted that Salma and Aisha – our first female cadet pilots [...]

Elite Company from Things with Wings
Two remarkable women are now rarities among rarities: Aisha Al-Mansouri (left) and Salma Al-Baloushi (right) have just graduated from Etihad Airways' two-year ab-initio flight training course alongside nine male colleagues...

(title unknown) from Veterans Airlift Command
It was a great honor flying a Purple Heart recipient from Palestine, TX to Camp Hope, Farmington, MO. Camp Hope is formally known as Chris Neal Farm, in memory of Chris Neal who died fighting for his country in Iraq several years ago (www.chrisnealfarm.com).
Our hero/passenger was severely wounded in Iraq. While on patrol, the Humvee he and his comrades were traveling in struck an improvised explosive device (IED). Three soldiers perished, two survived. ...

On This Day in Aviation History: October 19th from NYCAviation.com

Smashing pumpkins from a helicopter from Diamond Pilots
As the giant pumpkins slammed to the ground at Fir Point Farms, the crowd shrieked and clapped. Children were chanting: "Hit that car, hit that car."
One after another, six pumpkins each weighing more than 200 pounds fell 120 feet from a helicopter, splattering onto old clunkers at the Sunday Great Pumpkin Car Drop. Pumpkins suffered a similar fate Saturday. ...

F-35's nose: Sweet, fruity yet sophisticated from The DEW Line by Stephen Trimble
The DEW Line thanks the folks at Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth for fashioning commemorative bottles of F-35 chardonnay, and, of course, to "spacer01" for posting the picture on Twitter. Thanks to them, we may be able to answer the critical question -- decades ahead of schedule, mind you: How well does the F-35 age?

Who Does Kirk Hawkins Think He Is? from AviationBull
I've seen fit to mention the Icon A5 on this website several times. It looks to be an innovative, versatile aircraft and Icon seems to be doing a very thorough job with its development. Unfortunately, I've been hearing some troubling language attributed to Icon's CEO Kirk Hawkins lately. I'm not sure if he's looking out for the best interests of aviation any more. ...

Reno Air Races 2009 Quick Edits - PaulOnline's Photos
C-17 Globemaster III from FenceCheck Forums
The Jamestown Air Show from Military Photos by Alfacentori
Your Best Vapor Shot! from FenceCheck Forums
B-17 & 25 on the ramp at Edwards AFB. from FenceCheck Forums
Flight Test Nation 2009 - Edwards AFB - 10/17/09 from FenceCheck Forums
Best Photos of 2009! from Mike Goulian Airshows by Karin
Flight Test Nation 2009 - Military Pictures from www.defencetalk.com


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