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Indy Transponder 12-OCT-09 2345z

San Francisco Fleet Week 2009 – Friday Practice was the Best Time to See the Blue Angels from Technorati
The San Francisco Chronicle has great shots of the Blue Angels , as per usual. What was unusual this year was lots of fog on Saturday and Sunday . But Friday was nicer. Let's take a look. Propeller tip contrails from the U.S. Marines' Fat Albert C-130, El Heraldo de Angeles, the Harbinger of Angels: Sometimes the pilots look the same direction… …and sometimes not, as explained by Lt. Mark Swinger on SFist . The pelicans didn't seem to mind…

Blue Angels low airshow at Fleet Week - (aerobaticteams.net)
Blue Angels perform at Fleet Week airshow despite the fog over San Francisco. US NAVY display team displayed a low airshow including only horizontal maneuvers, below of the fog. They starts its show at 3p.m. on Sunday.

The Great GA Airshow 2009 - Examiner.com
The twelfth Great GA Air show went off without a hitch this weekend. Masses of fans gathered among the vintage and high-tech aircraft while they watched the ...

The Jersey International Air Display - Jerzzy Journey Boutique
The Jersey International Air Display is free and the only thing better than seeing a spectacular free international air display is seeing it in a bay with picturesque views over sunny sandy beaches. The Jersey International Air Display is a major annual event for tourists and locals alike and raises funds for Forces Charities.

Inverted Ribbon Cut Inside the Museum! from Patty Wagstaff
Lordy! Pete, my Godson, and I went to the National Air & Space Museum on Saturday to see the hanging of the Extra 260, and by gosh, it was doing an inverted ribbon cut! Hanging just about ribbon cut height (22' where the prop hits the ribbon), the controls were deflected as though there was a left crosswind (coming from Constitution Avenue no doubt), some rudder helping keep the airplane into the crab, and voila, an indoors ribbon cut! Hmm...

Bi-Plane Pilot Does Best Maverick Impression Atop Blue Angel from Diamond Pilots
Sean Tucker flying his Oracle Challenger bi-plane inverted over U.S. Marine Corps Major Nathan Miller, flying a F/A-18 Blue Angel, over this weekend's San Francisco Fleet Week. No word whether Tucker's attempt at "communicating" resulted in any birds being flipped. Photo Credit: Ben Margot/AP Photo

High Flyer Encourages at Nexstar Super Meeting - Contracting Business
Flying at 600 mph used to be routine for John Foley, former lead solo pilot with the US Navy Blue Angels. Now, Foley gives business owners tips on ...

"Lusty Lindy" Stars in Yorkshire Air Museum Thunder Day! - Driffield Today
The forthcoming Thunder Day taking place at the Yorkshire Air Museum on Sunday 18th October will see the huge Handley Page Victor V – Bomber / K2 Tanker ...

Rededication set for reconstructed Emmett airport from www.idahobusiness.net
... The rededication ceremony will also honor Emmett native Col. Chuck Sawyer, a pioneering air combat pilot who flew both before and during World War II. A member of the Flying Tigers, he was forced down near Tibet and made a 200-mile trek on foot to evade captors.
The airport, which was built in the early 1940s as an Army Air Corps civilian pilot training facility, was dedicated as Chuck Sawyer Field in November 1991. His widow, Edith, and brother, Larry, will also attend Wednesday's event.

The Incredible B-70 Valkyrie Bomber from Aviation Earth
The B-70 Valkyrie supersonic heavy bomber was one of the most elegant planes that ever took to the skies. It was not only a remarkable looking aircraft but also the most advanced flying platform of its time. Its elegant design and airborne avionic systems were decades ahead of its peers. Just the sight of a [...]

Guard Retires UH-1 Huey After 50 Years - Military.com
Alberto Jimenez, the assistant adjutant general for the Maryland Army National Guard and the Army Guard's senior aviator. "It was our lives. ...

Aero-News Featured Aero-Casts For Monday 10.12.09 - Aero-News Network
EAA calls the 51 Percent Rule advisory a victory. And a new Harrison Ford Scholarship Fund will help Young Eagles take the next step.

New Aircraft Drawing: B-29 full-color blueprint from The Unwanted Blog
Now available is a full-color large format scan of a old-fashioned cyanotype general arrangement blueprint of the B-29. Originally drawn in June of 1942, this drawing was printed off somewhere around 1951 (based on a dated notation regarding the declassification of the drawing). The blueprint is ...

Event- Fleet Air Arm Museum from www.fleetairarm.com
This year's show will see greater emphasis on radio controlled models and weather permitting, the highlight of the show will be a spectacular flying display of radio controlled model aircraft by the BMFA (British Model Flying Assn).

Helping Hands at the Aero Club - Channel Television
Children who come from a tough background were at Jersey's Aero Club for the annual Helping Hands Day - and they were understandably excited about the treat ...

Airplane rides offered on October 18 at Vinton County Airport from Diamond Pilots
The final scheduled event for 2009 at the Vinton County Airport, McArthur, Ohio will offer those who take airplane rides an opportunity to see the changing leaves from the air. Pilots from the Vinton County Pilots and Boosters Association will fly patrons ...

The Space Review this week from RLV and Space Transport News
The new issue of The Space Review begins with an excellent review by Michael Swartwout of university class spacecraft and their benefits for student training and for innovation: The promise of innovation from university space systems: are we meeting it?. Brian Horais addresses the need for the US to provide more launch opportunities for small sat programs: The Emperor needs new clothes. ...

Clown Returns from Space Followed by a Martian Dwarf Troupe [Space] from Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz

Heeresfliegerhorst Celle - Germany from FenceCheck Forums
Top of 24 Hours for October 11, 2009 [Heritage Flight] from AIRFIGHTERS.COM - Top Photos of the Day
Spanish Military Parade 09.. from Military Photos by AMRAAM
Photos - The 77th Indian Air Force Day - Air Show - Citizenside.com


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