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Wings and Wheels at Sikorsky Airport - WTNH
[Video] - Fighter planes are honoring our veterans over the skies of Connecticut this weekend.
The annual Wings and Wheels 2010 is underway at Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford.
F4U Corsairs are taking off through the air over three days, as a salute to the state's aircraft.
The original Corsair is a fighter plane that was first built in Stratford. It was used to take on the Japanese during World War II. ...

'Warbirds' take to the skies - Cape Coral Daily Breeze
"It is absolutely warbirds only, and we dedicated it to veterans," said Ed Gamils, club president. The club has 320 members and other model airplane ...

Army parachutists transform routine with their focus - Janesville Gazette
Members of the US Army Golden Knights parachute team do what they call a "dirt dive," a dry run practice of ...

Southern Wisconsin AirFEST 2010 - Janesville - 05/28/10 from FenceCheck Forums
The Unique Jones Air Beach Show - Buzz Biz News
John Klatt, was one of the lucky persons, who performed a death-defying act. The people were very excited and keen to watch this act performed live by a ...
Air Stunts with the Blue Angels - Webcastr
[video] Airshow pilot Sean D. Tucker is the only civilian who flies with the Navy's premiere Blue Angels flight team. Take in the action right here.
More Video
Airshow: a great way to take the air! - via Google Translator
To celebrate nearly a century of aviation jet, the Air base at Istres 125 Charles Monier considered a flagship of the French Air Force, is organizing Saturday 5 and Sunday, June 6, an air show, a fantastic showcase Aviation yesterday and today. ...

Mini Red Arrows come to the rescue -
A Shropshire father and son team have found themselves in demand following the grounding of the world-famous Red Arrows. The aerobatics team had to pull out ...

Wingwalker Phoebe Omlie's Costumes on Display from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
The Memphis Tennessee Pink Palace Museum has a costume display going on right now. Featured in it are two outfits once worn by Phoebe Omlie. Her story is rather a tragic one. ...

Embry-Riddle’s Women’s Air Race Classic Team Gears Up for Competition from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Two pilots from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott Arizona campus will be participating in the historic Women’s Air Race Classic which starts on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. The race which has been in existence for over thirty years covers 2,483 miles and includes stops in nine cities.
The race originally started in 1929 under the Powder Puff Derby name. Even though the name changed, the tradition among female pilots to highlight their determination and tenacity to be respected aviators has kept the tradition alive. The race continues to stand as a symbol of pride for the friendly competitive spirit and ...

Air Race, The (1933) Willie Whopper (Iwerks)  - YouTube
Willie Whopper spins his first incredible yarn, this one about his triumph in an air race. The most incredible thing about this cartoon is either of the two gags involving St. Peter.
Ub Iwerks produced this black and white short subject, which he made to sell the Willie Whopper series. It was never released theatrically. The plot and some of the gags (including St. Peter's obscene gesture) were recycled for Willie's SPITE FLIGHT (1933).

Race pilot and son killed in light aircraft crash - The Mirror
A british father and son have been killed after their light aircraft crashed ahead of a race in Menorca.
Bruce Hook, 63, was practising with Ian, 25, when he lost control while trying to change direction. ...

Flight: Visiting AcroCamp by John Halbrook
When your an aviation enthusiast and some friends of yours decide to make a movie that is showing off their love and passion for flying what do you do???? If your me, you take a day off of work, schedule...

Kiwi Mustang business takes off - Waikato Times
When selling his "Kiwi Mustang" to a United States enthusiast, Mike Crene was aware of some irony in packaging up the World War II P51 replica.
He had imported it five years ago as a disassembled kitset from the US, and was exporting it back, fully built. It was his first export but with two more under way and more planned, it is unlikely to be the last.
Building his first P51 Mustang was supposed to be a hobby but quickly became a business after the finished plane, complete with Royal New Zealand Air Force roundels, allowed through special permission from Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Defence, was an instant hit with New Zealand warbird enthusiasts.
"It was the first in the Southern Hemisphere so I got a lot of questions from the other guys."
His Kiwi Mustangs business has taken off, with two kitsets well under way to completion in a small hangar at Matamata Aerodrome. ...

'Airbase' Coventry 30-5-2010 visit blog/report by Gary Watson
£8 entry fee, gets you into a wonderful aviation museum, which will has time moves on, will put this Coventry airfield, well and truly on the map, along with the already up and running, Midland Air Museum, more or less next door. The grand opening was the day before, and I was all set to go, but the weather put me off, and I was correct to do so. Although, one of the staff said, there was a good turn-out considering the awful weather, but he did admit, he got 'soaked' by 3.00pm in the afternoon. Upon gaining access, you are given a 'warm-welcome' by  ...
Howard 500 Coventry 30-5-2010
Avro Shackleton MR.2 WR963 Coventry.
Day in History: Thunderbirds to perform at Rochester Air Show - Post-Bulletin
The Air Force Thunderbirds will perform at the 1990 Air Show at the Rochester airport in conjunction with Rochesterfest. Flying F-16 Fighting Falcon combat ...

This Week In Military/Aviation History 31 May-6 June from Warbirds Online
Well Folks, the speedy seven have flashed by again and like a bad penny, here I am again. Of course today is Memorial Day (traditional) and I hope your day was safe and peaceful. I also hope you took some time today to remember our military, both those who have passed on (Gone West) and those still serving along with their families. That is what this day is really about. I hope you also got a chance to thank a veteran or serving member of our military for their dedication and sacrifice. You have another chance tomorrow and I, for one, will try to make the most of it. In the meantime, what say we take our weekly stroll down History Lane, shall we? Yes, I think we should and shall, once again.

May 31 from Cut and Paste Aviation by KenInfinite
...1945 -- The last of 18,188 B-24 Liberators  was delivered to the USAAF.
This bomber was produced in larger numbers than any other U.S. aircraft and employed on more fronts than any other Allied or enemy bomber in WW II. Consolidated was originally asked to produce the B-17 under license, but submitted its own design for a more capable bomber. The placement of the B-24's fuel tanks throughout the upper fuselage and its lightweight construction optimized assembly line production and increased range and payload, but made the aircraft more difficult to fly and more vulnerable to battle damage. ...

New robot landers will be built by private rocket-makers - Christian Science Monitor
Two California companies, one a rocket engine builder and the other a mock moon lander champion, have teamed up to develop new private unmanned vehicles that NASA could send to the moon, Mars and asteroids.
The companies are XCOR Aerospace, specializing in rocket engines, and Masten Space Systems — which won a $1 million NASA contest to build and fly robotic vehicles on simulated hops on the moon. The two companies hope to combine their areas of expertise in anticipation of NASA-sponsored unmanned lander projects, according a joint announcement this week. ...

Formation Flights - Planeshots [P-40s, biplanes, F3f-1s, F-15s, CorsairIIs, and more]

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