Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Katie Reider Benefit - Nov 8th

Well, we finally have more Katie Reider Music for you. We also have a few updates to share, so don't leave today without checking out these links!!

Wanted to let you know that we've updated our 500K website for Katie by adding in Katie Reider's MUSIC DOWNLOAD #2! This is called "Katie Reider Live: Through Time" and it is a Digital Compilation of 10-songs written and performed by Katie Reider LIVE throughout these last 10 years. Get a glimpse into a few moments Katie has shared with us on stage and in life.

We've even included a very rare track that you may have never heard recorded by Katie back in 2001 called "To Live." Log onto and download Katie's disc for $1.00. 100% of the proceeds benefit Katie's cause.

A very Special thanks to Dave and Shawn for all the help in putting this music download together!

Next head over to and Download our FREE Katie Reider Compilation featuring a cover Katie recorded in 1999 of Sarah Mclachlan's "Building a Mystery!!"

After downloading grab and share Katie's widget of Songs on your myspace, facebook, blog, emails, with your friends or any other place you'd like to share and spread Katie's voice. This is probably the #1 best way that everyone can SPREAD THE WORD about Katie's Music and help us out to reach our next audience over the next few months.

Special thanks to Sarah Mclachlan's Team for allowing this free download (this really is a special gift!) and to TrueAnthem for creating Katie Reider's new widget for all of us to share.

Katie's devoted life partner of 10 years Karen Reider has a new blog. Take a minute to check out Karen Reider's attempt at being Real, Transparent and Vulnerable over these next coming months. Stay up to date with what she is going to be sharing with all of you and please share your thoughts by leaving comments for her! You can check it out here

Don't forget that has a new design with a lot of fancy new features. Browse through and check out the ways to get involved.

KATIE REIDER BENEFIT - Nov 8th - Cincinnati Ohio There will be a Benefit held at Dirty Jacks in Cincinnati Ohio For Katie Reider. Show starts at 8pm All proceeds go to Katie's family. Check out who will be playing here. Click here for details -

And finally the internet is a wonderful thing. Since our launch in May of 2008 we've had 70,000 people log onto and be ONE of 500,000 help keep Katie's voice alive. Hopefully with everyone's help we can get to another 70,000 before 2009!

More to come soon. Now that the music is out there. More video is to come next. Stay tuned. If you have any thoughts, questions, feedback or anything else please don't hesitate to fill us in. Let us know what you'd like to know about Katie Reider and what you'd like to see more of over the next coming months.

Again here are the links. Go there now, get involved and tell all your friends!! We truly thank you so much for the support!

Music Download #2! "Katie Reider Live: Through Time"

FREE Compilation Download featuring Building a Mystery! -

Karen Reider Blog -

Katie Reider Website -

Till Next time

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