Friday, December 12, 2008

DeHavilland Mosquito

If doing the Indy Tranponder were my full-time job, and we worked in the office together, I'd stop by your desk right now and ask you to walk with me for a moment. Then I'd tell you this story:

I just finished reading the river of news and started trolling some of the bulletin boards I watch. On a post in AAFO, I found a link for a photo album of the Willow Run Air Show 2006. It was this picture that started me on a journey I have to share - and the journey isn't done yet! I found this picture: DeHavilland Mosquito. (Yeah, my eyebrows shot up and my heart started thumping!)

Using the tag below the picture, I searched for the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association and found their website. But here is the golden nugget (and it looks like there are many more on their site). Yep, they are building a Mosquito!

Now, I will admit I had not heard of the Mosquito until a few years ago. However, since then, I've become a real fan and I'd love to see one fly again. A WWII fighter/bomber built out of wood is a fascinating story and listening to a twin Merlin powered warbird fly by would be exhilarating!

Here's a picture of one I found flying in 2005, from Ickwell, England. (credit: Cyoung57)
I don't know how old the page shared above is. I didn't find a date on it. But, I've sent an e-mail to the museum to see if I can learn some more. Here's some history on the Mosquito - maybe it will intrigue you the way it did me:
The Mosquito Page
Wikipedia page
Aviation History

This History channel did a show on the Mosquito also. It's a good one to watch.

I also recall a story from somewhere that German pilots were awarded two kills if they could shoot a Mosquito down (the Mosquito was fast). I've never been able to confirm that anywhere.

I'm confident there are some readers that know more about the Mosquito and might have a page or two bookmarked. Please share in the comments. ms

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