Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Indy Transponder 14-OCT-09 0400z

French Flyover is Prelude to the Upcoming Yorktown Victory Celebration - National Parks Traveler (blog)
A French Air Force aerobatic team soars over the Yorktown Victory Monument in a colorful salute to this year's Yorktown Victory Celebration. ...

Dale school lands £6000 Rolls Royce prize - Teesdale Mercury
The winning school will also spend a day with the Red Arrows display team. The Rolls-Royce Science Prize is part of the company's ongoing drive to promote ...

Air show makes history! - Camden Chronicle
The air show held over the weekend drew several hundred people who wanted to get a glimpse of the famed B-17. Several also took advantage of the opportunity ...

High Flyin' Weekend at Falcon Field - Fayette Daily News
With rain threatening across the state, the 12th Annual Great Georgia Air Show flew into Falcon Field Saturday and Sunday under beautiful ...

Shockwave Jet Truck video from Technorati
If you're not familiar with Shockwave, it's a truck powered by three jet engines that together develop more than 36,000 hp. The Shockwave jet truck has recently been rebuilt and made a demonstration during the 2009 MCAS Miramar Airshow which took place on October 2nd. A…

Orville Wright in Canada from What Dreams We Have by Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP
Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park presents "Orville Wright's Experiences in Canada," on Thursday Oct. 22 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Dayton Engineer's Club.
Guy Johnstone, retired educator, will speak about Orville's experiences in Canada. In the spring of 1916, he vacationed on Waubeck Island in Lake Huron's Georgian Bay. During his three-month stay, ...

WASP playing cards from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
For the last few years, the Women's International Air And Space Musuem has produced a set of playing cards featuring women pilots. This year, the entire deck will be devoted to the WASP.
They're taking pre-orders now. Want a great stocking stuffer for Christmas? Get one of these decks for everybody in your family! (The 2008 deck is still available. Great collector's item, too.)

Young Eagles Day . Free Airplane Rides . October 18 . Lincoln Park ... by John Stringfellow
Sunday, October 18th is Young Eagles Day at Lincoln Park Airport, located on Beaverbrook Road in Lincoln Park, NJ. Young men and women between the ages of 8 and 17 are invited to come out to the airport and participate in an aviation ...

Rocket town: Huntsville, Alabama -
... on to win the Ansari X Prize, awarded to the first private company to build and launch a reusable, manned aircraft into space twice within two weeks. ...

AirTran's Atlanta Falcons sponsorship takes off from Diamond Pilots
To raise money for breast cancer awareness month, members of the Falcons cheerleader and drum line pulled the 100,000 pound plane out of the hanger for charity. AirTran made a $10,000 donation to the charity Breast Friends Inc. for their effort. ...

Time Lapse of Lee Bottom Fly In by Rich Davidson
A tribute to the champion from
P-40s at Reno from
Supermarine Spitfire from Technorati
Nathan Brooks Newest Blimp Pilot from Aviation News


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