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Airshow Renaissance from Planenews Aviation News
In the midst of the deep recession that caused so much pain in the aviation industry in 2009, airshows provided a rare and surprising bright spot. Attendance at U.S. airshows leapt 15 to 18 percent to more than 26 million spectators, roughly twice the draw of NFL football, as people around the country sought out inexpensive, local family entertainment. ...

Blue Angels are more than meets the sky - Hometown Annapolis
The Blue Angels' practice flyover yesterday, and aerobatic performance today, may have looked effortless, but - as with a good ballet - a lot of unseen work went into making everything look so easy.
For starters, you saw seven aircraft soaring over the Naval Academy - six F/A-18s and Fat Albert Airlines, the mammoth Marine Corps C-130 transport. ...

Blue Angels schedule - 2010

Pilot Meet & Greet Tickets On Sale -
The Festival Air Show Reception features a "meet and greet" will all festival air show performers including the US Navy Blue Angels. ...
Win tickets to the Chippewa Valley Air Show - KARE
The Blue Angels return to the skies above Eau Claire on June 5 and 6, for the Chippewa Valley Air Show. The show kicks off a year full of events celebrating ...

U.S. Air Force sends solo act to Airfest - GazetteXtra
A "combat ready" U-S Air Force pilot will be part of the show this weekend at the Southern Wisconsin Airfest, but he's not attached to the Thunderbirds team.
Major Dave Graham flies an F-16 out of Hill Air Force base in Ogden, Utah and will arrive in Janesville Thursday afternoon.
He plans to practice Friday and perform both Saturday and Sunday.
Graham says his show is different than the Thunderbirds' in several ways. First, he's a solo act. Second, his show is an "in your face, loud and proud" demonstration of the capabilities of the F-16. ...

Historic air show a high point for Weston -
It was the first air show in Ontario and was the site of the first airplane flight over Toronto. The event is billed as Wings Over Weston and features ...

Get set for Southend Air Festival thrills - Essex Echo
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the show, and although there's no Red Arrows display, there will be plenty of airborne thrills. ...

Former RAF base takes a step back in time - Harrow Observer
A SPITFIRE fly-past, 1940s dancing and appearances by air raid wardens and the home guard were among the sights on offer at Stanmore's ex-RAF base. ...

An Air Show will complete the acts of the 25th anniversary of the Eagle Patrol - via Translator
... Finally it should also highlight the participation of Italian Patrol "Frecce Tricolori", with its smoke, show the colors of the Italian national flag in the skies of Mar Menor. The show will begin at 10 am and end at 14 hours, taking place on the beaches of Santiago de la Ribera, Lo Pagan, facing the promenade.

Copilot a 1929 Ford Trimotor on July 8, 9, 10 or 11, 2010 from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Also from the International Women's Air and Space Museum - located just off the lake at Burke's Airport in Cleveland, Ohio: ...

A400M to make its first public appearance at ILA Berlin Air Show 2010 from AVIATION-NEWS Latest Airbus product developments on display Blagnac, 26 May 2010 Celebrating its 40th anniversary of ongoing innovations, Airbus will be at the ILA Berlin Air Show, taking place at Schönefeld Airport from June 8th to 13th. Visitors will be able to get an exclusive first glimpse of the A400M, the all-new airlifter for the 21st Century and Airbus Military’s latest [...]

Jersey City gears up to host Red Bull championship airplane race's spectators ... - The Jersey Journal -
By The Jersey Journal Reena Rose Sibayan/The Jersey JournalRed Bull Air Race World Championship pilots Kirby Chambliss, Pete McLeod, Michael Goulian, ...

Lanark Museum Trust Airshow Exhibition - Carluke Gazette
SOMEONE pointed out that, of the first ten towns in Britain to stage an airshow, only one — Lanark — doesn't have an airport today. ...

Bomber preserved in remembrance of those who served in World War II - Savannah Now
Jim Weber is more than willing to donate his time to work on a unique project - the restoration of a B-17G Flying Fortress bomber at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler.
"I've always been interested in history," the Navy veteran from Brunswick said. "This is a great opportunity to work on a piece of history. I drive an hour just to do it."
Allen Lewonski, who once worked for Lockheed, lives in Pooler. His drive isn't nearly as far as Weber's, but his level of interest in the project is just as high. ...

TV ALERT - FIGHTING THE RED BARON. Ch.4, 9pm. Friday 4th June. from PPRuNe Forums
Heading for the TV screens. A programme with which we assisted last year will finally see the light of day in the UK on Channel 4.
As the official press release explains: "Fighting the Red Baron follows two modern-day pilots as they face the same challenges the aviators of WW1 faced, in order to find out how aerial warfare changed so quickly in just four years. Andy Offer and Mark Cutmore are both Red Arrows pilots, the elite of the elite, hugely skilled pilots who served in RAF operations in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia respectively. In this film they fly original WW1 aircraft, and carry out the ...
...Should be interesting to see the finished article. Certainly the action shots seen so far look awesome! More, pics etc. on Biggles Biplane Restoration website

Exclusive: Flying Above Afghanistan on F-15E Fighter Combat Mission - ABC News
I am now an official "combat aviator" with 5½ hours in the back seat of an F-15E Strike Eagle, flying two separate combat missions over Afghanistan. ...

Best Seat in the House from
Most people have never seen the F-22, so the Raptor's airshow routine leaves a lasting first impression. The demonstration highlights the maneuverability and raw power of this new fighter. It also hammers home the point that the United States has jumped to a new generation of fighter aircraft.

Operation Bolo from Fighter Pilot University
“The MiGs came up, the MiGs were aggressive, we tangled, they lost” - Col Robin Olds, 3 January 1967
... Between Olds, Ford, and Rambler flights, seven MiG-21s met their doom that day.  Not a bad days work for Robin and his boys.  I'm guessing there may have been some singing and drinking that night at the bar.  I'm just saying....

World War II pilot honored in front of military's future leaders - United States Army
Generations of family and friends honored 13 young adults recently nominated to attend military service academies, and witnessed the long-overdue recognition of a World War II hero at a ceremony Saturday on the campus of the University of Missouri St. Louis.
The keynote speaker, Michael Williams, deputy to the commander of Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1983 and reminisced about his time at West Point.
He drew laughter from the crowd while recounting phone calls he had with his mother over the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life as a first-year plebe, but his message to the nominees was simple: "Be the best individual you can."
U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay hosts the ceremony every year to recognize graduating seniors from Missouri's First Congressional District that are nominated to attend the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. This year's event had a special surprise that was long 66 years overdue.
Edward Stevens, 94, received the nation's third-highest military award, the Silver Star for Gallantry. ...

Inside the Enola Gay -  Air & Space
"Of all the World War II aircraft in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum, the most significant is the Enola Gay." So write curators Roger Connor and Christopher Moore in the new Smithsonian book In The Cockpit II: Inside History-Making Aircraft of World War II, published this month by Collins Design.

One more time for Marge - myPlainview
Marge Mitchell may be 97 years old, but she felt like a little kid again Saturday.
In fact, ever since Mitchell found out that her birthday wish to "go flying one more time" was coming true, the once respected pilot has been giddy.
"I could hardly stand it," she said upon hearing the news. "I think I came up out of the chair with a great ‘Hallelujah!' "
Mitchell is no stranger to flying. She got her pilot's license in 1950 - 15 minutes before her late husband, T.E. "Gene" Mitchell, got his - and spent the next 50 or so years flying across the United States and even a few other countries.
She not only flew airplanes but sold and raced them, too. ...

May 26 - Cut and Paste Aviation
... 1929 -- An FIA Class C-2 altitude record was set by WW I Triple Ace Wilhelm Neuenhofen of Germany, attaining 41,795 feet in a Junkers W 33.
1923 -- Lt. H. G. Crocker used a DH-4B Liberty 400 to make a nonstop transcontinental South-North flight from Ellington Field, Texas, to Gordon, Ontario, in 11 hours, and 55 minutes. ...

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic Free May 29 & May 30 in Decatur - The Birmingham News The Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival in Decatur is May 29 and May 30. This is a great festival. If you are looking for something completely cool to ...

What I Mean by "Epic" from Airspeed
... Then on to the good stuff. We were guests in the tower to see how operations work at the base for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. Everything you’d expect to see in a regular FAA tower, but about twice the personnel and A-10s, T-38s, and attack helicopters also launching regularly. And, when it came time to launch the B-2 training sorties, let’s just say that we had a unique view from close up. OPSEC suggests that I say little more, but it was a completely new experience for me. ...

Last Space Flight for Shuttle Atlantis Ends at Kennedy Space Center Video link from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
NASA- Space shuttle Atlantis and six astronauts ended a 12-day journey of more than 4.8 million miles with an 8:48 a.m. EDT landing Wednesday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
The third of five shuttle missions planned for 2010, this was the last scheduled flight for Atlantis. The mission, designated STS-132, delivered the Russian-built Mini Research Module-1 to the International Space Station. Also known as Rassvet ("dawn" in Russian), the module provides additional storage space and a new docking port for Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.  ...

Mithcell's @ Madera Warbirds 2010 - AAFO
Here's a 5 minute clip of the 4 B-25's making the rounds at Madera last Saturday!

Mount Vernon News Image Gallery - Mount Vernon News
The bombers were on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton last month when the World War II Doolittle Raiders reunited. ...

Night pictures from FenceCheck Forums
Jennifer's spinner from Wasabi Air Racing
Operation Enduring Freedom from Photos
Today's PIX!! Wednesday May 26th, 2010 from Military Photos 


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