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Flying by the seats of our pants - Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL
This weekend's visit by the Navy's Blue Angels, the Army's Golden Knights and a variety of other performances and displays at the Tuscaloosa Municipal Airport is a first for this area. We have some experience covering big events, but most of those are ...

Golden Knights parachute team adds thrill to air show - WLOX
The airplane shot 12000 feet in the air before the big jump. The team members say everytime they step off the plane they get a rush.

Air Show fun for all - WLOX
There were even some former Thunderbirds at Saturday's air show. When asked how do you compare what you guys did to what they do now.

Tyndall AFB 2009 Airshow Report from Technorati
Mr. Anonymous has sent along a report from the Tyndall Airshow last weekend. Thanks a million for passing it along. "The air show at Tyndall was rained out for the most part on Saturday,but here are the few frequencies monitored from my location around 25 miles from the airbase for Sunday March 29, 2009. 119.350- Usually used as the airboss frequency the usage this year was air to air during the scheduled time for the P-51/F15 flight. The Heritage flight was suppose to be up around the same ti...

Yuri's Night Joins Mojave's Plane Crazy Saturday on April 18th from Mojave Skies by Alan Radecki
For the April edition of the monthly Plane Crazy Saturday open-house and fly-in, the Mojave community decided to delay the celebration of Yuri's Night and combine it with the fly-in. This combined fly-in and space-in will take place on Saturday, April 18th from 10am to 2pm on the flightline outside of the Voyager Restaurant, and is open and free to the public. For the non-space crowd, Yuri's Night is a celebration of space achievement, typically held on April 12th, the day of Yuri Gagarin's launch as the first man into space, and also the date of the first Space Shuttle launch (for more info, visit Because this year the 12th is also Easter, it worked out great for the Mojave crowd to delay the event a week, to the 18th.
All Mojave-based space development companies have been invited to display their rocketry hardware, and several have already committed to doing so. This is in addition to the usual display of not-so-usual aircraft which Mojave has come to be known for. Be sure to join us for an opportunity to see some of the hardware that's been lurking behind a number of Mojave's closed hangar doors!

Team Bonhomme Blog Update: Race Ready! from Smoke-On by Tom
The fun is about to start! We assemble the aeroplane in Abu Dhabi next week (8th April) and then have a couple of days of test flying before two days of training…. Read More-------

Every flight is a - MyFox Tampa Bay, FL
TAMPA - As part of AirFest weekend, the B-25 'Panchito' graced the skies over Tampa Bay. This World War II-era B-25 bomber is one of only a handful still flying, and every flight it makes is a tribute to the veterans who sacrificed so much through the ...

Planes offer important history lessons - Victoria Advocate, TX
Somehow, I missed the arrival of the big B-17 bomber, another heroic aircraft of that war. In fact, with the books and movie about the "Memphis Belle," a B-17 that completed 25 missions over Germany, the B-17 attained legendary status. ...

Tory attacks air show action plan - Eastbourne Today, UK
The panel was formed following the decision to charge visitors to the formerly free air show last summer, which backfired when people stayed away, leaving a £380000 shortfall in the council's budget. The leading Liberal Democrats have responded to each ...

"White Lightning" SAFE at Its' New Home from
The Red Pull P-38 (aka: "White Lightning") has arrived safely at its' new home.

Legend's local reach - Press-Enterprise, CA
A year and a half later, Miles, a former cowboy and lumberjack, would achieve fame by setting a world record in the 3-kilometer speed dash at a Los Angeles air race. He had been running a flying school in San Bernardino out of an airport at Highland ...

Props for Lancaster donors (Hamilton Spectator) from Aviation & Aerospace News
(Apr 4, 2009) - Hamilton's famed Lancaster will fly again soon thanks to the outpouring of donations to help repair it.

When Speed Was Everything from Ares by Bill Sweetman
... It's the Macchi-Castoldi MC.72, the last, fastest and utterly baddest of the extraordinary seaplanes which, in the 1920s and early 1930s, raced for the Schneider Trophy, a large and fugly piece of metal which Jacques Schneider, a French armaments manufacturer, had donated as the prize in a series of seaplane races. To add a twist to the contest, Schneider had decreed that any nation winning three successive races would win the prize outright. ...

Video: MiG-25 Cockpit View From 65000 Feet from A Welsh View by Robert Gale
Gorgeous views from a MiG-25 flying at 65,000ft.

Young aviator Jamail Larkins tells Morristown High School students ... -, NJ
At age 12, ventured into the sky with the Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles Program, which allows students ages 8-17 to experience a free voyage with a professional pilot. By age 13, Larkins was a professional pilot. ...

97-year-old becomes Britain's oldest parachutist - Monsters and
The native of Dorset, on England's south coast, jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane some 3000 metres into the wide blue yonder. Moyse, who was strapped to his instructor in the tandem jump, was in a free fall for the first 1500 metres, ...
Man, 97, completes 120mph skydive BBC News

Space station changes command (UPI) from Aviation & Aerospace News
MOSCOW, April 4 (UPI) -- Russian authorities Saturday said cosmonaut Gennady Padalka was to take control of the International Space Station from NASA astronaut Michael Fincke.

XCOR and other Space Access highlights from Personal Spaceflight by Jeff Foust
The high point, arguably, Friday at Space Access '09 was a presentation by Jeff Greason, president of XCOR Aerospace. There were no major announcements in his talk (a contrast to last year, when XCOR spoke at Space Access immediately after announcing their Lynx suborbital vehicle) but there were some items of note: ...

Langley AFB-VA, KLFI from FenceCheck Forums
NAS Oceana from FenceCheck Forums
Video: U.S. Navy retires last Huey from Alert 5 - Military Aviation News

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