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Sean D. Tucker on Oprah this Thursday from FenceCheck Forums
Sean Tucker and Team Oracle will be on the Oprah show this Thursday October 22nd. If you're like me, it gives you time to set your DVR's! Big stuff for the industry!

For 39 years, Hall of Fame pilot has had her head in the clouds - Fort Worth Star Telegram
... Clark has earned virtually every honor in the aviation community, including membership in the Women in Aviation, International Pioneer Hall of Fame. ...

Bobby Younkin, Tom Poberezny & Charlie Kulp are inducted into Air Show Hall of Fame from Aviation News by Aviation_News_Expert_Adam_Badger
The International Council of Air Shows Foundation (ICASF) will induct Bobby Younkin, Charlie Kulp and Tom Poberezny into the 2009 Air Show Hall of Fame. The hall of fame ceremony will be hold on December 6-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas…

Kent Pietsch To Land on RV Driven by Three-Time Indy 500 Winner Bobby Unser from Fort Worth Alliance Air Show Blog by alliance@hillwood.com
In his 1942 Interstate Cadet, Kent Pietsch performs an aerobatic comedy act. As part of that act, Kent lands on an RV, that for this show only, will be driven by Kent’s good friend and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser. Follow us on Twitter to learn where and when Bobby & Kent will be available for autographs.

Hurricane air show crash 'caused by unplanned manoeuvre' - Telegraph.co.uk
A crash which killed an experienced pilot, Brian Brown, during an air show was probably caused by an unplanned manoeuvre in a Second World War Hurricane, ...

Yankee Air Museum moves to a temporary new home - Detroit Free Press
The Yankee Air Museum moved Monday to a temporary home at the Grosse Ile Municipal Airport. The museum's four flying planes and 14 ...

Women pilots honor "Amelia" actress, director from Aviation eBrief
An organization of women pilots presented actress Hillary Swank and director Mira Nair with Amelia Earhart memorabilia to hon -

General Aviation :: RE: Amelia Earhart - (2009) The Movie . . . from FlightAware > Discussions

Search for Amelia Earhart expands to theaters this week - USA Today
She lectured, wrote a magazine column, designed clothes and luggage, endorsed products, promoted aviation. And she set records: In 1928 she was the first ...

WWII B-25 bomber at Los Alamitos base this weekend - Long Beach Press-Telegram
The Mitchell B-25 is among the military and civilian airplanes and helicopters set to appear at the Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo on the airfield. ...

Supersonic bizjet designers troll for manufacturing partners from www.ainonline.com : Latest News by Harry Weisberger
If paper was aluminum, glass and titanium instead of just paper, two Nevada-based groups developing supersonic business jet designs would have revolutionary aircraft ready to fly. To date, though, the specifications publicized by Aerion in Reno (Booth No. 1154) and Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI), with offices in Las Vegas, are little more than exciting numbers stemming from what the promoters call promising preliminary research and development. Neither is known to have actually cut metal for a flying prototype…

Staggering aircraft rip through Edwards for 'Flight Test Nation' - Tehachapi News
An F-22 Raptor jet shrieked across the desert sky, it's eardrum-puncturing exhaust rivaled only by its impossibly pointed turns. In the distance, trails of ...

Flight Test Nation 2009 Air Show and Open House from Military Photos by Chucky
Following an extended hiatus after the October 2006 show, Edwards AFB hosted Flight Test Nation 2009 Air Show and Open House this weekend. The show was put together on short notice, only having been announced in May after funding was finalized. Regardless, the staff put together an excellent program - it was a great show.

Knowledge Is Necessity: Airshow by John McManamy
Airshow · video. Last weekend, a group of us rented a van and headed out to Edwards Air Force Base, scene of Chuck Yeager breaking the sound-barrier in the Bell X-1 in 1947. He did it again on Saturday, with an authoritative sonic boom, ...

Europe Trip #34: Bye bye England from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
All too soon it was time to start the 30+ hours of travel back to New Zealand. The trip back was the reverse of the trip over, namely London Heathrow - Hong Kong - Auckland - Wellington. We arrived at Heathrow in plenty of time, and as we experienced with the rest of our travels, there was very little in the way of hold ups. Check in was a bit of fun, if only because the airline systems had been flagged as my parents and I needing special assistance [stop laughing you lot!]! We were all able to walk and find our way around so none was required, although it would have been quite funny if I had asked for a wheelchair for each of us :-) ha ha - Just a couple of pictures this time... some scruffy looking fella airside at Heathrow [I've scrubbed up better since getting home :-)], then a picture of the sunrise over southern Russia and the "desert" of northern [central???] China. I particularly like the sunrise picture - I took a few of them as did a member of the cabin crew I was having a chat with at the time [they are a friendly lot at Air New Zealand]. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Episode 69 – Rob and David from Airplane Geeks Podcast by thegeeks@airplanegeeks.com (Airplane Geeks)
Airplane Geeks Historian David Vanderhoof joins Rob and Max as they discuss the week’s aviation news. David also provides his This Week in Aviation history segment, Steve and Grant have the Australia Desk report, and Court returns with another Wiskey Tango Foxtrot look at aviation.

Now that's spectacular! from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
I'd have loved to have been in London, England, a couple of weeks ago, when a balloon was towed up the Thames River and under Tower Bridge as part of the preparations for the release of Disney's '
Up' movie in that country. The Daily Mail published this picture of proceedings (click it for a larger view).

Gordon Bennett Ballooning Cup To Be Held in UK For First Time from Flight International by Will Horton
Next year's Gordon Bennett Ballooning Cup, or
Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett, will be held in the UK for the first time in the cup's history. The cup was inaugurated in 1906 and was frequently held until WW II. It went on hiatus until the 1980s when it was revived. At the 2009 cup, Britons Janet Folkes and Ann-Ruth Rich broke the female duration world record flying for almost 70 hours covering 1,100 kms from Geneva to Madrid. During their flight they made this excellent video that has some spectacular views.

Air New Zealand crews propose a new kind of 'joint venture' with Southwest Airlines from Cabin Crew News by B. N. Sullivan
You remember the Air New Zealand
Bare Essentials of Safety video, right? (In case you have forgotten, that was the memorable pre-flight safety briefing video in which Air New Zealand staff wear only body paint while demonstrating the safety features of the aircraft.) Well, the same crew now have come up with a new idea. They are inviting Southwest Airlines to participate in a new kind of joint venture. They've invited Southwest crew members to New Zealand to collaborate on producing a new musical safety briefing. The intention is to join Southwest's musical talent with Air New Zealand's body paint. (Apparently they've heard all about David Holmes, Southwest's rapping flight attendant!)

On This Day in Aviation History: October 20th by Phil Derner Jr.

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