Friday, April 10, 2009

DreamFlight WACO Glider Update 9-April, 2009

WW II Allied Glider Corps Program – the WACO CG-4A: We will complete the CG-4A and take it to the U.K. / Normandy for a commemorative flight in honor of the Glider Corps men and women. It may not happen as we hoped this year but will for sure by next year. Because of the general financial situation, we have been faced with a slow-down in our efforts. That will change with the assistance of the folks at Learn then Play.

We were honored to have Jack and Audrey Whipple from Salt Lake City come to our Glider Hangar recently to view the progress. Jack is a Glider Pilot who flew combat missions at Normandy, Operation Market-Garden and Varsity. What a thrill to have Jack and Audrey with us for a visit, to hear their stories and to show them the progress that we are making. We will be posting pictures of their visit with us on our web site soon. Jack has recently visited the exact spot where he landed his CG-4A near Ste. Marie Eglise – we hope to be as close to that spot as possible when we ‘re-visit’ his landing there with our beautiful CG-4A.

Jack has recently sent us his personal copy of the Pilot Training Manual for the WACO CG-4A to include in our library of material open for the public to enjoy. Thank you very much, Jack for this valuable contribution.

We are pleased to announce that Martin Magness, a highly qualified welder, is now working on getting the metal parts of the airframe in order, welded and ready. Martin has met with our DAR John Shablow recently and reviewed all of our needs. We will now start seeing significant progress on the tubular airframe part of the glider. Dick Smith continues ahead with his excellent work on the empennage. Dick will send us more pictures of the vertical stabilizer and rudder as he continues his work.

Just so that everyone will know: We will complete and fly the WACO CG-4A. We will take it to the England and fly it from a ‘vintage’ air field to Normandy and land it in an area near Ste. Marie Eglise in our commemorative event.

We believe that the financial support of those who have contributed so far and the support from the Learn then Play program will make all of this possible in a very near term. Please continue to send any contributions that you can AND PLEASE review the Learn then Play system at . Tell your friends about our exciting programs – by working together we will make all of this happen.

DreamFlight’s DC-3 ‘Rose’: well, …. Not ‘really’ DreamFlight’s ‘Rose’ as she now has wonderful new owners in Sao Carlos, Brazil but it is very, very hard for us to ‘let go’. We know that ‘Rose’s new owners are as thrilled with having her as we were during the 10 years that we were fortunate to participate in her ‘life’. We would like to hear from our friends in Brazil with an up-date as to how she is doing, any flying adventures or ??

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