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Indy Transponder 26-OCT-09 0330z

AROUND NORTH DAKOTA: Recovery zone divisions ,... House hopeful tells views ... - Grand Forks Herald
The Canadian Snowbirds Demonstration Team landed at the Jamestown airport this past week to fuel up on its way back to Moose Jaw, Sask. ...

San Diego Air & Space Museum Selects "Class of 2009" Aviation and Space Legends for Induction into the Museum's International Aerospace Hall of Fame from AMTOnline.com
On Nov. 21, the San Diego Air & Space Museum is honoring national and international air and space legends at its 46th Hall of Fame Induction and Gala. Each honoree was selected for their historic contributions to aviation, space, or aviation technology.

Fort Worth Air Show - USA News Online
Fort Worth Alliance Air Show: Watch the US Navy Blue Angels and the US Army Golden Knights take to the skies! Bring the family for a full-day of daring aerobatic maneuvers, aircraft on display, simulators and children's activities. ...

Many Thanks for a Terrific Show! from Fort Worth Alliance Air Show Blog
It takes hundreds and hundreds of volunteers to coordinate the annual Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. Plus, it takes thousands of fans to come and enjoy the show. We would like to thank everyone involved - the volunteers, the performers, static display, sponsors, exhibitors and especially the fans!
It is a tremendous amount of effort to convert a working airport into an annual air show. We thank each and everyone who played a role in making it great.
We'll learn next year's jet team and the dates of the show in December at the annual International Council of Air Shows Conference. Until then, keep flying high!
Again, many, many thanks to everyone involved!

Air show to mark PLA airforce's 60th anniversary - China Daily
BEIJING: China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) airforce will put its most advanced warplanes on display in the suburbs of Beijing in November, ...

No Blue Eagles in 2010 from Flightline UK - UK Airshow News by Flightline UK
From the Blue Eagles website and AAC magazine, Hawkeye
The AAC Blue Eagles Display Team are to be put in abeyance for the forthcoming 2010 season.
It has been directed by the Director of Army Aviation, Brigadier David Short, that, where practicable, the AAC Blue Eagles will support events in 2010 with 'role demonstrations' and/or static displays.
The intention is to re-establish the Blue Eagles on the display circuit with a new invigorated display in 2011.
This aspiration will be confirmed or otherwise during the middle of next year.

VIDEO: Seoul Air Show 2009 recap - The DEW Line
from #airshow - Google Blog Search by Stephen Trimble
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Flightglobal's Asia bureau chief Siva Govindasamy covered the Seoul Air Show last week, and published two big program updates on KF-X and AH-X. Seoul could revive KF-16 plans KAI reveals options for army attack helicopter A tourist also ...

Up into the wild blue yonder - News Banner
In fact, one of the highlights of the air show was the US Air Force A-10A Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team. The A-10A is an instrumental weapon in the war ...

GA at the movies - AOPA Pilot
... Sean Tucker and Julie Clark; entertainer Craig Ferguson; King Schools founders John and Martha King; and bearers of the Wright and Lindbergh names. ...

PACAF Pixels: My First Air Show - 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs at Osan Air Base
(Capt. Crystal McLeod is assigned to the 51st Medical Operations Squadron. She attended an air show for the first time Oct. 21 at Osan Air Base's Air Power Day.) I kept hearing the buzz around the clinic and on the campus. ...

Where Wilbur and Orville Fighter Pilots? from Fighter Pilot University
They didn't drink. They didn't smoke. They didn't chase women. They didn't cuss. They didn't brag or like to talk about themselves. They didn't wear a big watch. How could they possibly be fighter pilots. What they did do was never give up and they were, without a doubt, geniuses. Two typical fighter pilot traits, so maybe they were.
I read a kickass book about the Wright brothers last year, The Bishop's Boys. It's an amazing, detailed story of how Orville and Wilbur invented the airplane and what happened to them after ...

Amelia's airplane - Fayette Daily News
In 1983 he and his family moved to a fly-in community just west of Fayetteville. "It was a dream come true," he said. "I don't have to pay hangar fees. ...

How Can You Lose Amelia Earhart's Bones? from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
People have been looking for Amelia Earhart, and her plane (and, when they think about it, her navigator, Noonan!) ever since she disappeared. It's one of the great unsolved mysteries.
When her plane/bones whatever are found...then it's time to have the following headline: ...

Five AT students featured as modern-day Amelias from Purdue Technology News
Five female pilots -- students in the Department of Aviation Technology -- are featured on the Purdue University Web site.
See their bios.

Hangars of Excellence from aroundthepattern.com by Tracy
Remember back to the last time you were at an aviation event such as Sun & Fun or Oshkosh or one of the larger fly-in events. Do you remember looking at one of those beautiful big biplanes Beechcraft Staggerwing. that had been restored to pristine condition, the frame covered with taut fabric painted with layers and layers of hand-rubbed lacquer? Or were your eyes drawn to a Classic aircraft that had been restored to a gleaming vision of metallic perfection. Is there a possibility that you then stopped to ponder ...

Dream Project from AviationBull
I found a fun article in my EAA newsletter this week. This aircraft you see here is at the EAA's museum in Oshkosh, WI. It is a one-of-a-kind made by automobile legend Ettore Bugatti to be a racer, but it never flew. It's too bad. Given that pedigree and just the way it looks, this thing has to be fast! Two EAA members seem to feel the same way and have make it their quest to build a flying copy of it...from scratch. ...

Skunks ask: What if F-22 was smaller, unmanned & had 2 noses? from The DEW Line
Has anybody heard of the Sabre Warrior UCAV?
This video has been on YouTube since May 2008, but hasn't received nearly the attention it deserves.
Only one reference to the Sabre Warrior has appeared in print, and that was about a decade ago. An Associated Press story on April 17, 1999, quotes Armand Chaput, then-Lockheed Martin's director for unmanned combat air vehicles, who gave a lecture at the University of Toledo. ...

'Mini Herc' set to join Air Force fleet from Air Force Link Top Stories
Air Force plans to include the C-27J Spartan, the latest propeller-driven airlifter planned for the Air Force inventory, are steadily progressing.
In April, through Resource Management Decision 802, Defense Secretary Robert Gates moved the C-27J program and its related direct support mission from the Army to the Air Force. Since April, the Air Force and Air Mobility Command have taken a serious approach to building the program, officials said.
"The program is in transition from an Army-led joint program to a sole Air Force program," said Lt. Col. Gene Capone, AMC's C-27J test manager at the Joint Program Office. "Making a switch like this is no small affair, especially at this phase in the acquisition process. Because the Army lost all fiscal year 2010 C-27J funding due to RMD 802, the Air Force is funding the Army to continue leading the program through completion of Multi-Service Operational Test and Evaluation."

15 units, 3 countries converge on Nellis for Red Flag from Milcom Monitoring Post by Larry
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AFNS) -- Nearly 1,300 servicemembers, more than 80 aircraft and 15 units from three countries converged on Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., for the start of Red Flag 10-1 Oct. 19.
American, Norwegian and Dutch airmen and soldiers comprise the allied team in the exercise.
"The exercise is a great opportunity for people to get out of their comfort zones and fight a war at a rapid pace," said Col. Ellwood Hinman, 23rd Fighter Group commander at Moody AFB, Ga., deployed to Nellis as the Red Flag air expeditionary wing commander. "What you may have done (in previously deployed locations) was certainly great, but it's not what you're doing here. This Red Flag provides us the opportunity to maximize training throughout its duration."
The key benefit for most fliers is removing themselves from the vacuum of normal operations. ...

'Young Eagles' can benefit from free airplane ride - Daily Citizen
Aviation group EAA will hold a Young Eagles event on Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Dalton Municipal Airport starting at around 10 am About two dozen children ...

A private space industry is born - Christian Science Monitor
When aircraft designer Burt Rutan captured the X Prize in 2004 for the first privately funded trip to the doorstep of space, his achievement triggered ...

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