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Update Information on release of NAS Oceana 2008

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NAS Oceana 2009

Date of this message:  October 19, 2009


Release of NAS Oceana 2008 and Three Other Short Programs

This year's release consists of 88 minutes of footage from NAS Oceana 2008 and three additional programs, all of which total 2 hours and 7 minutes.  This week, I will populate the website listing under the Developmental category.  The Chapter List provides all of the program information for the disc.

As soon as the release is listed in the developmental area on the website, with a price shown for it, you can place pre-release orders at any time you wish.  Member orders will be priced at $2 off the regular $24.95 price until the end of November.  Orders will start shipping in the second week of November - earlier if I receive the finished copies before then.  After the first of the year, there will be a general price increase of $1 per title.

The 2004 ACC Heritage Conference video will be removed from the product listing by the end of November.  Between now and its removal, the member price for that listing is $16.95.




NAS Oceana 2009 and Outlook

NAS Oceana 2009 was a huge disappointment, but when this show had to be scheduled so late in the season, it was apparent that it created a huge weather vulnerability.  There were many reasons that compelled the show to be scheduled so late; this makes two Oceana shows in a row that have been really messed up by the weather.  We thought that last year was difficult, and it was, but this year made 2008 look easy by comparison.  It was overcast on Wednesday, but we were able to shoot the Blue Angels' arrival and practice show from forward positions.  The last part was shot in a light drizzle, and Jeff did the shooting.  When we go into this mode, I clean his lens off after each sequence, and provide some direction on things you cannot see with your head in the camera.  With the camera mounted on the rack, it is impossible for the shooter to clean the lens without removing the rack from his shoulders, and that takes too much time and energy to be practical.  He got some great footage despite the low clouds and conditions, and the Blues amazed us with the great show they put on with so few able to enjoy it.


It rained all day Thursday, with the exception of a break to some blue sky in the afternoon, but no practice demos were flown.  It rained all day Friday, canceling the practice air show.  Saturday it was low clouds, no rain, but the ceilings were so low that most acts could not fly.  The jets could not fly their routines, but a couple of them took off and flew some burner passes and turns.  Some smaller planes did fly, Snodgrass for one in the P-51 Mustang did a low show that was a beauty to behold, but we have come to expect that from him.  Among great pilots, he is still incredible.  Dan McCue, another of our favorites, flew an abbreviated routine in a Corsair, and he put on a beautiful show as well.  They couldn't fly any formation because of the ceiling and visibility.  Some of the slower acts flew, but the central interest in the NAS Oceana show is the military demonstrations.  We shot what we could, and the Blues flew a low show and amazed us once again.


Sunday was a washout, it rained all day, and with high winds and really cold temperatures, it was impossible to shoot video.  A couple of acts did fly, including Snodgrass again in the Mustang, but we could not shoot any video.

Nonetheless, we did get some good footage, and will be working with what we have to see if it can be combined with more footage of events you might otherwise not ever see, including some other 2009 air show footage and footage from previous Oceana shows.  Maybe from 2000 and 2002?  There will be lots of development effort required for this, and as information becomes available as to what we can do, you will be provided with that information.


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