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Indy Transponder 4-December 1100z

Gathering of Mustangs Video to Show at ICAS from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
Just as advertised, the newly release GML DVD is in and shipping will begin this week, in time for Christmas, according to company officials. Those attending the International Council of Airshows Convention next week will be previewing the commemorative footage on the big screen on Wednesday night. The 90-minute commemorative DVD features stunning footage from the once-in-a lifetime Gathering of Mustangs & Legends Air Show, held September 27-30, 2007. The DVD includes Mustang aerial and formation footage, interviews with the Legends who flew them, heritage flights, owner and pilot interviews, aerobatic and military aircraft performances and behind the scenes footage. FMI:

Red Bull Builds An Addition Onto PlayStation Home - Kotaku Australia, Australia
Red Bull will have an aeroplane racing game playable in its Home room, one modeled after the five year old Red Bull Air Race series. ...

Economic Aerobatics from Turbine Toucan by David Kervinen
Greetings All, Well it has been a heck of a painful month for us. The economy has taken a severe downturn and has had a significant impact on our business. A great deal of the relationship building we have done over the course of the last nine months though helpful for the long term, won’t be yielding us a title sponsor for 2009. It appears we have sailed into the perfect economic storm. As we have illustrated over the past year, our ability to campaign the Turbine Toucan is exclusively tied to title sponsorship for obvious reasons. So now we have to focus on just surviving for the short term in hopes that a turn around is near. If we roll into a deeper more drawn out recovery then we will have to completely reevaluate our options. As we mentioned a while back, we had decided to postpone any world record attempts because a few potential title sponsors wanted to be involved in these attempts, which made perfect sense at the time. With the 2009 air show most likely not going to happen for us, we think it is time to revisit the thought of making these attempts after the first of the year. This will continue to keep us in the press and generate any momentum we can as we continue our hopeful journey of finding a title sponsor. Stay tuned on this…. We are also looking at a few overseas opportunities for the Turbine Toucan. As much as we wanted to roll out the aircraft here in the USA, it might not be a reality. We’ll keep you posted on this front as well. We want to thank you again for your continued support over the past year or so; you all have been so supportive. The volumes of emails we receive continue to lift our spirits in these very painful economic times.

Flying Full Circle A Dream Come True Ride with the Blue Angels from - About This Film
Flying Full Circle is a 10-minute short film about living out a childhood dream. Filmmaker Brian J. Terwilliger's passion for aviation was sparked at an early age by seeing The Blue Angels perform, and that passion later became the genesis of his first film, One Six Right. It took 5 years of persistence to complete the film, which makes this invitation to fly with The Blue Angels a very special experience that came full circle.

Airline Wings and Memorabilia - Special Aviation Auctions - (press release), NY
Wings, badges, patches and more – all items up for bid in a special Commercial Aviation Wings and Memorabilia hosted by Manion’s International House on ...

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to Fly in Vintage B-17 Bomber - Phoenix New Times, AZ
Despite a crash landing in September while trimming a tree, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon will climb aboard a WWII-era bomber on Thursday for an exhibition ...

Aviator uses feet to fly -, AZ
Several years ago the college graduate was offered the opportunity to fly by Wright Flight, an aviation company that uses flying to motivate children. ...

Aero-TV: Kicking The Tires On A Flying Legend... The B-17 Flying Fortress from Aero-News Network
Let's Get Up Close And Personal With A Flying Legend Seen in a two part Aero-TV program a few weeks back, we talked about spending time with a ghost. In this case, the ghost looked a lot like a B-17... by the name of "Thunderbird."

Scott Crossfield prints support aerospace education - A stack of 27 year old limited edition prints, depicting legendary test pilot Scott Crossfield's near-Mach 3 flight in the X-15, now are being sold to support the work of the Scott Crossfield Foundation. Read more...

Pearl Harbor Survivors to meet Dec. 7 - The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association plans to hold what may be its final reunion, Dec. 4 through 8, at Fredericksburg, Texas, where static displays and flyovers of World War II aircraft will highlight the ceremonies. Read more...

Harassed By Hurricanes? Send In The F-4s from AVwebFlash Current Issue
A researcher at the University of Akron in Ohio says he may have found a way to suppress potentially damaging hurricanes -- send in a couple of F-4 fighter jets to fly supersonic loops around its eye while it's still at sea, and the resulting sonic booms will break it apart. A patent application filed by Prof. Arkadii Leonov and his colleagues states that "two F-4 jet fighters flying at approximately Mach 1.5 are sufficient, [in theory], to suppress, mitigate and/or destroy a typical-sized hurricane or typhoon." The airplanes must follow a specifically designed trajectory, so as their wake propagates downward it both counteracts the hurricane's rotation and increases the air pressure near the eye of the storm. "This creates high-level local disturbances that can eliminate, reduce and/or mitigate a major rotational aspect of a hurricane/typhoon, thereby disrupting and/or eliminating the functioning of such a weather feature," says the patent application. One scenario shows the two aircraft flying an elliptical track about 200 miles long, intercepting the eye of the storm and spiraling down into it until fairly close to the ocean surface. The sonic booms have the potential to be very efficient at this task, and the flight would not cause any harm to the jets or pilots, the application says.

Las Vegas Airport Seeks Federal OK To Ban Experimental Aircraft from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Commissioners in Clark County, Nev., on Tuesday gave the go-ahead to their local director of aviation to lobby for federal legislation that would enable him to ban experimental aircraft from local airports. The effort is in response to the crash of a homebuilt Velocity near North Las Vegas Airport in August. The airplane struck a house, killing the pilot and two people on the ground. Ian Gregor, spokesman for the FAA Western-Pacific Region, released the following statement in reaction to Tuesday's meeting: "We believe Congress acted wisely in giving the FAA sole authority over civilian airspace throughout the United States. It would cause tremendous disruption -- even chaos -- to air traffic operations nationwide if every local community were allowed to arbitrarily decide which aircraft could and could not land at local airports." EAA's Earl Lawrence, vice president of industry and regulatory affairs, gave the proposal little chance of succeeding.

Miles O'Brien To Leave CNN. Network Shutters Science, Space and Tech Unit from TVNewser
Breaking: TVNewser has learned 16-year veteran CNN correspondent and anchor
Miles O'Brien will soon be leaving CNN. O'Brien's departure comes as the network dismantles its science, space, environment and technology unit in Atlanta. That includes O'Brien as well as six producers. O'Brien has been CNN's chief technology and environment correspondent since being replaced as anchor of American Morning in April 2007. Before, during and after anchoring, O'Brien worked the NASA beat for CNN. He covered John Glenn's return to space in 1998. In 1999 he led CNN's coverage of the failed Mars Orbiter and Polar Lander missions. And in February 2003, O'Brien led coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy. CNN spokesperson Christa Robinson tells TVNewser the unit is being shuttered as the network integrates science, environment and technology reporting into the general editorial structure. "Now that the bulk of our environmental coverage is offered through the Planet in Peril franchise, which is part of the AC360 program, there is no need for a separate unit," Robinson says. O'Brien joined CNN in April 1992. His departure date is not yet set.

Tired A380 Pilots Complain That Airliner Is Too Quiet from AVwebFlash Current Issue
Pilots who are trying to catch some sleep between shifts on the Emirates Airbus A380 have complained that noise from the cabin keeps waking them up, because the airplane itself is so quiet they can hear all the crying babies and flushing toilets. "We're getting a lot of complaints. It's not something we expected," Emirates spokesman Ed Davidson told Flight International. "On our other aircraft, the engines drown out the cabin noise. [On the A380] the pilots sleep with earplugs but the cabin noise goes straight through them." The problem is most noticeable on the Emirates A380s because they chose to put the crew-rest area at the back of the main cabin, while Singapore Airlines and Qantas have placed it right behind the cockpit. Extra insulation is not a solution because it would add extra weight, Davidson said. The airline may experiment with lightweight noise generators that would create ambient sound to mask the cabin noise, according to Flight International.

G. Willie at Roar & Soar from Kermit's Blog by Kermit
Just wanted to post a couple of great shots of how much fun G. Willie had at our recent Roar & Soar Event in early November. He got to enjoy several of the venues and take in some of the great sights. Kermit

Arkansas Air Museum post takes Air Force veteran full circle - Northwest Arkansas Times
BY DUSTIN TRACY Northwest Arkansas Times ANDY SHUPE Northwest Arkansas Times Warren Jones is the director of the Arkansas Air Museum. He served in the Air Force and had a career in the business community prior to landing in Fayetteville.

Smithsonian announces $6million gift from Airbus – BusinessWeek
The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum is announcing a $6 million gift from Airbus Americas Inc. to help build the second phase of its annex in northern Virginia.

Officials endorse Air Force One Museum in Port City -
By Patrick Gannon A group of Southeastern North Carolina elected officials Monday afternoon unanimously endorsed a private proposal to build an Air Force One Museum and White House Photo Gallery in Wilmington. But that doesn’t mean it’s coming here.

More Dual Processing Attempts from Fence Check - Here's a few others...
Nellis AFB from Fence Check - A couple from this week - MC-130

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