Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Aviators Releases TV Series Preview


TV Series UPDATES November 1, 2009
The Aviators Series Preview IS HERE!

The producers of The Aviators, the new television series that has been creating a buzz in North American aviation, have officially released the first preview of the show on their website at www.TheAviators.TV.

The preview features footage obtained at EAA's AirVenture including the A380 as well as a segment on Icon Aircraft's A5.

"We get emails every single day from members of the aviation community thanking us for putting The Aviators together," said the show's Executive Producer Anthony Nalli, "and that doesn't count the flood of emails and calls we've received from people interested in telling their story or showcasing their products, services, or destinations."

Additional previews for The Aviators will be posted on www.TheAviators.TV every month or so leading up to the premiere. List subscribers will be alerted to new releases.

When will YOUR PBS Station Run The Aviators?

The production team has accelerated their schedule and the show will now make its U.S.premiere 3 months sooner than expected. It will be distributed by Albuquerque's KNME Westlink to all 320 PBS stations in June of 2010 and will air in Canada and internationally shortly thereafter.

To make sure YOUR station runs The Aviators when it becomes available, use the PBS Station Finder and tell your local PBS station YOU WANT THE AVIATORS!

Spread the Word

"The demand and anticipation for the show has been growing at such and incredible pace that we decided to really roll up our sleeves and work to get the show out sooner than the original September date," said John Lovelace, long time aviation television producer and creator of The Aviators.

Tell your friends, share the videos, post notes at your club, airport, or office (you can download a booklet or poster FREE here).
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