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Planes of Fame Air Show 2010 - MAY 15 & 16 - Air Show News and Photography
This year's show will feature over 40 historic aircraft performing for your enjoyment as well as a tribute to our greatest generation, the veterans of World War II!  The air show Begins with the National Anthem and a Missing Man Formation.  The first aerobatic performance will be Silver Wings, the wing walking team of pilot Hartley Folstad and wing walker Margi Stivers. Dancing on the wing, Margi takes us back to the golden age ...

P-38 in PoF Airshow This Weekend from P38assn
Don't forget to attend the Planes of Fame Air Show this weekend.  They'll have their P-38 (23 Skidoo) in the air for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Navy Week Goes to Spokane! - US Navy SEALs Blog & Information (blog)
Navy Week Spokane will last through Saturday, May 15, and will include appearances by the Navy Leap Frogs and the Navy Band Northwest "Passage". ...

East Coast A-10 Demo Team visits the Henley's - An Indy Transponder note
When we read things like this, we're glad to be part of the aviation community! East Coast A-10 Demo Team - YOU ROCK!  On behalf of those of us who'd like to, but can't - thank you for visiting the Henley's and spending some time with them!  From the Henley blog on Caring Bridge:
We had a great night last night with East Coast A-10 Demo Team who just finished performing at the Tuscaloosa airshow!  They drove up to Birmingham and I made a big pot of Jambalaya and we all hung out and had such a good time!   Every mom should be so lucky to have dinner with a group of fighter pilots, (and Johnnie's, aka "Dusty's" awesome wife, Angela), for Mothers Day!!!  Alan and I had so much visiting with all of them and the only bad part of the night is that it went by much too fast!  Being part of the Heritage team is something Alan will always treasure and it is nice that even though Alan can't fly with them, they still make him feel part of the team.  .... I really want to thank the A-10 team again for such a great night!  You guys are one class act and we are proud to be part of such a great team!  Smoke on!!!  Love and blessings, Jen

"ESCAPE LIFE'S GRAVITY" poster of Mike reaching for the stars in his ASB.TV Extra 330. Download this for FREE in the ASB store – for your desktop, screen saver or print out as a poster for your wall.  Bring this poster to one of Mike Goulian's air shows and have him sign it and you will receive a gift from ASB!

Jon [Sharp] speaks at AMA from Wasabi Air Racing
A couple months back we went to watch Jon talk about racing RC at the AMA Expo in Ontario, it was a really nice deal and its now on vimeo.

The exhibition area into the Parco and Museum of Flight, "Volandia" - AVIONEWS
Then the simulators zone for an acrobatic flight in a cockpit of a MB-339 of "Frecce Tricolori" or on an AW-139 helicopter. Finally the "Volandia" mascot, ...

Actor breaks wingwalk record - The Sun
ACTOR and stuntman Kiran Shah has appeared in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones — and now he's become the world's SMALLEST wingwalker.
The 4ft 1in star braved speeds of 120mph at 1000ft to complete his record breaking feat.
And the 53-year-old performer, who doubled for Frodo in Lord of the Rings, said this was his most exciting adventure yet.
Strapped to the wing of a 1940s Boeing Spearman biplane, tiny Kiran completed a ten-minute wing-walk. ...

Laura Ingalls (*-*), Pioneer Aviatrix - www.ctie.monash.edu.au
Ingalls held more U.S. transcontinental air records during the 1930's than any other woman, including a transcontinental record of 30 hours east to west and 25 hours west to east (round trip New York and Los Angeles), both in 1930.

Women's memorial at Arlington struggling from Air Force Times
ARLINGTON, Va. — Garage sales and quilt raffles helped a determined group of female World War II veterans raise money to transform a rundown wall at Arlington National Cemetery into a grand stone memorial to women who served their country. But those women are dying off, even as the memorial runs short of funds.

Vietnam-era plane rolls into Warbird Museum VIDEO - FLORIDA TODAY
The OV-10 Bronco has seen combat duty in Vietnam and, more recently, helped fight drug trafficking in South America.
But Monday, the plane had a once-in-a-lifetime mission -- a 33-mile road trip from Patrick Air Force Base to the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum at Space Coast Regional Airport.  ...

RAF Nimrod joins air museum fleet - Peterborough Today
An aviation museum in Coventry housing a collection of classic aircraft added to its fleet by taking delivery of an RAF Nimrod. ...

Carver: Missing for decades, WWII veteran finally laid to rest - 95.9 WATD-FM
The remains of Corporal Richard H. Loring, who was killed in action during World War II and missing for the last 66 years, have been laid to rest.
Cpl. Loring was a member of the 2nd fighter squadron of the 52nd fighter group, and for the last 66 years he had been presumed dead after he and four others were aboard a B-25 bomber when it crashed into mountainous terrain near Corsica on May 10, 1944. Loring was named a corporal in the now defunct air corps shortly before his death, but unfortunately never received the good news of his promotion.
After the crash his status was changed to MIA and then in 1952 his status was changed to Killed in Action
In 1988, the French government sent a recovery team to the island of ...

Aviator mom passed along sense of adventure to her three daughters - Appleton Post Crescent
As a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, Ethel Sheffler is part of an elite group of trailblazing aviators who served their country during World War II.
Nearly 2,000 were called to play a key role, ferrying airplanes from base to base for the U.S. military. Because of her skills, Sheffler, who was recruited in 1944 at the age of 23, was a flight instructor. ...

May 11 from Cut and Paste Aviation
... 1927 -- Charles Lindbergh lands his new Ryan airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, in St. Louis after a record non-stop overnight flight from San Diego of 14 hours, 25 minutes. ...

Emilie & Rory's First GA Flight! from Rob's Flying Adventures
Emilie was never in a small GA plane, but has flown commercially a few times.  She attends my Mother-in-Law's church where my daughter's go for a Wednesday night church program.  She decided to ask her friend Rory to join her for the flight, and after the parents talked it over with me, I was fine with it and it seemed they were comfortable to.  They all met me at the airport where I introduced them to "Connie" the plane and we talked about the headsets and the rule for them when I put my finger up pointing to the ceiling in the plane, it means to be quiet. ...

NASA Langley Rockets to Lumberton, N.C. for Mid-Atlantic Fly-in - Earth Times News
Technicians and others from NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., will be part of a special NASA display at the Mid-Atlantic Fly-In and Sport Aviation Convention at the Lumberton Municipal Airport.

Aviation Author Bob Krauss – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday from WarbirdRadio.com
WEDNESDAY – Aviation author Bob Krauss joins us on Warbird Radio LIVE at 10am (EDT).  Bob's book The 509th Remembered chronicles the life and times of the 509th Composite Group.  The 509th carried out the world's first atomic missions that ended WWII.  If you'd like to join the conversation the contact info is listed below.  Copies of [...]

Uncontrolled Airspace #185 "It's Not Right"
The guys talk about a flying Motor Home... One bladed helicopters... and Jack is feeling left out. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace #185 "It's Not Right"

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