Friday, December 19, 2008

Indy Transponder 19-December 1100z

ICAS Convention Unofficially Launches 2009 Air Show Season from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
ICAS- Although the results won't be apparent for several more weeks, the 2009 North American air show season got off to a spectacularly successful start last week as nearly 1,500 air show professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the annual convention of the International Council of Air Shows…

New Airshows Coming for 2009! - Airshows are a great way to introduce the public to aviation, and just last night while I was having dinner with my lovely wife at Bravo's a diner at an adjacent table saw my Blue Angels sweatshirt. She stopped by and that gave us a chance to discuss aviation with her. She had seen the Blue Angels at Pensacola and was amazed at their performance. This year Colorado Sport Aviation will sponsor an airshow at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport and Branson Airport in Branson, MO will…

Blue Angels swoop in at airport - Sun newspapers, FL
The purpose is for the Angels to make sure the Florida International Airshow board will be prepared to host the ace military aerobatics flight demonstration ...

Blue Angels flight team will return to Charlotte HeraldTribune ...
She proudly described the plane as a Bravo two-seat model capable of traveling 1000 mph, or 1.7 times the speed of sound. Cost: $21 million. The Blue Angels will bring eight of the Hornets for their return appearance at the 29th annual ...

First A-12 Blackbird Test Pilot Makes Return Visit to Birmingham from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
BIRMINGHAM- "There can be only one," the first of the fastest, highest flying pilots ever - Bob Gilliland made a return visit to Birmingham this week. In town to speak at an evening holiday gathering of the Birmingham Aero Club, he has special ties to the city. Displayed in the Southern Museum of Flight's collection is one of the famous Blackbird aircraft he flew…

Tora, tora, tora! - Camarillo Acorn, CA
... during the Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing's commemoration of Pearl Harbor during a special event at the Camarillo Airport on Dec. 6. ...

Chattanooga: Golden Knights prefer no-practice jump - Chattanooga Times Free Press, TN
Low cloud cover Thursday night squashed a practice parachute jump into Finley Stadium for the Golden Knights. But members of the US Army’s parachute team ...

Just Like Old Times: Aero-TV Visits The Lee Bottom Fly-In (Part 2) from Aero-News Network
'The Most Nothing You'll Ever Do' It just maybe the quintessential "Old-Style" Fly-In... a beautiful airstrip, hundreds of planes, no agendas, no schedules... just lots of airplane lovers enjoying the company of airplane loving people and their planes. It may be the closest thing to airplane heaven on this side of eternity... or so we've been told. And now that we've been there... seen the sights, caught the vibe, enjoyed the company and just plain goofed off for the whole annual weekend event, we gotta tell you, we can't argue with that description

Speed & Angels on Hulu!! from Airwarriors by Tex_Hill
Now hear this!!Now hear this!!You can now watch the Speed & Angels documentary for free on Hulu. And in case you were wondering Hulu is perfectly legal & is owned by NBC IIRC. Enjoy!

Cirrus Supports 'Red Tail Project' by Offering Art Prints for Sale - When a vintage P-51C Mustang crashed in May 2004, supporters immediately launched emergency fundraising for the "Red Tail Project" in a max effort dedicated to...

Four Legends of Flight and Apollo Crews to be Honored by NAHF in Dayton from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
Dayton, Ohio - Tonight the National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) will reveal the names of the four individuals elected for enshrinement this July along with the recipient of its 2009 Milton Caniff "Spirit of Flight" Award. The announcement is a special presentation at a dinner celebrating the 105th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight.

A Real Hero Passed in 2008.... from Theo Spark by Theo
Ed "Too Tall" Freeman - You may or may not have heard about the passing of this great Soldier earlier this year. His actions were portrayed in the recent Mel Gibson movie, "We Were Soldiers." But, even that great movie doesn't do true justice to the extraordinary bravery exhibited in the 1965 Battle of the Ia Drang between the 1 / 7th Air Cav and a regiment of NVA infantry…

EAA News - Canadian Student-Built Airplane Makes Maiden Flight from
As reported in the current (December 2008) issue of EAA’s Canadian e-newsletter, Bits and Pieces, a group of 12 undergraduate mechanical engineering students at the Universit√© de Sherbrooke in Quebec have built an airplane, from scratch!

2009 Aerobatic Calendars Available - Robert Bismuth, the “Official Photographer” for the U.S. National Aerobatic Championships has produced three calendars for 2009: You may choose from U.S. Nationals, AWAC 2008 and the Pacific Northwest regional series calendars. As in prior years, each calendar depicts the pilots, judges, volunteers, aircraft and visitors to the associated competition or championship. You may view and order the calendars online.

Duxford Update from
A comprehensive regularly updated photo-record of all major aircraft and tank exhibits at the Duxford military museum near Cambridge in England

WW2 Color Footage from Military Photos by therifleman
I suspect many of you have came across these already, but for those of you who haven't, these are some cool color footages that shows a lot from the German side.

Mommy, Mommy I Want a Space Shuttle for Christmas! from Defense Tech by lowe
How low have we gone...? From this afternoon's headlines at Associated Press - CAPE CANAVERAL - NASA is telling museums across the country that have expressed interest in obtaining a genuine space shuttle that it's really going to cost them. How much? A mere $42 million -- including $6 million for shipping and handling.

Virgin Galactic's Spaceport America Gets FAA Green Light [Space Tourism] from Gizmodo by John Mahoney - It becomes less and less a future fever dream every day: Spaceport America in Las Cruces, NM, Virgin Galactic's future home, has gotten FAA approval to begin construction. The design has been set since September 2007, but now that an environmental impact assessment has been passed, construction can now begin. Branson is banking on the rich still paying for a suborbital flight in our current economic clime, and yeah, I probably believe him. Virgin Galactic and its SpaceShipTwo/White Knight launch system will be the main attraction, but the spaceport's license for vertical and horizontal takeoffs can be used by any number of clients willing to lease some launchpad time.

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