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Indy Transponder 11-OCT-09 0400z

Fog forces Blue Angels to abandon their show - San Francisco Chronicle
The Blue Angels were forced to cut short their program - the highlight of Saturday's Fleet Week air show - when heavy fog ...
Rain can't ground AirFest - Culpeper Star Exponent
A little rain and wind did not ground Saturday's Air Fest at Culpeper Regional Airport though it did make for a more modest ...

Family Day at the Airport draws huge crowd from Diamond Pilots
The first ever "Family Day at the Airport" brought more than 3,000 people to the newly re-named Raleigh Executive Jetport at Sanford-Lee County on Saturday.
The vice chairman of the Sanford-Lee County Airport Authority said the groundwork had been laid for making the day into an annual event.
"Our success this year has given us a good foundation to move forward with this being an annual thing," said Joe McDonald.
Attendees had the opportunity to see a ...

Next airshow at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton, New Zealand from
Remembrance Day airshow is on November 14, 2009. I wonder if there will any new aeroplanes flying? The Vintage Aviator | Constructors Of Military...

Amador brothers navigate the pylons at Reno Air Races - Amador Ledger-Dispatch
Weaving my way through the buzz of activity, I located Amador County residents Brian and Dennis Sanders, who compete at the Reno Air Races every year with ...

The Flying Matador Speaks About a Tough 2009 from Bleacher Report
Arguably one of the most charismatic pilots in the paddock, Alejandro (or simply Alex) Maclean is a seasoned Red Bull Air Race pilot with an experienced team. Sometimes though, just having these two cards on hand is not good enough for winning in the top-flight of aerial motorsports.
Maclean—whose name comes from his Scottish grandfather—has had a very tough 2009 starting with a sponsorship deal that didn't go through with Research In Motion and their Blackberry branch.
To add insult to injury, the Spaniard was always receiving the short end of the stick when it came ...

Museum home to 3 historic planes - Springfield News Sun
... 2009 In a small hangar, organizers at the Champaign Aviation Museum have collected three significant pieces of aviation history under one roof. ...

Russell Military Museum from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
... This spring, I got a call from listener Luke Donald from Russell, Illinois. Luke volunteers at the Russell Military Museum and thought that the museum might be a good subject for the show. I took a look at the map and realized that Cole and I would be driving right by the museum on our way to Oshkosh, so I wrote Tim back and asked whether I might be able to stop by and interview someone in person. ...

Visit 4 ° Stormo Grosseto CI - Daolio
Visit the 4th flight CI Grosseto, home of the "new" jewel of our Aeronuautica Military: Eurofighter. In questa occasione ho potuto visitare il simulatore, dove, grazie alla cortesia del responsabile ho potuto effettuare il mio primo volo in solitario sull' Efa, venti minuti di intensa emozione con un volo normale da Grosseto a Grosseto con varie manovre in quota. On this occasion I was able to visit the simulator, where, thanks to the kindness of the controller I could make my first solo flight on 'Efa, twenty minutes of intense emotion with a normal flight from Grosseto to Grosseto with various maneuvers at high altitude. Decollo, volo e atterragio da manuale (almeno secondo l'istruttore). Takeoff, flight and atterragio textbook (at least according to the instructor). ...

The Motueka Aero Club is having it's 75th Birthday Jubilee Fly-in from AeroHub by graeme
... The Motueka Aero Club is having it's 75th Birthday Jubilee Fly-in the weekend of the 4-6th December 2009. We wish to invite all Aero Club members to join us and celebrate our Birthday. I have attached a registration pack for those who are interested in attending. It outlines all the fun activities that we have organised for this event.
Hope to see some of you there! ...

Northrop MX-775 "Boojum" from The Unwanted Blog
See, this is what happens when you don't plan ahead adequately… the source data on this most recent contest entry is currently not accessible. The last contest showed artwork of the Northrop MX-775B "Boojum," the supersonic and unbuilt stablemate of the MX-775A "Snark." Some online sources on this include THIS and THIS and THIS. However, I did have a few goodies. The Boojum was to be either ground or air launched; and for air launch it could either be off the back of a B-60 bomber ...

Little-known facts from AeroHub
... The Hamilton aero-engine overhaul endeavour!
Back in the early times of Hamilton's history, a half century ago, a far-sighted young man called Bwian Thoughntown, attempted to establish an aero-engine overhaul facility in this small rural township which was then almost totally dedicated to matters pertaining to cows. Bwian was employed as a motor mechanic by the 'Hamilton Omnibus Company', but had previously worked on de Havilland Gipsy Major engines at the DH Wellington plant.
Whilst munching happily on a nutritious bread and dripping sandwich, during his 15 minute lunch breaks, he worked away on an American Menasco engine.
His workmates considered him to be somewhat odd, and over-reaching himself, as this sophisticated piece of machinery was far superior to the British Bedford motors with which the Company's vehicles were fitted. A common expression amongst the mechanics was: ...

Fly past marks big day at the Pike for Mytholmroyd's Joe - Hebdenbridge Today
The day did not begin promisingly but the mist which shrouded the pike at 9am and gone by half past the hour and the day ended with the Red Arrows flying ...

Flying Cars Could Change The Battlefield -
Flying cars may actually get off the ground. A local company is behind the futuristic ride that could change the future of the U.S. military, reports CBS station KOVR/KMAX-TV.
"It's so fast that you take full advantage of it," said Paul Moller, president of Moller International.
They're not just for the future anymore. Sky cars are here. ...

Hundreds attend Youth Aviation Adventure - Albert Lea Tribune
The first Youth Aviation Adventure was held at the Albert Lea Municipal Airport Saturday, giving students a chance ...

Tony Zeljeznjak from FenceCheck Forums
Airshow 2009-CAF Midland, TX from Military Photos
Fighter Factory in Virginia Beach and Suffolk, VA from FenceCheck Forums
DH-4 in the National Postal Museum from Another Time by Dan Linn
Airshow at Kuruman from Technorati
In Pictures: 'Thailand USA Thunderbirds Air Show' - Monsters and

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