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For Julie Clark, 'Nothing Stood in Her Way' from news LL
All aerobatic pilot Julie Clark ever wanted to do was fly. Now 60, she endured years of raised eyebrows and obstacles in pursuing her dream, including a tragedy that killed her pilot father.

Bethpage Federal Credit Union 2009 Air Show At Jones Beach To Star ... PRLog.Org (press release), TXCivilian demonstrators include Sean Tucker and Team Oracle, named a “Living Legend of Flight” in 2003 by the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum; Pilot Bill Reesman and the Red Bull MiG-17F; Aerobatic Pilot Matt Chapman; and the Red Bull Helicopter ...

Patty Wagstaff Gets 'Enhanced Vision' - Aero-News Network, FL
Patrick Farrell, CEO/President of Forward Vision and aerobatic ace Patty Wagstaff have clued ANN in on a cooperative effort to promote the enhanced safety benefits of the Forward Vision EVS-100 powered by Max-Viz. For three time US National Aerobatic ...

Pilot Harrison Ford Helps Promote General Aviation from All Things Aviation by JetAviator7
The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) has launched a new program to inform the public about the role of general aviation and the American economy. The new program, called "General Aviation Serves America" will promote general aviation on television, radio, print and electronic media sources…

WhiteKnightTwo scrapes tail from RLV and Space Transport News
The WK2 suffered some minor damage during its fourth flight when the tail struck the ground during a touch-and-go maneuver:/--
PICTURES: Virgin Galactic's mothership suffers tail strike - Flight International/-- SpaceShipTwo Mother Ship Slightly Dinged in Test Flight -

35th annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In kicks off! - ABC Action News, FL
LAKELAND, FL -- Sun 'n Fun kicked off its 35th annual Fly-In and convention Tuesday! The fun-filled aviation event hosted by the City of Lakeland and Lakeland Linder Regional Airport runs from Tuesday, April 21 to Sunday, April 26. ...

Americans struggling to catch Red Bull leaders from Smoke-On by Tom
American pilots place seventh, ninth, and fourteenth in the first round of this year’s Red Bull Air Race series that started with a race April 18 in Abu Dhabi….Read Full Article----

UNLIMITED Racer Project For Sale - Aviation Airshow Air Race Photography Discussion from
History of an old racer on this thread. An interesting read for those who are not "versed" in Reno Air Racing.

Programme Announcement - P40's - Voxy, New Zealand
At next year's Warbirds Over Wanaka a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk will be firing all six machine guns in an historic re-enactment of attacks on shipping and airfields in the Solomon Islands. The Auckland based P-40 will fire its 0.50 calibre guns as it ...

OSH Tower Falls With Aviation’s Change from Jetwhine by Scott Spangler
Across the aviation arc on the Internet many have bemoaned the April 9 passing of the old control tower at the
Wittman Regional Airport, better known to the world by its location–Oshkosh. Photographers from the organization that calls OSH home–and made it famous worldwide with its annual summer fly-in convention, AirVenture–the Experimental Aircraft Association recorded the event in a photo gallery and video

Hobbyist Building World's Fastest Car Out of a Fighter Jet [Heroes] from Gizmodo by Adam Frucci
Your hobby sucks compared to Ed Shadle's; in his free time, he's converting an old fighter jet into a land vehicle capable of going 800MPH. Yep, 10 years ago he managed to buy a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter for $25,000, and he and his buddies have spent the years since turning it into the world's fastest hot rod. The goal is to break the land speed record last year, shooing for 800MPH. He's got competition from more professional and better-funded groups, but come on. We've got to pull for the most extreme garage tinkerer in the country. Kick some ass, Ed! [NY Times

Evergreen air museum plans lodge, water park - The Oregonian -, OR
by Kate Rowland, special to The Oregonian Doug Beghtel/The OregonianThe Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum needs a zoning change for this farmland immediately west of its campus before it can expand with a new destination resort lodge and water park. ...

National Aviation Heritage Invitational Web Site from
2009 National AviationHeritage Invitational Reno Air Races September 16th - 20th, 2009We are now accepting applications for the2009 Heritage Invitational!

BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation - Home from
The BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to Education, Aviation History and Preservation of Historic Aircraft. Our main objective is to offer unique educational opportunities for students, teachers and the general public to actively participate in a series of interactive flights and educational aviation projects.

Notable Activity :: RE: B-17 Flying Fortress from FlightAware > Discussions azav8r wrote: I took a flight in "Nine O Nine" a while back. It was worth every penny of the contribution. For the love of aviation, and history, it's just something that ya gotta do....
Notable Activity :: RE: B-17 Flying Fortress from FlightAware > Discussions azav8r wrote: I'll try to get some of my pics uploaded to Photobucket later and post a few. Looking forward to that Mark, in the interim...
Notable Activity :: RE: B-17 Flying Fortress from FlightAware > Discussions
A few from my day with "Nine O Nine"

This I Believe from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
I’m trying to put things to bed at work so I can get down to Lakeland and Sun ‘N Fun. But, being that I’m going to be recording a show live on the air for the first time (at the Sun ‘N Fun Radio patio on Saturday 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. ET), I’ve also been working up a couple of things to use for that show…

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