Friday, April 3, 2009

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Blue Angels, Golden Knights arrive in Tuscaloosa - WTVM, GA
(AP) - Tuscaloosa is getting ready for the Blue Angels and the Golden Knights parachute team. The US Navy's 6-member elite aerial-demonstration team will perform their trademark high-speed maneuvers at the Tuscaloosa Air Show on Saturday. ...

Tuscaloosa to get Air Show this weekend - The University of Alabama Crimson White, AL
The Blue Angels doing a fly-by over the university during their rehearsal. /CW Babatunde Ajilore Thundering jet engines roared across the grey, overcast skies of Tuscaloosa Thursday as planes of a myriad colors, shapes and models began practicing for ...

Pilots arrive in Tuscaloosa - Tuscaloosa News , AL
The Blue Angels performed their first flight demonstration in 1946. They act as recruiters for the US Navy and are the public face of Navy and US Marine Corps aviation. Cities like Tuscaloosa are always welcoming and hospitable to the pilots and the ...

Thunderbirds touch down -, USA
Four diamond planes will fly precision maneuvers and two solos will roar past the crowd at this weekend’s air show at 500 mph. Biloxi firefighter Robert Goldsmith had finished his third briefing of the day, getting his gear and his courage together for ...

Snowbirds begin spring training from News
Spring training begins for The Canadian Forces Snowbird team on Monday afternoon at 19 Wing Comox. The location is chosen because it provides an opportunity to practice over mountains and water. Marking 100 years of flight in Canada,...

Canadian Aviation Expo to make Hamilton International its home from News
The Canadian Aviation Expo is partnering with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and making its home at Hamilton International Airport in Ontario. The expo, Canada's largest trade and consumer aviation show, takes place in the first week of May and...

Want to fly like they do at AirFest? Here's how -, FL
By Susan Thurston, Times Staff Writer Fans of military planes, parachute jumping and scary-looking air stunts come together this weekend for the annual MacDill AirFest. Expect huge traffic jams along Dale Mabry Highway and MacDill Avenue as hundreds of ...

B-17 bomber from World War II flies over Chino skies - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, CA
Enrico Bottieri, 83, of Fountain Valley sits in the bombardier seat of a B-17 bomber during a flight over the Chino Valley. The plane was known as the Flying Fortress. Bottieri flew a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter in World War II. (Thomas R. Cordova / Staff ...

Pete McLeod Interview Toro Magazine Dec. 08 from Smoke-On by Tom
For those fans of Canadian Pete McLeod, here is an interview he did in December of 2008 for the web site Toro Magazine. READ ARTICLE Photo By Markus Kucera

Addison Texas Spartan from Another Time by Dan Linn
I made a visit to Addison airport, North of Dallas, last week to attend the FLYING magazine Parade of Planes. While I was there I was able to arrange a visit to see Spartan Executive s/n 26. Very clean, very nice. The metal is nice and straight... not a dent or a ding in the clean light gray and blue paint scheme. In talking with the owner, Bobby Lett, he suspected that since this ship flew with the military it has been wearing full paint since it left the service. S/N 26 was in the service from 1943-1945. It flew in the USAAC as 42-38266 . The Des Moines Register newspaper was its first owner and it was fully polished when it left Spartan…

Space Adventures: Potential for September ‘09 seat from Personal Spaceflight by Jeff Foust
Eric Anderson of Space Adventures held a short teleconference Friday afternoon (Friday morning here in Arizona) to discuss a new development in his company’s efforts to fly paying customers to the ISS. Highlights:..

Indianapolis Air Show and Indy Transponder with Roger Bishop from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
Subscribe to Airspeed through iTunes or your favorite other podcatcher. It's all free! These are the show notes to an audio episode. You can listen online right here by clicking: It’s time for the annual Airspeed prelude to the airshow season! This year, we talk to Roger Bishop, the chairman of the Indianapolis Airshow. Many of us go to airshows, but too few of us appreciate what goes on months and even years before show day to bring you the experience. We got the inside story from Roger about what it’s like to schedule acts, attend the ICAS meeting, coordinate volunteers, plan for general aviation arrivals and departures, and make the whole thing come together seamlessly on the show days. Roger is also heavily involved with the Indy Transponder, a premier aerotainment news and information site and we talk about what goes into maintaining and growing that resource.

Pilot escapes as Spanish F/A-18 crahes from Military Photos by Herman the German
The pilot of a Spanish air force Boeing F/A-18 escaped with minor injuries when he was forced to eject from his single-seat fighter during a night-time exercise on 2 April. Spain's defence ministry confirms that the aircraft crashed on part of the Bardenas Reales weapons range near Caparroso at around 22:30 local time.

Barrow air show man owes his ex-staff £13k in wages - NW Evening Mail, UK
Mr Rose, who is head of the local air cadets and owns his own glider, is also the organiser of the highly successful annual Wings Over Walney Air Show. The former BAE Systems security chief was awarded an MBE in 2002 for services to the defence ...

Amateur rocket rules - easier on most, harder on some from RLV and Space Transport News
The new FAA rules governing amateur rockets were mentioned several times at the conference today. As noted before, a rocket is determined to be "amateur" by its performance, not by who is launching it. So a company can launch a rocket under the amateur rules just as a weekend rocketeers can if the performance parameters of their rockets put them within the amateur category…

Amateur rocketry at Space Access '09 from Dick's Rocket Dungeon by Dick
No new info provided, but
Clark Lindsey notes that the FAA/AST presented their new amateur rocketry rules at Space Access '09. Clark has been providing a brief summary of each session.

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