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Canadian CF-18 Will Join US Military Planes At Inaugural Branson ... -
BRANSON, MO -- Branson Airport officials announced Monday an addition to the lineup scheduled to perform at the first ever Branson Air Show, May 9 & 10, 2009. The Canadian Air Force will bring a CF-18 Hornet fighter to the event, in celebration of ...

Signs Of Spring -- New Deals, New Products - AVweb, CT
... which followed patterns witnessed during earlier recessions. Spring shows in Florida so far have reported robust crowds, and more than 10 million spectators are expected at about 400 shows in the US and Canada this year, according to the ICAS.

Red Arrows to fly at 2009 air show - Norwich Evening News
The world-famous Red Arrows aerobatic team will be coming to this year's Lowestoft Air Show. Organisers of the 13th Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival have just received the long-awaited and exciting news that the Royal Air Force will be turning out in ...

Red Arrows set to fly over Mildenhall - Newmarket Journal, UK
The Red Arrows will take to the skies on Saturday, August 15, as part of a series of events to mark the 75th anniversary of the Mildenhall to Melbourne air race on October 20. The 1934 event, sponsored by Sir MacPherson Robertson, ...

Red Star vs. The Dragon Air Show Act from Aviation Entertainment by Roger Dodger by Matt Thomas CFII, Roger Dodger Aviation -
The summer air show season is fast approaching.
Red Star vs. the Dragon is an entertaining air show act that adds a bit of melodrama and character to the summer skies. The show consists of the boldly painted L-29 Red Star and a BAC 167 Strikemaster painted up like a really pissed-off dragon. The best part is that one of the pilots plays up his part as a former-communist-block character…

WhiteKnightTwo Expands Flight Envelope in Third Test Hop - Flying Magazine
The more official name is WhiteKnightTwo (aka WK2) and the Burt Rutan-designed quadjet is designed as the launch vehicle for Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo (aka SS2—no Branson-ized nickname announced, so far). EVE is powered by four Pratt & Whitney ...

Airshow ambassadors take off - Bundaberg NewsMail, Australia
THE competition is set to take off with the Wide Bay Australia International Airshow Ambassadors being announced at the Airshow Challenge launch tonight. This year the challenge has seven ambassadors - six in the junior section and one in the open ...

Airshow at Plovdiv Airport -, Bulgaria
Plovdiv Airport Ltd., in association with “Mlad Orel” (Young Eagle) Club organizes aviation festival for the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics – April, 12. The event is supported by the Minister of Transport – Petar Mutafchiev, Nikolai Tsonev – Minister ...

Airfest Air Show from Mac Dill Air Force Base [in pictures] - Creative Loafing Tampa, FL
I could probably sum up my entire day at the AirFest air show at Mac Dill Air Force Base in just three words: “America, Fuck Yeah.” Never have I seen such blatant nationalism, mixing the chauvinistic strut and machismo of the modern military industrial ...

Yankee Museum To Hold Polishing Party Saturday - WHMI, MI
The Yankee Air Museum is hosting their 14th annual Polishing Party and Bomber Buffing event in which the general public is invited to help become a crew member for a few hours to a B-17, B-25 or C-47 aircraft. Bruce Stoddart of Pinckney is a crew ...

Vintage aircraft takes World War II vet across North Texas, back ... - Dallas Morning News, TXSonny Kemble had no trouble remembering the last time he flew in a B-17. That was D-Day, June 6, 1944. Sonny Kemble's trip from Denton to Arlington on a B-17 was full of aerial views - and memories. Kemble last flew in the World War II aircraft as a ...

Ode to the DC-3 - Santa Monica Mirror, CA
An early model Eastern Airlines DC-3 is the centerpiece at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum's commercial aviation exhibit on the Washington Mall. To this day, Douglas Aircraft fingerprints can be found all around Santa Monica. ...

Jim Lovell From Apollo 13 at Patuxent Air Museum April 3 - Bay Net
one of the astronauts on Apollo 13 (played by Tom Hanks in the movie of the same name) will be at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum at 4 pm, on Friday, April 3. The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum present exhibits that provide details of Naval ...

Waco-area experiment aircraft group marking 50 years - Waco Tribune Herald, TX
The celebration continues with a Young Eagles event on the 18th, an event to provide first flights to kids 8-17, and a music and dinner event on the 25th. Chapter 59 was formed in 1959 as a local division of the national Experimental Aircraft ...

NASA hopes young people will reach for the stars at Yuri's Night ... - Daily Press, VA
That won't stop Yuri's Night World Space Party from making a big noise on Saturday when the Virginia Air & Space Center hosts the area's first such intergalactic bash. Yuri's Night is a hometown version of a global celebration. On April 12, 1961, ...

Area 51 Story in Los Angeles Times Magazine from The Aviation Nation by Annie Jacobsen
I will be on vacation with my boys until April 11th. On Sunday, April 5th, please don't miss my article in the Los Angeles Times Magazine entitled "The Road to Area 51." This story was a year in the making, the first part of which appeared in last month's issue of the magazine. To reveal the military's storied secret test facility located in the Nevada desert, I conducted the first ever interviews with six of the men who worked there during the Cold War — including a CIA pilot, a physicist, an electronic counter countermeasure expert, a fuels expert and the base commander…

Cuba - museo del aire from Military Photos by Miguel Machado
Pictures and text (in portuguese) on the "Museu del Aire" of Cuba and the story of the cuban air force, by António Sucena do Carmo in

THE RULES from Red Bull Air Race Video Podcast
THE ROOKIES from Red Bull Air Race Video Podcast

What WW II plane would I have wanted to fly? from Land and Hold Short by david
Yesterday, I asked
what WWII plane you would have chosen to fly. I thought my answer was not so obvious — I expected to see a lot of Spitfires, Mustangs, ME-109s, Zeros, B-29s, etc. — but two other people have already mentioned it in the comments to that posting. Oh, well…

Hello Plane Folks, This week I bring you an essay that is like a warm Summer breeze, something we folks in the Upper Midwest could use about now. This is a tribute tothe wonderful Piper Cub, written by Sam Graves. Enjoy! Max P.S. I'm stepping up the frequency of the essays, I have a backlog of stories to share and we are coming into the flying season. Hopefully the extra emails will be well received, or ignored if necessary.

“Taste of Cincinnati was the first and last place Katie played with her band,” said Karen Reider, Katie’s partner. “Taste had a special place in her heart, so it is quite fitting that this tribute takes place at Taste and on her birthday.” Katie Reider to be Honored at 2009 Taste of Cincinnati USA on May 23, 2009. With 8 weeks left leading up to the 2009 Taste of Cincinnati we're so happy to announce that the Folk/Rock stage will be named "The Katie Reider Stage" Presented by Cincinnati. Performers to be announced. Read More here...

Have You Heard The Buzz - Caption Contest #13 Has A Winner! from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper

Amazing Website from Fighter Pilot University
This an almost unbelievable source site that deals with just about every imaginable issue concerning the Vietnam war. Of course, here at Fighter Pilot University, our main interest is in the fighter and attack aspects of that war and
Vietnam War Resources has plenty of information on that. The site is a gigantic list of links that will take you to locations on the Internet that pertain to the subject that you click on. A few of the links no longer work but with something this large that is certainly understandable. However, you could easily spend days on this site.Take a look.

astronaut awards St. Andrew's Rocket Team - Park Ridge Herald Advocate, IL
By JENNIFER JOHNSON From participating in national rocketry competitions to working directly with NASA personnel, members of the Park Ridge-based St. Andrew's Rocket Team have seen their share of unique achievements over the ...

Japan - JASDF Nyutabaru AB Open House 2008 - Nyutabaru, Kyushu - 12/07/08 from FenceCheck Forums - The "Blue Impuls"! - The Photos were taken at saturday from the outside and on sunday on base.
Japan - JASDF Nyutabaru AB Open House 2008 - Nyutabaru, Kyushu - 12/07/08 from FenceCheck Forums - Here are some Pictures from the Airshow at the Nyutabaru AFB. The Nyutabaru AFB is in the north of the city Miyazaki, on the south Island of Japan.

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