Wednesday, April 8, 2009

After 6 Months Flight Line Internet Radio Turns 200,000

Internet radio makes big impression on the aviation industry as Flight Line Internet Radio surpasses 200,000 and continues to grow.

Flight Line internet Radio (FLiR), launched in October of 2008 is pleased to announce that they have exceeded 200,000 visitors to their website.

Flight Line Internet Radio is a radio station that caters to aviation enthusiasts. FLiR is a 24/7 internet based radio station that has a global reach, with various topical segments that will entertain almost anyone that enjoys flight. The radio station follows a general format of a traditional local radio station, mixing topical segments with music and normal radio commercials. The concept is to attract listeners because of their hobby or passion instead of their geographical location.

Flight Line Radio is a partnership of Jamie Till and Don Costanza. Both Don and Jamie are Fort Wayne Indiana natives with diverse backgrounds and a passion for all things aviation related. They have been providing a unique radio service to venues like AirVenture and Sun ‘N Fun for over 4 years.

“We set out to build something that would compliment our core program as well as be interesting to aviation enthusiasts, something that could be the “background music” in their office, shop, or FBO.” states Jamie Till. The station carries news and commentary from several prominent aviation podcasters, as well as articles from GA News. The Indy Transponder is a daily contributor, providing top of the hour overviews of aviation entertainment news.

FLiR also produces the Warbird Beer Show, from the Warbird Brewery. The Warbird Beer Show is a 1 hour talk show hosted by “Sidney”, a flight surgeon / psychiatrist / brewer / warbird owner, and “Scratch”, a quick witted, cigar smokin’ warbird restoration specialist. The show features topical aviation related news, interviews, and occasionally they talk about beer. The Warbird Beer Show is recorded each Saturday and replayed throughout the week.

“We recently made arrangements with the FAA Production Studio to have them produce segments for us. They will be providing segments on a myriad of topics ranging from safety to regulatory issues.” according to Don Costanza. “We think this will be a strong addition to our programming lineup, and we are looking forward to a long relationship with the FAA Production Studio.” he continued.

“Our organization has been extremely thrilled by the response within the aviation community. We are honored by the support given to us by the listeners and our contributors we knew that this would be popular, but we had no idea that it would grow this big, this fast, we have thousands of listeners from all over the world. It is pretty amazing. What is equally amazing is that it doesn’t show signs of slowing done.” said Don.

Flight Line internet Radio surpassed 100,000 visitors in less than 4 months of operation and 200,000 two months later. “We have reached a point now that we are comfortable with our capabilities and with the interest level from the aviation community. We have attracted an audience that seems to be hungry for our product, and we think that advertisers will recognize the value of our service as well.” states Don.

Don Costanza
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