Friday, October 30, 2009

LiveAirShowTV - Reduction in subscription price for the archive of the Reno Air Races broadcast

October 30, 2009 – PFLUGERVILLE, TX – LiveAirShowTV announces a reduction in subscription price for the archive of the Reno Air Races LIVE broadcast. Air racing fans were given the opportunity to watch the races live for the first time ever on September 20, 2009 via the Internet. “We had thousands of viewers from all over the world logged in to see this exciting live event. Now race fans can relive the excitement with the broadcast archive”, said LiveAirShowTV president Jeff Lee

Air show and air racing fans were treated to 9 races in 7 race classes, plus aerobatics from the Red Eagles, David Martin and Patty Wagstaff. The U.S. Navy Blue Angles performed including one of the last JATO take off’s from the C-130 support plane Fat Albert.

The live broadcast also included the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trophy presentation for the 11th annual National Aviation Heritage Invitational. This year’s overall winner was Chuck Wahl and his 1944 North American SNJ-5C. That presentation is part of the broadcast archive, but it also available for free on LiveAirShowTV’s YouTube page.

The broadcast has been segmented for easier navigation and viewing, and still includes all of the racing and flying, as well as interviews with the winners. The subscription price is now only $9.95 and can be purchased at Just click on the Reno Air Races logo, and follow the directions.

Plans are in the works for a more complete schedule of air show and aviation event broadcasts in 2010. Watch for some special announcements in early December.

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