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This Weekend's Events - Fencecheck

5/07/10 |  Hamburg Port Birthday 2010
5/08/10 |  Great Vintage Flying Weekend 2010
5/08/10 |  ShawFest 2010
5/08/10 |  City of Tuscaloosa Airshow 2010
5/08/10 |  Postponed - Thunder of Niagara 2010
5/08/10 |  Battlegroup North & Military Wheels & Wings Show 2010
5/08/10 |  Chemnitz Fly Days 2010
5/08/10 |  Red Bull Air Race 2010
5/08/10 |  Corsicana Airsho 2010
5/09/10 |  Wings & Wheels 2010

Blue Angels in the sky again - Northport Gazette
Some of the best performers in the aviation industry include big names such as the Black Daggers Parachute Team, US Navy Blue Angels, US Army Golden Knights ...

The perks of riding in a stunt plane - Tuscaloosa News
When I climbed into the front seat of the Fagen MX2 stunt plane, I told myself I was going to have to ‘man up.’
But thirty seconds into the air, I forgot all about my worries.
On Thursday morning, I headed out to the Tuscaloosa Municipal Airport to meet up with Greg Poe, who flies the world’s only ethanol-powered stunt plane, and the two students from Eastwood Middle School selected to ride with Poe. I watched as two shy girls took off and came back after the ‘ride of their lives.’
While Poe is here for the Tuscaloosa Airshow, Poe is also here to promote his ...

EBACE 2010 from Unicom
EBACE 2010 looks like being a huge success, at least in terms of numbers. The second biggest ever in terms of attendance they say.
It's a strange show in what to many is a strange industry. The sector is driven by people who will pay HUGE sums of money to get somewhere on their terms, in stratospheric levels of comfort and in a relatively short time. The halls are filled ...

The Wings of Freedom Tour of the WWII Vintage Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - NewsBlaze
Participating in the Collings Foundation's WINGS OF FREEDOM TOUR, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress "Nine O Nine" WWII Heavy Bomber, Consolidated B-24 Liberator "Witchcraft" WWII Heavy Bomber and P-51 Mustang "Betty Jane", will fly into McClellan Airfield in Sacramento, CA for a visit from June 4 to June 7. This is a rare opportunity to visit, explore, and learn more about these unique and rare treasures of aviation history.
The B-17 is one of only 9 in flying condition in the United States, the B-24J and Dual Control P-51C Mustang are the sole remaining examples of their type flying in the World. Visitors are invited to explore ...

Bonhomme tops time sheets in Rio's first training session from
RIO DE JANEIRO – Paul Bonhomme of Britain topped the time sheets in the first Red Bull Air Race training session on Thursday ahead of the weekend’s race in Rio de Janeiro. Compatriot Nigel Lamb was second under brilliant blue skies and Frenchman Nicolas Ivanoff put in a strong performance with third place after making major modifications to his engine’s exhaust system. Bonhomme, the defending champion and overall points leader this year, posted the fastest time of the day (1:21.58) after a flawless display of flying on the 5,634-metre course ...

May 29: WASP Homecoming 2010 at Sweetwater Texas from You Fly, Girl
I just received the Powder Puff Pilot's monthly newsletter, in which she states the following:
    I have the honor and privilege to escort two former members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) from Denver to this year's WASP reunion on May 29.
    We'll fly my Piper Arrow to Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas, site of the National WASP World War II Museum and where many of the WASP received their initial flight training in 1943 and 1944. ...

Flying Heritage Collection Summer Fly Days from Diamond Pilots
Beginning in May, the Flying Heritage Collection is hosting free Summer Fly Days events on various Saturdays throughout the summer. The events provide a remarkable opportunity to watch vintage World War II aircraft in flight. Fly Days kicks off with General Aviation Day at Paine Field, which draws many local aviation organizations and offers fun and educational activities for children including free flights for children ages 8 to 17. These events are very popular for people of all ages and families. ...

Museum Remembers VE Day with 483rd Bomb Group Display -
The Museum of Aviation remembers that day with a large display on the 483rd Bomb Group, a B-17 bomber unit based in Italy that helped end the war in Europe. ...

Canada Aviation Museum Explores New Frontiers! from News
Ottawa—May 6, 2010—The Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation (CSTMC) is pleased to announce a dynamic new partnership with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). To coincide with this announcement, the Canada Aviation Museum will be officially changing its name to...

The Winds of Kitty Hawk (TV movie) from You Fly, Girl Was channel surfing this morning and came accross this, about halfway over when I first tuned in. The Winds of Kitty Hawk (1978)
I can't say I'm very impressed with it...but it may just be because I've never really cared for actor Michael Moriarty, who plays Orville. A favorite, John Hoyt, plays professor Langley. Interestingly, in checking the IMDB, I see that it won an Emmy. ...

Following the Hindenburg from AirSpace
The superlatives tend to pile up pretty quickly when it comes to the rigid airship Hindenburg, the pride of the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei line. It was the longest aircraft of any type at 245 meters (803 feet). Its 16 gas cells held up to 200,000 cubic meters (7,062,900 cubic feet) of hydrogen gas. Four 1050 hp Daimler-Benz DB 602 diesel motors sped the mighty airship along at speeds up to 135km/h (85 mph) with a maximum range of 14,000km (8,700 miles). Up to 70 passengers traveled in unrivaled luxury, served by a crew of from 40 to 72; ...

May 6 by Dr.ATP
It's fun to think about what happened in aviation on any particular date, but I'm not sure it's fun enough to devote a whole blog to. So why is May 6 special? For me there are two reasons, one obviously personal and one becoming more so. ...

IMAX—Not the First, but Close! from AirSpace
When the National Air and Space Museum opened its doors in July 1976, it featured in its theater a film produced specifically for the Museum called To Fly in a large format called IMAX. The Canadian-designed IMAX (Image MAXimum) format was created by Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw. IMAX was able to record and project images in a much larger format and much higher resolution than conventional film systems. Theater goers were astonished by the panoramic images in To Fly, one of whose effects on the audience was a vertiginous loss of balance. To Fly was immensely popular, and continues to be  ...

Learn to fly a Zeppelin from General Aviation News
Airship Ventures is offering a two-day course that puts you in the pilot’s seat. A team of veteran airship pilots will guide you through ground school, flight instruction, stick time, logbook endorsement, and more. Every student is  ...

New EAA Scholarship Fund Allows Young People to Take to the Sky from EAA - The Experimental Aircraft Association
Fund raising efforts to meet the $100,000 challenge set by EAA members Jim and Angela Thompson have nearly reached the goal! The Harrison Ford Challenge was launched last fall by the Thompsons during the reception honoring outgoing EAA Young Eagles program chairman Harrison Ford.

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