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Indy Transponder 10-APR-09 2115z

Airshow must go on -, New Zealand
The official start of the evening show was delayed as two late arriving light aircraft forced the Royal New Zealand Air Force's Kiwi Blue parachuting team to wait several minutes, but the airforce's aerobatic flying team the Red Checkers stepped up to ...

Red Bull Air Racing News:

Nigel Lamb is Worried - Twitter/Nigellamb

First News From AUH- TeamBonhomme
I know I'm in Abu Dhabi because it's lovely and warm. 35 degrees C to be precise… which is fine when you're on the beach but a trifle warm when you're in a Nomex flying suit, flying under the sun, pulling 10 g to see how your post winter G tolerance is going. The good news for fans of Team Bonhomme is that everything is going just fine. We were concerned about temperature but the aeroplane is behaving beautifully despite the heat. We have a few minor tweaks to make and should be ready for the training camp on Sunday. ...

First Look from Abu Dhabi RBAR - Mike Goulian
The planes are almost together and some have already started "test flights". There have been a lot of modifications done by the teams over the winter. Some are obvious and some are not.
It looks like the MXS-R series of planes being flown by Nigel, Alex, Peter, Matt Hall, and Sergei are looking quite nice with a new canopy and lighter weight. They could be hard to beat in 2009.

Awesome Video Brings You A Little Closer To Hannes Arch from Smoke-On by Tom

Spotters - Smoke On
While we would love to attend every race this season, we just can't! That's where we need your help! We want to constantly feed Red Bull Air Race fans with the best and latest information possible and while the internet is great, nothing can beat on-hand real time updates. ...

Lots to Follow on the Redbull Air Race Twitter Page

Info on Upcoming Shows:
Under A Month Away - Discover Moose Jaw, Canada
Armed Forces Day is just four weeks away and the list of aircrafts that will be on display was released Thursday. During a media conference at 15 Wing, Chairman of the Organizing Committee Major Chris Van Vliet detailed what will surely be some of the highlights of the upcoming event. ...
... Major Van Vliet talked to us about that special F-86 Sabre, "The unique appearance of the F-86 Sabre Hawk One that will be in someway tied to the Snowbirds show, and will actually be flying some photo pass with the Snowbirds will be a very exciting sight, and one that will be unique to this year and this year only." ...

Red arrows to fly past family fun day - Northampton Chronicle & Echo, UK
Organisers of a community fun day have landed a coup ... by securing a flypast from the Red Arrows aerobatic display team. The team will be the star attraction at A Day In The Park, the Duston show which takes place in June. The community event will ...
[photo by PhoenixFlyer2008]

Demolition Of An Aviation Landmark by Geico266
This is a sad day for those of you who have ever walked near, landed under the control of, or maybe even visited the OSH "Old Control Tower". Today, it is dust.
Anyone have any cool stories to tell about the tower? If only that tower could have written a book before it was taken down.
I want a brick from the old tower!

Famed aerobatic pilot to sign autographs at airport - AZ, AZ
Julie Clark is scheduled to stop between 2 and 3 pm at Atlantic Aviation on her way to the Cecil Field Airshow in Jacksonville, Fla. Clark, a pilot for nearly 40 years and a retired Northwest Airlines captain, is traveling from Twentynine Palms, Calif. ...

B-17 missions are topic for meeting - Post-Bulletin, MN
Missions flown in B-17 bombers will be discussed Monday at the Scott Hosier World War II Roundtable. Members of the panel are: •Clarence O'Neil of Rochester, who was a waist gunner on missions over Germany and Norway. •Al Anderegg of Minnetonka, Minn., ...

General Aviation Heroes Part V – Readers' Top 16 Choices from Max Trescott on General Aviation
Wrightbros Thanks to everyone who sent a suggestion via email, Twitter, Facebook or added a comment to the blog. Here are your General Aviation Hero choices, presented in no particular order. ...

Aviation Training Center flying high - Boston Herald, United States
The grand opening included a ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as an open house, featuring organizations from the flying industry, from Cape Air to Women in Aviation, reports today's Standard-Times. The center officially opened on Jan. ...

Calling All Marine F4U Drivers from Tailhook Daily Briefing
Looking for anyone who was part of VMF-215 from 1943-45, aviator, ground-pounder or those who may have flown with VMF-215 in combined/associated operations during that period. ...

WWII vets remain close 65 years later - Aiken Standard, SC
But their memories remain as sharp as tacks, and it doesn't take much prodding to get them to step back in time and talk about the days they flew together in Mitchell B-25 bombers. "I owe my life to him," Dick said reverently earlier this week as the ...

Amelia Earhart exhibit lands at International Women's Air and ... - The Plain Dealer -
Last month, the little museum at Burke Lakefront Airport kicked off a big exhibit on Amelia Earhart, one of aviation's greatest pioneers.

Chance meeting T.J. Everton - Stick and Rudder by Gary Watson
Whilst taking my wifes dog a walk, I often come across a lady with a small Yorkshire terrier whilst out with the dog. The nice lady often used to ask me if I was getting up to anything good at the weekend ?. I told her that I would be going to an airshow with warbirds in it, and at that stage she would inform me of her father and his service in the RAF during the war. She told me that she had some old 'snaps' of him and some pictures of aeroplanes which he was connected with. She asked, would I like to see them ? to which I replied, oh yes please. The photos show his service life and some original pictures which she is happy for me to show you of his service life in the RAF. Thank you T.J Everton for all you time and efforts during your service life with the RAF ... [photos]

Cervia 08.04.09 - the last days of activity with the F-16 for the 23° Gruppo by David Cenciotti
With the imminent end of the Peace Caesar programme, scheduled for 2010, the 23° Gruppo of the 5° Stormo of Cervia has been flying its last sorties with the F-16 ADF as part of its pilots and aircraft should move to Trapani, to keep flying the "Viper" with the 37° Stormo. ...

Big Bear pilots fly wounded warriors - Big Bear Valley News, CA
Big Bear Lake resident Roger Schmidt joined three other pilots to fly eight young marines from Montgomery Field up to Big Bear Airport's Barnstorm Restaurant for lunch. The Big Bear Marine Corp league and many locals welcomed the marines on their ...

Sexiest airplanes of all time... from FlightAware
Super Mirage F1 from Military Photos by Rudolph
AirFest Wows Thousands At MacDill - Tampa Tribune, FL
A-10 Thunderbolt II / Warthog from FenceCheck Forums
Your Best Vapor Shot! from FenceCheck Forums
close ups from FenceCheck Forums
Florida - Gulf Coast Salute 2009 - Tyndall AFB, Panama City - 03/28/09 from FenceCheck Forums

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