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Indy Transponder 10-December 2355z

Oh, there it is from Patty Wagstaff
Where is my suitcase now? Oh, there it is...Las Vegas baby...and the sun is just coming up over the mountains, morning light shining on the Palms but morning is just a continuation of the night before and before that because there are no clocks and the doors are hard to find. We're booking airshows for 2009 and it looks like fate will take us out west a few times next year. Schedule to be posted on soon. More booking to be done this morning in the Rio convention hall. ...

Airshow moving back to summer - The Salinas Californian, CA
For the first time in 12 years, the California International Airshow Salinas is slated for summertime. The Airshow, which for the past decade has thundered into town in late September or early October, returns to Salinas next year with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels for performances Aug. 7 to 9. ...

Angels will fly in 2009 - Goldsboro News Argus, NC
By Kenneth Fine The Blue Angels have been confirmed as one of the acts for the 2009 Wings Over Wayne air show, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base officials ...

Blues @ Reno in 2009 from
As I remember it....the last time we had the 'Blues' at Reno,.... we got some hot laps around the course by a couple of F/A-18s...
Oh yeah, this is great news... Same year FIFI flew around the course? and with a B-25 and two others in Escort...?

Kemble Air Show to run over two days - Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, UK
The world-famous aerobatic team missed this year's show as it was touring Canada. The 2009 show will take place over the weekend of June 20-21 and tickets ...

Airshow Euro from AirshowEuro by WireFox
With 2009 getting here fast, what have we to look forward to next year ? well here's a few pointers. A Euro Starfighter possible, Fokker S IV very possible, Fi Storch at Old Warden very possible, P-40N at TFC possible, P-47G flying at Legends, possible. P-38 'GG' making it over the Atlantic this year, possible. The Chief Engineer of the TFC retires and will keep the TFC Blogspot going, possible. The Panton Brothers getting 'Just Jane' in the air after the Vulcan ere, possible. Seeing the 'Flying Bulls' P-38 out and about in Europe, 'Twilight Tear' back for Legends, possible. Seeing a Fw 190 fly in the UK, slim on the grounds of how long its been here already.
Although I heard through PCD that Mr Charlie Brown has been offered the chance of flying one in Germany so read into that what you like. Mr 'T' and his new Hurricane at Hardwick or Shuttleworth, very possible. Have I missed anything ? remind me if I have.

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Inauguration Is a Culmination for Black Airmen -
When the Tuskegee Airmen, the all-black force of elite pilots, emerged from combat in World War II, they faced as much discrimination as they had before the war. It was not until six decades later that their valor was recognized and they received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor Congress can give.

Airmen honor Pearl Harbor survivors - Florida Today, FL
Three pilots with Retro Flight, part of Commemorative Air Force, an organization that restores and flied vintage military aircraft, flew in formation over ...

Unforgettable Christmas Gifts: Flights in a WW II Bomber or a ... - (press release)
"The pilot keeps the altitude between 3000 to 5000 feet so you can really see the countryside," says Bob Hynes of Yankee Air Museum, operator of the flights. "The B-17 Yankee Lady and the B-25 Yankee Warrior are both fully restored aircraft.

Warbird Heritage Foundation's F-86 Sabre Returns to the air from Warbirds Online by Scott WRG Editor
Warbird Heritage Foundation's NAA F86F Sabre (N188RL/52-4986) took to the air on Dec. 7, 2008 at 10:45 AM for the first time in over a year. The WHF's Sabre has been undergoing extensive maintenance in 2008.
The annual maintenace of this aircraft was covered in a thread on WIX that include numerous pictures and discussions on the project.

Me-262B-1a/U1 Red 8 from Military Photos by prion
The German Messerschmitt Me 262 was the first operational jet aircraft to enter front line service on either side during the Second World War (1939 - 1945). The design work was initiated in 1939 with the first airframes being produced in 1941. At that time the development of jet engines was still in progress. Therefore, when the initial flight took place in April 1941, a single Junkers Jumo 210 G 12 cylinder piston engine, centrally fitted into the nose of the aircraft driving a propeller, was utilized. The first flight using jet engines produced at Bayerische Motornwerke (BMW) was undertaken in March 1942.

Grey Books are On the Way... from Tailhook Daily Briefing by JC
Early this year the Naval Historical Center reclassified the CINCPACFLT command summaries known as the "Grey Books". This collection of dispatches between Admirals Nimitz and Fletcher at the opening of the Battle of Midway will not be available to the public until it has been reviewed for declassification under the provisions of the Kyl-Lott amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act of 1999 and 2000.

PICTURES & VIDEO: How the RAF Museum moved with the times from Flight International by Barbara Cockburn
The Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon, London has gone all web 2.0 with a new look website, graphics, easier navigation, RSS feeds and more interactivity.
Events will soon be live streamed and a blog is also about to be launched along with a mobile version of the site.
From Monday 15th the Museum will present the first in a series of 'celebrity podcasts' available on iTunes. Operation Chastise, popularly known as The Dambusters Raid, is narrated by the actor Richard Todd, who played Wing Commander Guy Gibson in the classic film The Dambusters (1955). ...

Map of aviator Amelia Earhart's disappearance mystery released - Saipan Tribune, Micronesia
This is a very different, detailed chart and technical presentation of events of interest to aviation history buffs, admirers of Earhart and those ...

Aero-TV: The BA609 TiltRotor -- A New Generation of Civilian Flight from Aero-News Network
Private TiltRotor Operations May Be in YOUR Future In the midst of the 2008 NBAA Convention, the mockup of a BA609 TiltRotor concept destined for civilian usage continued to draw curiosity. First announced in 1998, full-size mockups of the BA609 have been fixtures at industry trade shows for several years... but actual progress on the program has been slow in coming.

For Sale: One Aerocar; Half Car, Half Airplane from Telstar Logistics by Telstar Logistics
Speaking of strange hybrids... ever heard of the Taylor Aerocar? We were fascinated by them during our early years. Built by an American entrepreneur named Robert E. Fulton after World War II, the Aerocar was a road-ready automobile that could be converted into an airworthy airplane by attaching a set of wings. ...

Endeavour departs Edwards on her SCA piggyback ride - heads to Texas
from NASA by Chris Bergin
The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and Endeavour have departed from Edwards Air Force Base, for a cross country ferry trip that will take in stops in Texas and possibly Louisiana - subject to change due to weather - before arriving back in Florida on Thursday or Friday. ...

Capt'n Chris on the Airplane Geeks Podcast from The PlaneMadness Podcast

Miramar Air Show 2008 by osanpocamera
Great pictures of an airshow in San Francisco by JamieLindsay
NAS Fort Worth from Fence Check

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