Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flight Line Radio, Returning to Sun ‘n Fun 2009

Flight Line Radio returns to Sun N Fun, and brings more value and more channels.

Flight Line Radio is a service that allows visitors at Sun ‘n Fun to listen to the air show announcers anywhere on the grounds, including the campground or the museum. Through an exclusive arrangement between Flight Line Radio and Sun ‘n Fun, the Gifts of Flight retail stores will have Flight Line Radio receivers available for purchase at all locations. The radio receivers are $15.00 each. Guests will be able to listen to the air show from virtually anywhere that they can see the show. Quantities are limited, so be sure to pick yours up early.

Guests will be able to listen to aircraft comms, the air show announcers and Sun ‘n Fun Radio from anywhere on the show grounds. Also this year, Flight Line Internet Radio will be available on a third channel. Guests can move freely around the grounds shopping, visiting displays of sitting in their favorite shady spot and still hear all of the action.

Flight Line Radio is a personnel credit card sized radio receiver that allows the event patron to “listen in” on the event happenings from virtually anywhere at the show. Guests can dine, shop or relax almost anywhere and still stay connected to the action. The units are reusable at any Flight Line Radio event.

The Flight Line Radio receivers can be purchased for $15.00 and will be available at the Gifts of Flight stores as well as the museum gift shop. For more information visit sun-n-fun.org or flightlineradio.com

Website: http://www.flightlineradio.com

Contact Info:

Don Costanza
1 Flight Line Radio Dr.
Ft. Wayne,IN 46845
Phone: 260-748-8156
Website: http://www.flightlineradio.com

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