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National Aviation Heritage Alliance Partner Activities and Programs 2009

National Aviation Hall of Fame

--2nd Annual Reel Stuff Film Festival, March 12-15, 2009-Four action-packed days of classics, documentaries and new feature films celebrating the cinematic people, wonder and joy of flight.
--48th Annual Enshrinement Ceremony, July 17-18, 2009-Two days of activities associated with the recognition of the most important individuals in aviation. Includes the WOW Conference (Wings of Women) for high school age girls, the President’s Reception and Dinner and the formal Enshrinement Ceremony.

Vectren Dayton Air Show

--35th Anniversary of Dayton’s premier summer event, July 18-19, 2009-The USAF Thunderbirds, Tora Tora Tora, and Patty Wagstaff will headline the Dayton Air Show in 2009. The Thunderbird appearance in Dayton will be a “homecoming” as team lead, Lt Col Greg Thomas, is a Wright State graduate.
--SOAR/A2 will move to a new location in 2009 (the NAHA Pavilion) and with additional NAHA partners helping to create a unique educational experience for children at the Vectren Dayton Air Show.

Wright B Flyer, Inc.

--Test flight program for “Silver Bird” will begin in 2009-Wright B Flyer will conduct extensive tests of its newest Wright replica with plans to have the new plane certified for flying by mid-summer 2009. The Silver Bird was designed to be dis-assembled and placed into a standard shipping container to allow for transportation throughout the world.
--Wright Simulators-Three new Wright Simulators are being constructed by Wright B Flyer for use by NAHA partners. The simulators will complement the existing simulator located at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park’s Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center. The simulators will be owned by the Alliance and made available to community groups when requested. It is anticipated the simulators will be used by NAHA convention and visitor bureaus at various travel and trade shows to attract more visitors to the Dayton Region.
--Wright B Flyer will maintain a busy flying and static display schedule-In 2009 Wright B will be at Dayton Air Show, Air Force Material Command’s Tattoo and the USAF Marathon along with numerous other community events.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

--104th Anniversary of Practical Flight, October 5, 2009-A Wright Flyer replica returns to fly at Huffman Prairie Flying located at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Piloted by Mark Dusenberry, the public will once again have a chance to see first hand what the Wright brothers experienced when flying in 1905. In addition to the flight, there will be educational activities for school children throughout the day, including edible Wright Flyers, paper helicopters and model hot air balloons.
--Wright Brothers Homecoming in Wright-Dunbar Village, June 20, 2009-Join others for music, ice-cream and a home tour in the neighborhood of the Wrights’ to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Wright Brothers Homecoming in Dayton.
--Aviation Heritage Speaker Series will see a number of noted speakers from the world of aviation make presentations at the Engineers Club of Dayton throughout the year.

Wright Family Foundation

Landmark of the Wright, 100th Anniversary of the Dutch Centennial of Flight, June 18-19, 2009-Wright family members will participate in commemoration of the centennial of the first flight in the Netherlands with the formal dedication of the sculpture of a Wright Flyer. The following day, the Wright family will attend an air show conducted under the auspices of the Dutch Air Force.

United States Air, Trade and Technology Expo

--A trade show and technical conference (Wright Dialogue with Industry) will take place in the Dayton Region, July 13-18, 2009-The United States Air, Trade and Technology Expo brings together leaders in the military, civilian government, academia, and industry to address challenges and highlight successes across the aerospace industry with a keen focus on second and third tier companies.

Historic WACO Field
--2009 WACO Homecoming Fly-In, September 18-19, 2009-WACOS and other vintage airplanes are expected to return to Historic WACO Field from all parts of the United States.

Ohio Historical Society-Armstrong Air & Space Museum,

--40th Anniversary of Moon Landing, July 19- 20, 2009-Ohio Historical Society’s Armstrong Air and Space Museum will celebrate the landing of Wapakoneta native, Neil Armstrong on the moon. The Summer Moon Festival on the 19th will take place on the grounds of the museum with a number of activities planned including an evening concert. On July 20th, the 40th anniversary of the landing, the museum will be selling commemorative covers with special cancellation by the Wapakoneta Post Office. Special admission policies will be in effect for the museum that day.

Aviation Trail Inc.

--Trailblazer Awards Banquet and Ceremony, April 2009-Honors the birthday of Wilbur Wright (April 16, 1867) and presents the Trailblazer Award to an individual or organization that has furthered aviation in the Dayton Region.
--National Aviation Day, August 19, 2009-commemorates both Orville and Katharine Wright’s birthday with a picnic luncheon.
--First Flight Dinner, December 17, 2009-Annual dinner celebrates the Wright brothers first flight at Kittyhawk NC in 1903.

Greene County Historical Society

--40th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, July, 2009-The Greene County Historical Society will commemorate the historic landing on the moon with exhibits at the Society’s headquarters.

Grimes Flying Lab Foundation

--Mid-Eastern Regional Fly-In, September 12-13 2009-Grimes Flying Lab Foundation will host the Fly-In at Grimes Field in Urbana, Ohio.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 284 www.eaa284.0rg

--Red Stewart Field, Waynesville, Ohio Open House and Tail Dragger Fly-In, September 5-6, 2009-Chapter 284 will host the public and present an air show on the evening of the 5th and on September 6, the Tail Dragger Fly-In will commence. A Young Eagles Rally will take place on the 6th.

Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 36

--Wings and Wheels Fly-In, June 6-7, 2009 at WACO Field, Troy, Ohio
--National WACO Club 50th Anniversary Fly-In, June 24-28, 2009 at Wynkoop Airport at Mt. Vernon, Ohio

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