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Indy Transponder 28-November 2326z

China to open airport associated with U.S. pilots' fight against Japanese from Aviation & Aerospace News [FLiR]
TENGCHONG, Yunan, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Construction at an airport famed as the home of The Flying Tigers, American pilots who fought for China against the Japanese invaders during World...

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First Aviation Day Fly-In - Sun newspapers, FL
There will be light and heavy jets, a bi-plane, a helicopter, and vintage aircraft from the Commemorative Air Force promoting restoration of World War II ...

Tuskegee NHS Featured in “Year of History” Sweet Home Alabama History from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
MONTGOMERYAL- Tuskegee University and Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site are destinations featured in the new "Year of Alabama History" brochure. Governor Bob Riley released the 94-page publication recently to promote the 2009 tourist campaign.
The brochure, "Historic Alabama: A Guide to Landmarks and Events", gives readers insight into the history of some 163 towns and cities across the state and features more than 700 museums, events and historically significant sites, from North Alabama to the Gulf Coast. Looking to spend a stay-cation at home or a place to fly for the weekend, this is the book for you. ...

Alabama 99s and Birmingham Zonta Club to Host Annual Amelia Earhart Luncheon from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News [FLiR]
BIRMINGHAM AL- The Alabama Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots) and the Birmingham Zonta Club (International Organization of Executive and Professional Women) are hosting their annual Amelia Earhart Luncheon on Saturday 11:00am, January 10, 2009 at the Birmingham YWCA. Amelia Earhart was a Zontian and was the first president of the Ninety-Nines. Clubs from all over the world honor her trailblazing spirit every January. ...

Blimps on the Move for Sporting Events from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
MOBILE- Last Tuesday a blimp stopped in for gas at Mobile Brookley Field. With the bowl game season approaching, more blimps will be moving into position. One main purpose of the blimp at events like football games is to capture live aerial footage. Another is providing high-profile visibility for whatever company pays to have its name on the side - in this case, Outback, according to the Mobile Register. The complex makes an ideal stopover for blimps because of a wide-open, 20-acre field adjacent to Mobile Aerospace Engineering, said Adam Creatore, crew chief with Tampa-based High Degree Operations Corp., which flies the Outback blimp, according to the Register. ...

Report gives few clues in plane crash that killed 2 - Deseret News, UT
CEDAR FORT, Utah County — A small plane that crashed near here, killing two people, was performing a series of aerobatic maneuvers at a low altitude when it ...

Run Away! from Technorati
It's Friday here. When you have been around aircraft for a while you have the common sense to stay away from the back of them when they are powering up. Lesson learned. The B-1 is famous for doing a few rolls at airshow displays. This video is pretty good. Enjoy. Hat tip: ATFS Crash

Today at RAF Coningsby/ BBMF Hangar visit. from Warbirdworld
Called in today to RAF Coningsby and the BBMF Hangar to see what was going on at this moment in time. The flight was busy servicing the aircraft as you can see via the shots and video included in this report. The Mk IIa is away at Arco at Duxford having a major overall and should be back at the flight for its cert/ticket to display around April next year. After the Lancaster was overalled at Coventry during the winter of 2006, AA stated that it will be good for another 30 years yet, so loads of Merlin x 4 sounds yet...
[Photo]: one of many from post]

A question for performers and their thoughts from
... After she was done flying my wife said; "Wouldn't you love to be up their doing that?" A statement which I had made or at least thought everytime I watched an airshow aircraft perform and I would always think: man that would be awesome to be up there doing that. But for some reason this time a different thought entered my head and I answered her question with: "No." She gave me a surprised look and said; "Why not?" Well I'm going to explain my answer and I want to know if anyone else can identify with what I'm saying. I told her that if I were "up there" doing that I would not be able to enjoy the beauty of it from the ground and truly appreciate it or get pictures of it. ...

Mixing Your Pleasures from Neptunus Lex by lex
Ecce: The flying motorcycle.

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google from Military Photos by drakegoodman
This was brought to my attention courtesy of another forum.
"Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google".
Upside - thousands of pics in large size format.
Downside - all watermarked.
Can I suggest you post any particularly good finds here.

"AND THERE I WAS..." from
Even before Man invented & learned to fly heavier-than-air vehicles, he used his hands to describe the aerial maneuvers of birds & other creatures of flight. Ever since humans took to the skies themselves, all aviators naturally use hand gesturing to communicate about their flying experiences & as a simple tool for flight instruction. ...

Picture of the Week: AVweb's Flying Photography Showcase from Aviation & Aerospace News Happy Thanksgiving, to those of you reading AVweb in the United States! Here at "POTW" world headquarters, we have plenty to be thankful for — including the steady flow... video coverage - pilots and thier planes from
Thanks Bill
We got a new video up of Michael Racy, Debby Rihn-Harvey and Dan Clark talking about their beloved flying machines...
Here's a link:
Pilots and their planes

VIDEO: The "making" of the Ryanair Charity Calendar 2009
from Flight International by Barbara Cockburn

F/A-18F Super Hornet Demo - Langley AFB 2008 from Fence Check [video]

Video of the Week: Warbirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover
from Aviation & Aerospace News Updated Constantly
We didn't discover this week's "VOTW" in time for Veterans' Day, but somehow we think our readership will appreciate it anyway. Thanks to AVweb reader Ian Herron, who dropped...

VIDEO: Aircraft in emergency landing
from Flight International by Barbara Cockburn
We've been talking about this video this week. So, being of the mind to share, here it is...

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