Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Indy Transponder 19-November 1100z

A Pilot’s Story Production News from
Julie was a delight to talk with and just gave us gold during the interview. Julie has such an amazing story to tell as we all do. But to hear about her about her trails and tribulations as she worked her way into the airline world is just inspiring. She is a Spitfire for sure and I would fly with her any time. Her air show performances are a thing to see as well.

NASA Invites Students To Name New Mars Rover from Aero-News Network
Partners With Disney For Contest NASA is looking for the right stuff... or in this case, the right name for its next Mars rover.

Into the Black by Wicked Penguin
My family and I had a long weekend together in Orlando, FL. We came in from all over the place; my parents drove up from Miami, my sister flew in from the Baltimore area, and my wife and I drove down from Pensacola. We made the most out of it, celebrating my parents' anniversary, my mother's birthday, Thanksgiving, and my birthday since they all fall within three weeks of each other…

New Air Force Aviation Museum to be Built in Jeju - Korea's southern resort island of Jeju will get a new Air Force aviation and space museum by 2013. According to the Korea Air Force the museum will have on display over 50 aircraft including fighter planes and helicopters as well as various weapons ...

1930's GA in Louisiana from Pilots of America Message Board by Steve
A friend of mine sent me this link for an online slide show of aviation photos from the late 30's Louisana.- - History buffs might find a few of them interesting.

Colorado pilot caught between a jet and hard place by Nate Ferguson
Denver Aviation Community Examiner Marc Arnold had to leave a million dollars sitting in an aircraft hangar in Longmont, Colo.

World War II Ace returns to England for first time since war - Overstreet is traveling to England for the first time since the war, at the invitation of an aviation art gallery. He'll visit the airfield where he was...

Fence Check C-119 to fly in to Hagerstown,Md. this Sunday. from

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