Thursday, November 6, 2008

WWII Fighter Aces

Sunday Nov 9, 12 PM-4 PM

Meet WWII Navy Fighter Aces who accounted for over 41 aerial victories during WWII. The day provides you the opportunity to talk with and hear the Aces share their experiences flying against enemy fighter pilots.
Aces on the panel:

CAPT Bob Coats – 9.33 victory Hellcat Ace
CDR J. Ted Crosby – 5.25 victory Hellcat Ace
CDR Bill Hardy – 6.5 victory Hellcat Ace
LT Jim Pearce – 5.25 victory Hellcat Ace
LT Tillman Pool – 6 victory Hellcat Ace
LT CDR Bill y Watts – 8.75 victory Hellcat Ace

This event is presented by The Northern California Friends (NCF) and is associated with the American Fighter Aces Association , a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization. Their mission is to present the history and preserve the legacy of the American Fighter Pilot and Fighter Ace. Pre-registration is not required but recommended. To register please visit: .

A rare Grumman/General Motors FM-2 Wildcat fighter will visit the Hiller Aviation Museum for this event. Come to hear the aces recount their aviation stories and see one of the legendary "fighting cats" of World War II naval aviation up close and in person.

Where's my Jetpack?
Tuesday Evening Nov. 11 7:30 PM

"Where's my jetpack?" This simple question from a friend started Mac Montandon on a quest for his own jetpack and for the promised new millennium that never quite arrived, a quest for a world where any person, at any time, could strap on a rocket and take flight. In Jetpack Dreams: One Man's Up and Down (but Mostly Down) Search for the Greatest Invention That Never Was, Montandon discovers the history of this most elusive form of personal transportationfrom its earliest popular appearance (in a science fiction story published in 1928) to the modern engineers, pilots, and other hopefuls still determined to realize the dream. Along the way, he stumbles upon Internet forums for jetpack enthusiasts, attends the first ever "International Rocketbelt Convention," and unearths the true story behind a bizarre mid-1990s case of kidnapping, imprisonment, and murderall for the sake of a jetpack.

Presentation included with museum admission. No charge for museum members.

Flight Explorers
Hands-on Programs for Kids

November 8th: Airplane Adventures
November 11th: Whirlybirds Away
1 PM to 4 PM

Flight Explorers programs are half day explorations into the science and wonder of aviation. Each session includes:

Special Gallery Tour
Hands-On Project With a Flying Aircraft Model
Exclusive Flight Simulation Mission in the Flight Sim Zone

Airplane Adventure participants will build and fly a rubber-powered airplane and master aircraft control in the Flight Sim Zone. Whirlybirds Away pilots discover the helicopter's special place in aviation with a rubber-powered helicopter before taking the controls of one in the Flight Sim Zone.

Other dates and topics are available. Visit our website at for a complete list of dates, times, topics and program fees. Advanced registration is required for all Flight Explorers sessions, download the registration form from and return by mail, fax or in person to secure your child's spot today.

Learn To Fly Using Flight Simulators!
November 10
6 PM to 9 PM

Aviation Adventure: Single Session Course for Adults Only
(November 10 , 6-9pm).

Discover flying using state-of-the-art desktop flight simulators in our Flight Sim Zone with instruction from real-world pilots. This 3-hour mini-course has the intensity of real flight training with an emphasis on fun. From learning to read instrument panels to navigating local Bay Area airspace, you will experience the challenge of piloting with our superb computer simulators featuring multiple-monitor displays, yokes, throttles and rudder pedals. For pricing and registration details, visit

For more information on these or other events at the museum visit or call (650) 654-0200

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