Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kudos to Eric Tucker

Nellis AFB--Aviation Nation Air Show 8-November, 2009

I was sitting in one of the chalets for the Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis AFB this past Saturday when I spied Eric Tucker. Knowing Eric from his previous appearance at the Indianapolis Air Show, I waved, he came over to my table, and we began talking about his 2008 season and what his plans were for 2009 and beyond. Suddenly, 3 young boys (I would estimate about 8 or 9 years old) appeared. One of them asked Eric what he did. Smiling, Eric showed him a picture and said "I fly this plane". The boys stopped playing, their eyes widened with excitement, and "WOW" came out of their mouths. Then, one asked if Eric was going to fly. "No, I flew earlier, but my dad flies this plane as Eric pointed to a picture of Sean D. Tucker's Oracle aircraft, "and he is about to fly next". Then, Eric asked the boys who they were with; and, informed they were with their parents, Eric enthusiastically says "come with me and let's get you some Oracle hats". With that, one of the boys was off and running. Eric was delayed about 20 seconds and the young lad was back instantly saying "you coming?". Eric and I looked at each other, laughed, and I heard him say "yeah, I'm coming". With that they were off. I watched as Eric introduced himself to the parents, posed for pictures, then went off with the boys. A bit later, 3 young boys were back with their Oracle hats--autographed by I would suspect was Eric and perhaps Sean. They were real trophies for these youngsters and they showed them to everyone who would take the time to look and listen to their story of how some pilot gave them hats. It was great fun to watch and reminded me again that air shows are not just planes---but they are full of human interests. Full of young people's curiousity. My hat is off to Mr. Eric Tucker--he gave his time and excitement to three young boys who may just become pilots because of his actions!!!

Jeff McGuire
Indianapolis Air Show

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