Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Weather no match for Thunderbirds from U.S. Air Force Live by paulf.bove
Everyone knew the Thunderbirds tour through the Pacific wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. Getting their F-16s and support team of 80+ Airmen across tens of thousands of miles of open ocean to 10 different venues including Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and South Korea has taken almost a year of planning and coordination between the Air Force active duty, Reserve and Guard plus a few embassies and numerous foreign militaries. The only “member” of the team who has been less than cooperative has been Mother Nature, but the Thunderbirds – I’m proud to report – have so far adapted and overcome…

2009 OCT USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia from Defence Talk Forum by xtemujin
Many thanks to One Malaysia, the US Embassy Malaysia and the Royal Malaysia Airforce(RMAF) for hosting the USAF Thunderbirds at the RMAF Subang airbase. Unfortunately, it was a no go for a world class performance by the USAF Thunderbirds here in Singapore. An estimated 100 000 people came down to RMAF Subang airbase for the airshow show.

Blue Angels lead pilot to visit Newsom Tuesday - The San Francisco Examiner
The lead pilot of the Navy's Blue Angels will visit the man who sits in the equally topsy-turvy cockpit of city politics on Tuesday. ...

AIRSHO features award-winning warbirds General Aviation News from airsho - Google Blog Search by Janice Wood

Britain's Paul Bonhomme crowned Red Bull Air Race world champion - Belfast Telegraph
Britain's Paul Bonhomme was crowned the 2009 Red Bull Air Race World Champion on Sunday with a thrilling victory in the final race of the season in ...

Red Bull Air Race Barcelona Video Recap 2009 » Mike Goulian Airshows by Karin
Mike Goulian's edgy, crisp, and aggressive style of aerobatic flying captivates air show and air race fans across the globe. His passion for aviation and pursuit of excellence shows up in his performances and in his general aviation ...

Golden Hawk helps history take flight - Queen's Journal
The Centennial Heritage flight formation was created especially for the 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada. Leading the way is a blue and gold ...

Folla per le Frecce - Corriere di Novara
... stimata in 150mila persone, ha assistito ieri mattina all'Aeroporto militare di Cameri all'esibizione della Pattuglia Acrobatica delle Frecce Tricolori. ...

After 55 years, a whole new look for the C-130? from The DEW Line by Stephen Trimble

A brace of SU-27UB Flanker C's On US Register for sale, yours for from PPRuNe Forums by NutLoose
:ok: $4,950.000 hours a pop, the ultimate private jet. I would buy one, but I think the fuel bill just getting it running would use up my monthly allowance :p
First privately-owned Su-27 Flankers in the US - Military Photos
SU-27's Out of the Shadows at Last (From WIX) - ASB.TV Community

5 Years After SpaceShipOne: Commercial Spaceflight Ready for 'Go' - Space.com
Designed by Mojave-based Burt Rutan - the lead out-of-the-box thinker of Scaled Composites and his team - and financed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, ...

B-17 Bomber Arrives in Smyrna-John Dunn – WZTV

During WWII there were nearly 13000 B-17's in the sky, today you'll only find 14 still flying. "It's just absolute hands on history," says Scott Maher with ...

B-17 bomber ride recalls memories of war flights - The Tennessean
By Taylor Loyal • GANNETT TENNESSEE • October 6, 2009 SMYRNA — It had been more than 64 years since Glenn Hale flew his last mission in a B-17 bomber. ...

Harry R. Simpson - Temple Daily Telegram
He was a colonel in the Commemorative Air Force, Highland Lakes Squadron; he was a member of the Lions Club and a member of First United Methodist Church in ...

Florida Air Museum Receives a $10,000 Save Our History Grant From History from AMTOnline.com: Top News by rss@amtonline.com
The project will document the world’s first airline, the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, and the first airline passenger flight across Tampa Bay, January 1, 1914, by renowned test pilot Tony Jannus in a Benoist Model 14 flying boat biplane.

dayton aviation heritage volunteer opportunities by Frank Coleman
volunteer opportunities are available at dayton aviation heritage national park. the park is looking for: education program assistant – the volunteer will conduct guided tours of the visitor centers while presenting educational ...

Radio Control Club plans Fly-In this weekend - Augusta Free Press
Flying models of all sizes from Giant Scale, War Birds, Aerobatic, Fun Fly, Helicopters, Trainers and others will be hitting the skies. At noon both days, ...

On This Day in Aviation History: October 6th by Phil Derner Jr.

Cocoa Beach Air Show - The Photo Forum - Photography Discussion Forum by EricD
Stopped by the Air Show this weekend and caught some cool action...Hornet F-16 was the best! Hornet was bad ass!! You could feel the thrust in your.

United States - California - MCAS Miramar Air Show 2009 - MCAS Miramar, San Diego - 10/02/09 from FenceCheck Forums

Gar Travis Photography from FenceCheck Forums - Tight right turn and great perspective angle.

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USAF ThunderBirds visited Japan and performed the exhibition flight in Hamamatsu. Thank you.
USAF ThunderBirds at Hamamatsu AB