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Aviation Hall of Fame inductee announced - Dayton Daily News
Clay Lacy, a former United Airlines pilot who founded a California-based executive jet charter service that transported Hollywood celebrities, will be among four aviation pioneers to be inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2010 ...

Tull, 89, was Tuskegee Airman - WORLD-HERALD-NEWS SERVICE
Lt. Col. Harrison Tull, one of Bellevue's most noteworthy veterans, died of cancer Sunday at age 89.
Tull was one of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black American pilots, who flew in Europe during World War II while the military was still segregated.
In 2007, Tull was one of 300 Tuskegee Airmen to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that Congress can bestow upon civilians.
Tull also served during the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
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Tull's daughter, Dr. Janet Tull of Charles City, Iowa, said her father didn't talk about his military accomplishments. She didn't even know he was a Tuskegee Airman until a year or two before he received the Congressional Gold Medal.
"He never talked about it," she said.
Tull retired after 27 years in the military, then began a career in education. ...

Hillsboro Airport to host open house Saturday, Oct. 24 - Hillsboro Argus -
It is host each year for the Oregon International Airshow. Free drinks and snacks, including water, lemonade, ice cream and Halloween candy will be ...

8000 have a blast at Jamestown air show - Clare Northern Argus
A good crowd also gathered on Saturday to watch many of the aircraft fly in for the airshow – 137 aircraft flew in for the event, with 37 performing and as ...

Colorado air show to expand - General Aviation News
Colorado Sport Aviation, Inc. (CSA) today unveiled plans to add additional attractions to its air show and fly-in for 2010. Next year's event will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of its venue. The Colorado Sport International Air ...

Canadian demonstration team landed for fuel - Jamestown Sun
The Snowbirds were on their way back to CFB, their home base in Moose Jaw, coming from an air show in Virginia Beach, Va., Decker said. ...

CAF B-17G "Texas Raiders" returns to flight from AirSpace
After Boeing and Vega had ceased production of B-17s, "Texas Raiders" was built in 1944 by the Douglas Aircraft Company at their Long Beach plant. Built under contract number AC-1862, she was one of the last 20 B-17s built, and was delivered on July 12, 1945 to the U.S. Army Air Corps as B-17G-95-DL 44-83872. Her fuselage number was 2987, and factory number was 32513.
Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) had past, and the USAAC did not have a need for more of the heavy bombers, so on July 21 of 1945, all 20 of these Douglas B-17s were transferred to the U.S. Navy to serve as PB-1W Patrol Bombers. B-17G #44-83872 was assigned the U.S. Navy Bureau of Aeronautics Number (BuNo) 77235.
BuNo. 77235, known as "TE-12" flew her only combat patrols with VW-1 out of NAS Atsugi, supporting the forces fighting in the Korean Conflict. ...

Flight in B-25 a lesson in humility - Tehachapi News
She's shiny and sleek, accessorized in yellow, bristling with faux armaments and she's on a mission for Disabled American Veterans.
She's the privately owned Pacific Prowler, a vintage North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell Bomber, built to fight in World War II.
Her two 1,700-horsepower Wright R-2600-32 Cyclone radial piton engines can lift her to 24,200 feet at a maximum speed of 272 miles per hour.
Once upon a time she was the epitome of aviation technology.
On April 18, 1942, a fleet of B-25s under the command of Lt. Col. James Doolittle launched off the aircraft carrier Hornet in a daring attack on the Japanese homeland, gaining fame as the "Doolittle Raiders." ...

AF Historical Foundation recognizes Maxwell writers - Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
Lt. James L. mccullin, who did not return from a mission escorting B-25 bombers over Sicily in July of 1943. This year's AFHF symposium focused on the ...

History on the wing - El Dorado News-Times
"It will probably be my last B-17 to ride on," said Edward Dunn after the flight. "It wasn't like military. They had it rigged up different than we would ...

Air Zoo hosts much-needed blood drive from
Every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion in the United States-Michigan hospital patients alone use 2,000 units a day... that's 1.5 units per minute every day. While 75 percent of the U...

Air Zoo to honor veterans with free ride wristbands on Veteran's Day from
This Veteran's Day, (Wednesday, November 11) the Air Zoo will honor those who have served-and those who continue to serve-our country by offering free unlimited ride wristbands to veterans and...

GAF FTC commemorates 55,555 flight hours from Photos
Col. Peter Klement, German air force Flying Training Center commander and Col. Jeff Harrigian, 49th Fighter Wing commander, prepare to fly a specially painted German Tornado from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., Oct. 13, 2009. This flight marked the completion of 55,555 Tornado flight hours of training at Holloman by German air force pilots. [Story]

Kids Can Fly This Saturday -
... (EAA) will be at the Municipal Airport in Bainbridge to give area kids a chance to fly and become one of over a million and a half Young Eagles. ...

Who Will Fly for America Tomorrow? from Jetwhine by Scott Spangler
JetWhine_vacant-cockpit So, you wanna be a professional pilot, huh? Despite the economy, there will be a good number of vacant cockpit seats in the next decade or so as the last of the baby boomer bulge reaches 65, the airline pilot retirement age. If you are a Wall Street bonus baby, go for it. If not, are you up to the challenge? ...

WhiteKnightTwo could air drop Dream Chaser prototype - Flightglobal
Sierra Nevada Corporation could air drop its Dream Chaser spaceplane prototype using Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo if it wins funds from NASA's Commercial Crew Development programme.
The Nevada-based space systems manufacturer has submitted a proposal for NASA's crew programme that would see a weight-representative Dream Chaser test article air-dropped for a runway landing. The test would be for the subsonic flight phase aerodynamics and the effectiveness of the control surfaces and some avionic systems. ...

Back on earth, astronaut reflects on trip, faith - BP News
HOUSTON (BP)--Patrick Forrester, the space shuttle astronaut who carried a piece of missions aviation history into space with him on a recent Discovery ...

Enough About Amelia - Atlantic Online
When I flew in my first and only transcontinental air race, in 1992, I met a woman named Ruby Sheldon, who was already elderly but still flying and grabbing ...

The Pilot Alphabet named "Best Book" 2009 Finalist from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
October 20, 2009, Aurora, Colorado – When USA Book News announced the results of its national "Best Books" awards for 2009, Sue Hughes was flying high. The author's first publication was among the finalists in the national contest's Children's Picture Book – Softcover Fiction category. Her book, The Pilot Alphabet, presents the phonetic alphabet, an international standard adapted by pilots as well as military, police, and fire personnel. Also known as the NATO alphabet, it is used for radio communications when a clear understanding is essential. Bravo, for example, is used instead of B ...

Plane dismantled over lost mobile from Diamond Pilots
Passengers bound for Newcastle Airport were delayed in Spain while their plane was partially dismantled when a mobile phone fell into an air vent.
The Jet2 flight had just landed at Murcia when a traveller dropped the phone, which slid out of sight.
As it had been turned on, airline bosses refused to allow the plane to take off until it was located. ...

PFP # 52 Rick Felty from The Pilot's Flight PodLog

NAS Oceana Airshow 2009 - NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach - 10/17/09 from FenceCheck Forums
Flight Test Nation 2009 - Edwards AFB - 10/17/09 from FenceCheck Forums


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