Monday, April 13, 2009

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Bluebonnet Air Show - Community
I attended the Bluebonnet Air Show, today. The show opened at 9:00 and I was there shortly after it opened. The flying started shortly after 12:00 and ended about 4:00.
The weather was a bit of a stinker (but not as bad as Tyndall on Saturday). It spit light rain off and on and there was a pretty good constant wind and was only around 60ish.
There was mostly warbirds flying and two noise makers, which were Randy Ball's Mig 17 (I got to meet him, today, for the first time and he was very pleasant and it was enjoyable listening to a couple stories he shared with me) and the A-10 West Demo Team.

Blue Angels Janesville -, WI
The Navy Blue Angels are again performing at the Southern Wisconsin Airfest this year. In the world of air shows, it doesn't get any bigger than the Blue Angels. Get them to come to your show once and you know you've hit the big time. ...

Bulgaria marks aviation and aeronautics day as well as 30th ... - BNR - Radio Bulgaria
The day of aviation and aeronautics as well as 30 th anniversary of first flight of Bulgarian Georgi Ivanov to space was marked with a demonstration flights with fighter choppers and jets at the airport of Plovdiv - second largest city in Bulgaria.

Iran plans largest air show ever - Jerusalem Post, Israel
By THE MEDIA LINE Iran is planning the largest air show in its history this month as a further demonstration of the Islamic republic's military prowess. The exhibition will take place on April 18, Iran's Army Day, and will include 140 Iranian fighter ...

AVweb Insider Blog: Enola Gay History's Surprises from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Front and center at the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center is the Enola Gay, the legendary B-29 that flew into history in August, 1945. The pilot's seat looks as it did in 1945, except for one important detail. Paul Bertorelli has the story in the latest installment of our AVweb Insider blog.

Three Oxcarts and a Blackbird: More on Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen
More than a week after its initial publication, The Road to Area 51 remains the #1 Most Emailed story at the Los Angeles Times. I'll be on MSNBC tomorrow, Monday, at 4:30 EST/1:30 PST to discuss.
Through the grapevine, word from CIA headquarters is that they are "loving [the] articles."

The Man Who’s Flown Everything from Air & Space Magazine
Robert “Hoot” Gibson’s priorities: (1) Fly. (2) Fly some more.

Bass-Akwards T-6 Loop from
Here's a series of photos I took today from the swivel seat in a T-6, while my dad flew us through a loop. It was a very weird feeling riding backwards through the loop. [photos and video]

Flying the CAP Cessna 182T - Capt Force Transitions to Glass from Airspeed
... But it makes a lot of sense. CAP is a professionally-run organization with big shoes to fill out. We do 90% of all Air Force supervised inland search and rescue in the United States and we need all of the sophisticated tools we can get. This airplane will help a competent pilot get to and from the search area quickly, accurately, and efficiently and it’ll fly the search pattern automatically to ATP standards. Then it’ll get everybody home for crew rest and to prep for the next sortie. If I’m going to be a valuable asset to the squadron, I need to be able to operate this aircraft to its full capabilities and that’s what this training is all about. ...

Pilot survives biplane crash - ABC Regional Online, Australia
The pilot was the only person aboard and was taken by ambulance to hospital with a broken leg and other injuries. The airfield is used by a wide range of vintage warplanes, aerobatic, recreational and home-built planes.

Passenger lands plane at SWFIA with help from tower after pilot dies mid-flight - Naple News
FORT MYERS — It could have ended so differently.
Five people on board a plane that took off from Marco Island Executive Airport Sunday got back on the ground safely after the pilot of their private plane died mid-air.
One passenger assisted by three air traffic controllers and a pilot relaying cockpit instructions from Connecticut worked together to avoid further tragedy. ...

Uncontrolled Airspace #128 "Times of Useful Consciousness" - General Aviation Podcast
The boys get together for a very casual visit in the hangar this week. They talk about hangars they've loved... the edges of the LSA price envelope... some great color pics from WWII... and, of all things, the pros and cons of plowing snowy runways.

Top Teams Set for Final Round of the Team America Rocketry Challenge - Space Ref (press release)
The top 100 student rocketry teams in the country are ready for the final round of competition of the Team America Rocketry Challenge next month after AIA announced the qualifiers for the fly-off on Friday. The seventh annual TARC - the world's largest ...

Video interview with John Carmack from RLV and Space Transport News
At Space Access'09 Jeff Foust talked with John Carmack: Video interview: John Carmack - Personal Spaceflight

USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II - F-86 Sabre Fighter from Military Pictures by Scott
USAF F-86 Sabre Jet Fighter from Military Pictures by Scott
Gulf Coast Salute 2009 from FenceCheck Forums

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