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Indy Transponder 28-November 1100z

2009 Cable Air Show from by Editor
Looking for a great airplane-orientated activity to enjoy with the family early next year? Look no further than the 2009 Cable Air Show! This great weekend-long event will have Californians arriving in their droves to some great flying-orientated family fun.

Tuscaloosa Hopes Blue Angels Will Headline 2009 Air Show from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
TUSCALOOSA AL- Tuesday representatives of the Blue Angels arrived in a Blue Angel F-18, Number 7 to met with representatives of the City of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, and Northport. Wayne Cameron, Tuscaloosa Municipal Airport Manager says it was pretty exciting to have them here. US Navy Blue Angel officials were conducting a site visit for a possible coveted airshow date for the 2009 season…

Saturday, Dec 6, 2008 - Flying Tiger 8th Annual Fly-In, Worthington Springs, FL from Aviation Events

Aerial present drop at Lethbridge - Geelong Advertiser, Australia
The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia event is open to the public and will include flying displays, children's entertainment and car displays. ...

You are the Air Show Committee from Indy Transponder
I schedule the acts. I direct the traffic. I design the tickets. I take the tickets. I park the cars. I drive the trams. I drive the courtesy carts. I drive the water cart. I marshal the planes. I book the chalets. I organize the chalets. I cater the chalets. I sponsor the chalets. I sell the food…

Wanna set a speed record? from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
One of the ways aviation was first promoted, beginning a century ago, was by the official recognition of records. In that way pilots were encouraged to fly farther, higher and faster in various types of aircraft, and the media attention these actions drew advanced aviation and attracted money. Between the aging of the pilot population, and the current economic difficulties, maybe it would be a good time to set some records…

'Thunder on the Bay' air show flies in April -
By MARY PEREZ - BILOXI -- The first air show since Hurricane Katrina returns to Keesler Air Force Base on April 5-6.

Flight One: Remembering Early Air Mail to Edmonton - [FLiR]
Alberta Aviation Museum is pursuing a special initiative for the 100th Anniversary of flight in Canada during the 2009 calendar year.

Celebrations hit heights! - Gulf Daily News
It will be based at the Heritage Village, near Bahrain National Museum, and take people 100m into the sky for a rare bird's-eye view of Manama.

SR 71 from Pilots of America Message Board by NC19143 – [FLiR]

Lufthansa Technik "Super Star" moves into hangar - Lufthansa Technik's restoration of a Lockheed L-1649A Super Star (Super Constellation Starliner) took a major step forward when the airplane was moved on November 20 into a new hangar at Auburn-Lewiston Airport in Maine, according to an Aviation International News report. Read more...

Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion - The Boneyard, video documentary. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tuscon AZ. from
The Boneyard, video documentary. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tuscon AZ. - I think this is from the Discovery Channel, but it's on you tube now. An aviationists dream. Do they have a souvenier store there?

Flightdeck Friday: Ghosts from Tailhook Daily Briefing by Steeljaw Scribe
Spring 1941 - Fleet exercises off Hawaii:

Birds of paradise, courtesy of a Busy Bee - The Age, Australia
World War II relics can be seen underwater off Madang, including many shipwrecks to dive and snorkel on and a B-25 Mitchell bomber that ditched after engine ...

It was 30 years ago today... from PPRuNe Forums by Chairborne 09.00hrs
A black day for the Fleet Air Arm - the last launch of the Buccaneers and Phantoms from HMS Ark Royal, delivered to RAF St Athan and future service with the RAF.Seen at a cold St Athan:

Midwest Helicopters rocks the cold weather lift jobs on the east coast! from The Adventures of Chopper Chick! by Desiree

Commercial websites for women pilots from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Came across this website which has a desk calendar featuring dates in women's aviation. That's a calendar I've been searching for for a long time, indeed, if I had had the financial wherewithal myself I would have made one meself and put it on the market.Anyway, they beat me to it, and I ordered it today. I'll report on it when I get it, but if you know of anyone interested in aviation, (female or otherwise!) send 'em this as a Christmas gift! - They also have clothing - t-shirts, fleecy vests, a logbook (pink, with the powderpuff logo on the front), and Softcomm headsets.

Martin XA-45 from The Unwanted Blog by admin
The three-engined XB-51 began life in 1946 as the XA-45, which featured two turbojets and two turboprops. While data is currently lacking, this design *seems* to have not only a tail turret, a bombardier (implying an internal bomb bay) and forward-firing - likely traversible - guns on the wingtip pods… but also two guns on the wingtip pods pointed *sideways,* and given aerodynamic fairings over the barrels. The pods seem to have tracks which indicate that the side-guns are also traversible. If this is indeed what they are, the most likely explanation is that the XA-45 was meant to orbit a target and unload fire on it with the side-guns, in much the same way that the AC-130 works…

Here's a few more from AirShow 2008, Grand Junction, CO. from Technorati Search for: airshow - H/T Kenny

Photos from 2008 Lee Bottom Fly-in from Pilots of America Message Board by Steve [FLiR]

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