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Indy Transponder 4-November 0300z - USA VOTES!

Astronauts to cast votes from space station – MSNBC
The 1997 Texas bill allowed NASA's first orbital voter David Wolf to cast his ballot from Russia's Space Station Mir, Cloutier-Lemasters told SPACE.com. ...

ACA Fights Financial Fires With Aqua-Bama from Jetwhine by Scott Spangler
Airframe manufacturers are dealing with the financial fires spawned by the global economic meltdown in many ways, including reorganization, furloughs, and layoffs...

Just A Reminder - Aviation Nation Air Show This Weekend November 8-9 - On Saturday and Sunday, November 8-9, the men and women serving their country from Nellis Air Force Base will present Aviation Nation and the U.S. Air Force of the 21st Century in Air, Space and Cyberspace. Admission is FREE! Come see all your favorite military planes on display, along with an exciting Air Show Featuring the World Famous Thunderbirds! Click Here for more info, for parking and directions click here. Nellis AFB Publicity Release

San Antonio AirFest 2008 Pictures and Video - Yesterday I shared my airshow experience but neglected to post the pictures. Those of you who like watching planes will appreciate these. Those of you that don’t can skip forward to the next post. So here they are for your viewing pleasure: Video of F-22raptor take-off Video of Blue Angels fly-by Share and Enjoy:

Aerobatic video proven a fake from Letters from Flyover Country by Bob Collins
This is a video that's been making its way around the Internet, in which a plane that lost a wing lands safely. It's fake according to this YouTube video, which appears to be real.

Red Arrows will perform at 2012 Olympics after 500000 people sign ... - Daily Mail, UK
The Red Arrows, officially called the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, performed a fly past when London won the bid in 2005. ...

CHINA AIRSHOW - Gulf Times, Qatar
... the opening of the 7th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China 2008, in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai yesterday. ...

'Flying Saucers,' Advanced Jets at China Air Show from Wired: Danger Room by Noah Shachtman
Most defense trade shows are pretty much the same: Equal helpings of rubber chicken and undeliverable promises, military happy-speak and defense contractor swag. But an expo opening tomorrow in Zhuhai, China is a bit different. It's "endorsed by the Chinese central government." So the show offers an rare glimpse into China's often-secretive military. Our pals at Ares are on the scene…

Air show China ready to take off in Zhuhai - CCTV, China
But actually, it's a model of a F-16 fighter plane in the interactive zone of the Zhuahai Air Show. With the help of computer software, two people can work ...

Uncontrolled Airspace #106 "Get-going-itis" from Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast
Jack is drooling for this new Garmin product, Jeb is breathing heavy to talk about the latest TSA folly, and Dave is, well, just being Dave. All this and more on Uncontrolled Airspace, Episode #106 "Get-going-itis"

Plane to plane skydive from Mad Skies by Pilot Mad F. Stunts
Greg Gasson is an American professional skydiver having jumped thousands of times out of airplanes. After all these jumps, Greg wanted to do a first… be the first to land in another aircraft. Check out this video and see for yourself how he managed to pull this stunt off.

Officials finish at Fossett site as storm blows in - USA Today
"Anytime you fly in the mountains, it's not like you're going to land on a highway. There just aren't many places you can put an airplane down and walk away ...

Bones found at Fossestt crash site confirmed missing aviator's - KRNV, NV
Madera County authorities have confirmed that the bones found at his crash site last week are that of missing aviator, Steve Fossett. ...

Bones were those of Steve Fossett - Los Angeles Times, CA
Madera County officials today confirmed that bones and other items found near a plane-crash site in the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains were those of Steve ...

The Troupe Azzurra from David Cenciotti's weblog - the most visited Italian Aviation Blog by David Cenciotti
“Troupe Azzurra” is the artistic name under which the team of photographers and video operators belonging to the CPA (Centro Produzione Audiovisivi) of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force, ItAF), is known as. The “Troupe” was born in 1979 and it is composed by personnel qualified to fly with all the conventional and jet aircraft of the ItAF. In fact, its main duty is to document the activities of all the flying units of the Armed Force, both in Italy and abroad…

Flying B-25s with the Seahorse Marines from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
The Knoxville News covers the reunion of VMB-423, a Marine B-25 squadron that beat up the South Pacific in WWII. One of their favorite attacks they called “heckling”, where they would attack a Japanese base at night. Rather than make a single run and drop all their bombs, they would carry lots of 100lb bombs, and drop them one at a time, returning over and over during the night. Then just to make things more interesting:

Podcast: Contrails or Chemtrails? from David Cenciotti's weblog - the most visited Italian Aviation Blog by David Cenciotti - Podcast 2: Contrails or Chemtrails?

La patrouille de nouveau sur Plan├Ęte ! from Apache Roll, le blog de la patrouille Breitling by Regis

Rocket Racing League Names Makovsky + Company Public Relations ... MarketWatch
Noted Robbin Goodman, executive vice president and partner at Makovsky + Company, "The public's fascination with rocketry, coupled with its love of ...
Founded in 2005 by two-time Indianapolis 500 winning team partner Granger Whitelaw and X PRIZE Chairman and CEO Peter H. Diamandis, MD, the Rocket Racing ...

Google buys a fighter plane from Defence Aviation by Larkins
In Google’s offices in Mountain View, California, it is as though the financial crisis never happened. Business is booming, so much so that Larry Page and Sergey Brin, its billionaire founders, have decided to treat themselves to a new status symbol. Sports cars are a dime a dozen in California, and fancy yachts seem only to attract dull guests such as EU trade commissioners. So they’ve bought...

Composer scores at prize night - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
Naming military aircraft became common in World Wars I and II, with the most famous being the American B-17 Flying Fortress, otherwise known as the Memphis ...

Rocket woman builds 300mph jet car in her back garden - Daily Mail, UK
Its four hybrid rockets are fuelled by nitrous oxide and bio-fuel and produce a total 8000lbs of thrust - equivalent to the power of a Red Arrows jet ...

The November 2008 edition of Grissom ARB's E-Paper, the Heartland Warrior, is now available. The Heartland Warrior has eight pages of stories, photos and features on the 434th Air Refueling Wing and its people. For the complete edition, click http://www.grissom.afrc.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-081103-143.pdf

Plane vs. Helicopter from Mad Skies by Pilot Mad F. Stunts
Ever wondered what a World War II airplane could do to a helicopter? Well this short video will quite clearly showcase the destruction an airplanes propeller can cause to a helicopter. That poor Jet Ranger “parked” nicely on the grass is nothing more than chewing material for that big brutes propeller.

Red Bull Speed Run from Mad Skies by Pilot Mad F. Stunts
The Red Bull Speed Run is probably the ultimate competition for the hang gliding adrenaline junkie. Get as fast as you can as low as you can through a series of gates… a recipe for a fantastic show. Lots of cool low passes, water skimming, loops and more crazy action performed by these professional dare devils.

Licensed to fly — at 70 years young - ReporterHerald.com, CO
He said when it’s done, he’d like to sell it and use the proceeds to pay to rent the two-seater light sport aircraft he learned to fly in. ...

Richard Branson interview - Stars in his eyes - Scotland on Sunday, UK
A few years later his team came across the California-based aerospace inventor and former test pilot Burt Rutan. At the time Rutan was working for Paul ...

Aeroplane Reader Tour - Paris, Deauville & D-Day from Aeroplane Monthly News
Join us on our 10-day pilgrimage to France to mark the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings. Includes: Jean-Baptiste Salis Collection airshow, visits to aviation and WW2 museums, stays in Paris and Deauville, plus visits to Mont St-Michel.

USS Indianapolis sailor recalls attack Traverse City Record Eagle, MI
At age 19, the sailor from Springfield, Ill., became one of only 317 men to survive a July 30, 1945, Japanese submarine attack on the USS Indianapolis in ...

Non-acro Bipes : DR-1 Roll-out from The Biplane Forum - Author: Skybolt - Subject: DR-1 Roll-out

Lackland AFB Airshow 2008 from Fence Check - Here are a few that I shot.

Feel the heat! from Fence Check - Here are a couple of shots from Airpower Arkansas '08.

NAS Jacksonville Airshow from Fence Check - I cannot take credit for this as much as I would like to my son took this with my 100-400 on my 30D

Pics from Red Flag from Airline Pilot Central Forums by Diesel1030

Thunderbirds Monday from Serious Amateur Photography by Jeff Lynch
I’m taking a vacation day Monday and driving a few hours northwest of Houston to see if the colors have started to change yet. While I’m gone, here are a few more images of the USAF Thunderbirds taken at the Wings Over Houston air show. Enjoy!

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