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Indy Transponder 17-November 1100z

Capt’n Chris on Flight Line Internet Radio from The PlaneMadness Podcast by (Capt'n Chris)
The PlaneMadness Podcast has teamed up with Flight Line Internet Radio (FLiR). Under the new agreement I will be presenting regular content on this rapidly growing aviation network. You can listen by going to, or you can hear FLiR right now by using the Windows Media Player Console located in the right column of this site. There is a wide range of aviation oriented content on Flight Line Internet Radio and I am very pleased to be a part of it. Be sure to listen for The Warbird Beer Show, The Airplane Geeks Podcast, and Rob Mark of JetWhine as well!

Team News - Community from
Hi All... has posted all the new pics for the 2009 Team. Just some of the bios are incomplete.

Australian top gun flies into Red Bull Air Race World Championship Australia.TO, Australia
Matt Hall is the first Australian pilot selected to compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Tourism Minister Liz Constable today said she was ...

Aussie ace to fly in Red Bull air race series - The West Australian, Australia
Hall, who will end a 17-year stint with the Australian air force in January, said he would use his rookie season in the air race series to set himself up ...

Flying Boxcar comes home - Hagerstown Morning Herald
Then, at 1:49 pm, the Hagerstown Aviation Museum's Fairchild C-119 "Flying Boxcar" touched down, finally home, after 55 years, in the city of its birth.

This Week In Military/Aviation History 17 - 23 November from Warbirds Online by Tom Kwiatkowski Sr.
Hello Folks, another seven dead and buried already. Ya know, I’ve been posting here for around two years now, and I have absolutely no idea if anyone is reading these posts, let alone liking them and coming back each week to read them. I’m, of course, hoping that’s the case, but…. On the Website Message Board i moderate, there is an option which shows how many times a post has been opened and (hopefully) read. Now in that case knowing is not always a good thing. I do four or so daily posts and sometimes when I check it’s kinda disappointing. Especially like today we had a Museum News post that had 74 visits in a few hours, whereas, with my posts, I’m lucky to get 20 in a few days. I guess that shows what Folks are really looking for. One piece of news was that the Museum has expressed an interest in obtaining a B-23 Dragon from here: . I will, of course, be keeping an eye on this. I recently learned how to post photos on the Message Board (MB) from E-mail attachments and photo CDs. I still have one more to go. From my digital camera. I was in sort of a Catch-22 situation (in my mind): I wasn’t gonna take any pictures until I learned how to upload and post them, and I wasn’t going to learn how to upload and post them until I learned the other two ways. Well, now it appears I have no choice. Stay tuned, this should be interesting. There is one glitch of course. I cannot convert a straight graphic file attachment to a .jpg file. When I right-click the photo and hit “Save as,” I get an error message stating “System cannot find the file specified.” I’m told this should not happen and I have no idea how to fix it. I have to bother someone to do it for me and then, no problem. BAH! It’s always somethin’ with these darn computers! Well, let’s get down to some serious history, shall we? Have an AB FAN week, Take Care and Be Safe, Tom K.;)

Remembrance Day 2008 # 4: Nieuport XI from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
The Nieuport XI was a vitally important French fighter aircraft, credited with ending the aerial dominance of the Fokker Eindecker in the skies above France in World War One. The example shown below is in Italian colours; just one of many countries to fly this type…

Remembrance Day 2008 # 5: Drei Fokker Dr.1 Dreidecher from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
Each and every one of the vintage aircraft and pilots were "stars" but the three Fokker Dr.1 Dreidechers were right up there with the best. The pilots of these aircraft not only performed impressive formation manouvers, but also engaged in some stunning mock combat with the three Se5a's present…

Remembrance Day 2008 # 6: Fokker D.VII from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
Arguably the best German fighter of World War One was the Fokker D.VII. A powerful engine[180Hp], a high ceiling [19,600 feet - remember, open cockpit and no oxygen!] and a couple of machine guns, this was the only German aircraft type that the allies required Germany to hand over as part of the armistice agreement of 1918…

Remembrance Day 2008 # 7: Se5a from Rodney's Aviation Ramblings by Rodney
Some of the best routines performed were put on by the Fokker Dreidecher's and the three Se5a's [Scout Experimental], particularly the simulated dogfight scene. The Se5a was one of the late-war British designs produced up to the end of the war

Sun 'N Fun Celebrating 35th year in 2009 from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
The Sun 'n Fun Fly-In will start celebrating its 35th anniversary when the gates open for the 2009 event, scheduled for April 21 through 26 at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. The first fly-in was over a weekend in January of 1975 and was called the "Mid-Winter Sun 'n Fun." It was attended primarily by pilots but, by 1976, had expanded to a full week, moved to the southwest corner of Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, and was open to the public, although on a limited basis. In its third year, 1977, a freak snowstorm threatened to affect attendance, but the event drew record numbers and Sun 'n Fun was recognized as one of the world's premier aviation events. In 1980, the fly-in was moved from January to March and then, in 1988, was moved again to April, where it has remained for more than 30 years.

Sukhoi Knaapo Su-27 Family - Russian Knights from Alert 5 - Military Aviation News by (pirate)
The Russian Knights are next in this video from the Sukhoi Knaapo DVD.

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