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Air Show to Open to Public on Weekend - Korea Times
The ongoing aerospace and defense exhibition in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, will open to the public this weekend. ...

Boshears: The Experience - Metro Spirit
Nine aircraft performing geometric shaped aerobatics that blew my mind. Red Eagle Air Sports performed The Torque Eagle, The Favrvel Loop and The Truck ...

Clay Lacy announced for National Aviation Hall of Fame - WHIO Radio
ORLANDO, Florida -- The National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) announced that Clay Lacy would be among the four outstanding air and space pioneers to be ...
Aviation Hall of Fame inductee announcedDayton Daily News

Int'l aerospace, defense exhibition to open in Seoul - Xinhua
One of the highlights of the upcoming event is a joint air show by the South Korean Air Force's aerobatic team, the Black Eagles, and the US Thunderbirds, ...

The Pylon Place: Chino Airshow Celebrates Grumman Aircraft by Dasher
Jim Beasley, Ed Shipley and the newest Horsemen, Dan Freidkin put on a wonderful show. And if you believe the rumors, they may have a three-ship F-86 demo next year. Now that would be remarkable. Brian Sanders and Argonaut performed ...

Vulcan 50th birthday appeal via Aeroplane Monthly
Avro Vulcan XH558 © Howard HeeleyThe Vulcan to the Sky Trust are launching a Public Appeal to keeping Avro Vulcan XH558 flying to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its introduction into RAF service in May 1960.

Whiting Field celebrates 66th anniversary - Pensacola News Journal
Although it is not an air show it will be just as much fun. We will be holding a wide variety of hourly demonstrations and lots of other activities for ...

Historic Plane Being Restored in Hancock County - WLOX-TV and
The English Electric Lightning Supersonic fighter is one of the most impressive military jets built in the 20th century. The Lightning was first built in the 1950's and served in the British Royal Air Force through the mid 1980s.
"It's a unique part of British aviation history and world aviation history," says Nic Holman with Anglo-American Lightning Association.
The group has brought one Lightning to a hanger at Stennis International Airport to restore it and make it air worthy. Holman says the jet is a rare breed.
"There are only four flying in the world today out of 340 that were built."
The Lightning T5 XS422 being restored protected ...

Famed US aviator's hair actually piece of thread: museum - AFP
WASHINGTON — An aviation museum inthe US state of Ohio that believed it was displaying a hair sample from famed flyer Amelia Earhart made an unfortunate ...

Avalon Pictures donates 'Amelia' plane to the San Diego Air and Space Museum -
Amelia Earhart flew a Lockheed Vega 5B on many historic occasions including the 1929 first Women's Cross-Country Air Race (also known as the Powder Puff ...

Earhart's inspiration lives on at women's air museum here via
years ago, Earhart flew in what humorist Will Rogers dubbed the Powder Puff Derby of 1929 -- the first cross-country air race for women pilots,...

'Amelia' - KFSM
In "Amelia," director Mira Nair presents Amelia Earhart, legendary aviatrix, as a female Odysseus who navigates uncharted territory while a patient spouse ...

Reaching New Heights - Springfield Connection
He entered the US Army Aviation School later that year and was designated an Army aviator in September 1980. He was subsequently assigned as an instructor ...

Airport Master Plan Designed To Improve Valuable Winslow Asset -
It has been visited by such noted flyers as Charles Lindbergh himself, the famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart and many Hollywood movie stars, among others. ...

Saturday is Aviation Day - KXO Radio
The free flights will be provided by an organization known as the "Young Eagles", which provides orientation to young people interested in aviation. ...

NBAA 09: EAA undescores importance of young people to the future of aviation - Flightglobal
As EAA celebrated flying more than 1.5 million young people over the past 17 years as part of the Young Eagles program, the organization ...

Purdue Space Day: Fall Space Day - via
Organized by university students, Purdue Space Day (PSD) is an educational outreach program, which provides school students in grades 3-8 the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by participating in three age-appropriate activity sessions throughout the day. The grade school students are divided into three separate age ranges: Grades 3-4; Grades 5-6 and Grades 7-8.

Volunteers Wanted For Simulated 520-Day Mars Trip via Slashdot
anglico writes 'Starting in 2010, an international crew of six will simulate a 520-day round-trip to Mars, including a 30-day stay on the martian surface. In reality, they will live and work in a sealed facility in Moscow, Russia, to investigate the psychological and medical aspects of a long-duration space mission. ESA is looking for European volunteers to take part.'

Air Show Photos Online - Air Show Photos by Mike Lynaugh
Washington, D.C. photojournalist, Mike Lynaugh showcases his portfolio.
just finished updating my Air Shows section on my website to include Culpeper & Oceana -

Red Bull Air Race Photo Contest Barcelona 2009 by Maddy Stephens
Red Bull Air Race had a photo contest in Barcelona. The excellent. Check them out here!
Pretty cool!

Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team via Military Pictures
Patriots Flight Demonstration Team via Military Pictures


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