Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AeroPolls - Survey Results

Over the past 8 months the Indy Transponder has conducted a variety of non-scientific polls related to the aerotainment industry. The following is a summary of questions with the resulting percentages preceding the answers. In some cases multiple answers were allowed. You should draw your own conclusions. Thank you for your participation.

Do you find stories from outside of North America useful?
66% Yes
16% No
13% Haven’t decided yet
3% No opinion

Public Interest: What category has the most growth potential?
21% Air racing
52% Air shows and related events
26% Aviation Heritage & Preservation
5% Space for civilians

Aero Events: What has the greatest influence?
53% Economics
30% Military status
0% Regulation
15% Safety

AeroPoll: If you learned an Aviation Event was going to be Broadcast or StreamCast live, would that influence your attendance at the show?
10% Yes
35% No
0% Let me think about it
55% I will still attend and watch a replay later

AeroPoll: When traveling to an Aerial Event, how do you prefer to get there?
40% Automobile
0% Fly commercial
26% Fly GA
13% Motorcycle
20% RV
0% Teleportation
6% Tour bus

Do outdoor jumbo screens at aviation events enhance the experience?
75% Absolutely
16% Probably
0% No
4% Obstructs view
4% Never experienced

Would you like to see charters to aviation destinations?
53% Air races
40% AirVenture, Sun-N-Fun
56% By air
40% By land
86% Large air shows
30% Museums
3% No thanks

AeroEvent Media is best enjoyed when:
47% Audio only
13% Broadcast live
8% Delayed highlights
17% DVD
0% Forums
0% Photographic review
4% Print review
26% StreamCast live
21% All of the above

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