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Indy Transponder 9-APR-09 1000z

Pilot has Wright stuff - Appeal-Democrat, CA
By Nancy Pasternack/Appeal-Democrat On the day 6-year-old Dean "Wilbur" Wright attended an air show for the first time, he decided he wanted more than anything to become a US Air Force Thunderbirds pilot. Decades later, when he took his initial ...

Troops mobilise for extravaganza -, New Zealand
Among those taking to the sky is Vintage Aviator production manager Gene DeMarco, who will pilot a Sopwith Camel. Mr DeMarco has a long history of involvement in airshows and has long since lost count of how many he has taken part in. ...

World-class warbirds take off - Nelson Mail
The biennial Classic Fighters Air Show, held at Omaka Airfield in Blenheim, has a tradition of attracting tens of thousands of people from throughout the country and around the world to see what is increasingly described as a world-class air show.

Red Bull Air Race World Series -, CA
In close partnership with the city, the San Diego International Sports Council and the Port of San Diego, the Red Bull Air Race World Series will make its second stop of the 2009 season and will race right downtown on the Big Bay against the beautiful ...

New Video Of Sergey Rakhmanin’s MXS-R In Action from Smoke-On by Tom
Before packing up his MXS-R for the Season Opener in Abu Dhabi, Sergey Rakhmanin video taped some footage while training in North Carolina. View It On Sergeys Site--------------

Rocket Racing League update from RLV and Space Transport News
John Carmack said in his
presentation at the SA'09 meeting that the suborbital spaceflight project sponsored by the Rocket Racing League and announced at the Lunar Lander Challenge event last October had not come "to fruition". John didn't say anything further about the status of the RRL and the rocket racer vehicles. Alan Boyle has subsequently managed to get some information about the RRL: Rocket racers take it slower - Cosmic Log/ - Apr.8.09. (Alan did not attend SA'09 this time but did come to Phoenix for the Origins conference at ASU and dropped by one evening to have supper with some of us.)

Rocket racers take it slower -
The economic downturn has forced the Rocket Racing League and other ventures to scale back their suborbital ambitions - but the league's leader says his plans for a "NASCAR with rockets" are still moving ahead, more than three years after they were ...

Flying high above Bundaberg - Bundaberg NewsMail, Australia
THE countdown is on; in 84 days the Wide Bay Australia International Airshow will take off at Bundaberg's airfields, signalling an aerobatic display that promises more flash and bang than ever before. Speaking to CEO Richard King-Siem, it is impossible ...

On the Fly ... from AVwebFlash Current Issue
You can place your order now online for the FAA Oshkosh Notam...The Lindbergh Foundation is auctioning off rides in EAA's Spirit of St. Louis replica...FAA is checking into questions raised by an ABC report about the Red Bull Albatross.

British Airways' Last Concorde May Become Dubai Novelty [Airplanes] from Gizmodo by Wilson Rothman
It's like those sci-fi rich guys who collect everything including somebody's frozen head, only it's real: Dubai collectors—possibly the same ones turning the QE2 ocean liner into a hotel—are trying to buy BA's last Concorde. The plane, dubbed
Alpha Bravo, was slated to be shown off at Heathrow but now, according to British papers, it may be "cut into pieces" and sent to Dubai. Six of the planes are already in museums, and this puppy isn't fit for flight anyway, as it wasn't given the safety upgrade that the others got after that 2000 Paris crash. Still, some people are sad to think of the last of the skinny-but-mighty supersonic passenger jets sitting on top of a cruiseliner with its wings literally clipped. [Telegraph UK]

Historic WWII bomber on display in Camarillo - Agoura Hills Acorn, CA
The B-17 bomber was the world's first allmetal, fourengine monoplane. The planes were produced from 1935 through 1945. With a crew of eight to 12 men, .50-caliber machine guns, and a typical bomb load of 5000 pounds, the B-17 was the most heavily armed ...

TLP 2009/02 Florennes AB from Defence Talk Forum by r.e.hendriks
Hi all, Here some shots I took during last TLP at Florennes. The weather was perfect and even more improtant, they flew, at last!! More shots can be found at my new website, which I'm really proud to present:

“Reichdreams Dossiers” from The Unwanted Blog by admin
I’ve been working with Justo Miranda to make his Dossiers available online as downloadable PDF files. Things are ready to go… nine of his dossiers are available for purchase right now, with the rest to come along soon (it takes a while to scan & prepare these publications, since I’m shooting for high quality). They are available for purchase via PayPal, and are currently *half* the price of the original paper editions. Soon the whole publication catalog will be available for purchase via Paypal, downloadable directly to your computer.

Lightning Strikes Don't Really Hurt Airplanes, Right? from All Things Aviation by JetAviator7
A friend of mine from my college days works in the aviation business, and he buys and sells airline parts. We both did a lot flying together at Michigan State University (sob - we lost to UNC) at the Winged Spartans flying club. Our careers took different paths as I went into the aviation insurance business after a stint as a chief pilot, and he went into the airline parts business after a stint selling Cessna Citation trade-ins…

The big small aircraft show - Engineering Capacity
This famous Air Show in miniature attracts in excess of 10000 visitors and this year over 150 scale models of various iconic aircraft will take to the skies during the two-day event.

Cub Waits in Barn for 59 Years from Another Time by Dan Linn
Read this story in the
Texas Antique Airplane Assoc. newsletter and had to post it! What a cool story and amazing find. Enjoy! Thanks Jared for letting me post it. - Cub Waits in Barn for 59 YearsBy Jared Calvert - When I first step in the barn I realize building a clip-wing Cub will have to wait. I stood by myself, in awe at the sight. I was only told the plane, built in Lock Haven in 1946, had been sitting for “a while”. I figured a high time, beat-up Cub would be a good base for a clip-wing and make a nice hangar mate for my Pitts. But seeing the short lightning bolt, “Cub” inscribed tires and cotton fabric, I knew this Cub had been in this barn for a very long time. It would have to be restored to original…

1940 Air Terminal Museum from Pilots of America Message Board by flyingcheesehead
I was recently in Houston, and amid the craziness surrounding my sister's wedding, I was able to hook up with PJ for dinner one night. After devouring some delectable smoked dead animals at Pappa's BBQ, PJ invited me to check out the 1940 Air Terminal Museum where he is a volunteer.

Indy Airport Brings New Web Site Online - Inside INdiana Business, INThe Indianapolis Airport Authority has launched a new Web site. The authority says it is designed to provide more reliable flight information for air travelers in the state's largest city. It also contains information dating back to 2001 about the new ...

United States - Florida - Gulf Coast Salute 2009 - Tyndall AFB, Panama City - 03/28/09 from FenceCheck Forums

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