Monday, November 17, 2008

A wonderful idea for Holiday Gift Giving that’s unique!

This just in….a great idea for the up and coming Holiday Season!

Are you having a tough time figuring out what to buy your significant other or family member for the Holidays? Grayout Aerosports has the perfect idea for you! Give the gift of flight! Up and coming Air Show Performer and Aerobatic Stunt Pilot Billy Werth will take you and your loved ones to fly the friendly skies in his very cool Pitts S2C. Love Top Gun? Love a good adrenaline rush? Perfect, we’ve got you covered! For less than $200.00 you can go fly any way you like…Loops, Spins, Tailslides or Vertical Rolls are just one of the many maneuvers that Billy can do.

When you see Billy at an Air Show, you’re in for some amazing flying that’s fun and exciting for all ages. He’ll keep you entertained with his face paced, high energy, rock and roll routine that only today’s hi-performance bi -planes can do. When he’s not flying air shows, Billy is a Captain for an airline and a tanker pilot with the US Air Force Reserves. His ‘muscle bi-plane’ is a 2001 Pitts S2C. It cranks out 260 horsepower that lets him go almost 2500 ft straight up in the air. It pulls +6 and -5 G’s, which is perfect for all the twisting and tumbling he’ll do. It has two seats so Billy can take folks along for the ride of a lifetime.

Grayout Aerosports offers media rides and rides to the public and is based out of Hendricks County FBO. Check out our web site for details and pictures of Billy’s plane. A ride with Grayout can give your friend or relative the experience of a lifetime that you can’t find at any mall or retail store.

For details or booking please contact Marketing Coordinator
Haley Norwood 317-488-9233

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