Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Business Aviation Defended by Unusual Source

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Flight Line Internet Radio

Business Aviation Defended by Unusual Source:

The Warbird Beer Show

Fort Wayne, IN, November 25, 2008:
As corporate flight departments shake their heads over the furor created by US auto executives flying in corporate jets to Washington, DC, support for business aviation came this week from an unusual source: The Warbird Beer Show.

Rising star Internet radio talk show hosts Dave Holmes and Greg Muir usually get more kudos for their banter than anything else. "Sidney and Scratch," hosts of The Warbird Beer Show are known for covering all types of aviation and space stories, most always with an ample dose of humor.

This week’s show, however, featured a serious segment on the true value of business aviation. Regarding the "business jet furor," Holmes stated flatly, "Business jets are tools and not toys. They’re not frivolous assets that need to be parked." Clearly understanding how business aviation reduces travel time waste, co-host Muir asked, "What does it cost per minute to run that business?" Holmes pointed out the "complete nonsense" of ‘looking bad’ by showing up in a jet. "Congress should focus on the actual problem, not on the distraction of how people showed up to the meeting." Holmes dismissed the inappropriate mainstream media focus on business aviation as "ridiculousness."

According to Holmes, his opportunity in Internet radio has been the perfect vehicle to entertain audiences, and also to occasionally educate. "Greg and I aren’t young guys. We’ve been around the patch and seen enough that sometimes we just have to get serious. The show is fun, but if we have a chance to remind people of reality, that is okay, too. We talk directly to people who are about the topic, which is great."

Starting up in September 2008, Flight Line Internet Radio is a 24/7/365 streaming Internet radio station targeted at the global aviation community. The concept appears to be a success. In their first 11 weeks of broadcasting, the station has accumulated over 40,000 unique listeners and is growing at an average of 1000 new listeners per day.

Flight Line Internet Radio co-founder Don Costanza attributes the station’s popularity to the focused attention it gives to its listener’s passion. "Aviation people really love being able to think about airplanes all the time. It’s amazing that we have been able to give them something to latch onto like this. We’re actually quite humbled by the success."

The Warbird Beer Show can be heard daily at http://www.flightlineinternetradio.com/ as well as from their home page, http://www.warbirdbeershow.com/ . For more information, contact Don Costanza at don@flightlineradio.com.


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