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Indy Transponder 01-December 0015z

Women pilots aim for world record - United Press International [FLiR]
Garratt in 2003 flew solo around the world in the same plane, but at a more leisurely pace, while Foy in 2006 won an all-female air race across the United ...
Orlando pilot prepares for trip around the globe - Houston Chronicle

Amy Laboda from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
(One of the women who's photos appear on the new International Women's Air and Space Museum commemorative deck of playing cards.) ...
1) does not have an entry at Wikipedia.
2. Is profiled at Women in Aviation International:
Amy began pilot lessons at age 15. She soloed at 16 and earned her private pilot certificate two days after her seventeenth birthday. She continued flying while earning a Liberal Arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York; by the time she graduated she was an instrument-rated commercial pilot and before the year was out she had earned her instructor's rating. ...

WW1 aircraft resto: - The Australian (via Twitter by joshglid) [FLiR]

[Photo Credit]
THE World War I aircraft due to go on display at the Australian War Memorial today continue to reveal hidden stories.
The AWM has five aircraft as part of its "Over The Front: The Great War in the Air" exhibition, including one of only two remaining Albatros D5A scouts, to help tell the story of the Australian Flying Corps on the Western Front in 1917 and 1918. Joining the 1917-built Albatros are a SE5a fighter, an Avro 504k two-seat trainer and Airco DH9 bomber from the allied side and a 1918 Pfalz D.XII from the Germans. ...

Katie Reider 1978 - 2008

Fellow Musicians Hold Benefit In Katie Reider's Memory - WLWT, OH [FLiR]
Reider, the daughter of “Bob Braun Show” bandleader Rob Reider, released four independent albums and won five local music awards. Her friends and supporters ...

Civil Air Patrol Celebrates 67 Years from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
MAXWELL AFB MONTGOMERY AL- Congratulations to the members of the Civil Air Patrol on their 67th anniversary. CAP was founded, on Dec. 1, 1941, less than a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to America's involvement in World War II. Members of CAP's Coastal Patrol quickly proved their worth during the war by conducting aerial patrols, vigilance that discouraged and eventually stopped deadly German U-boat attacks on shipping in American waterways. ...

Down East man becomes Blue Angel for a day - Bangor Daily News, ME
... such as Lt. Joel Castillo of BNAS, had the opportunity to fly in the vintage World War II North American B-25J bomber owned by Larry Kelley of Maryland. ...

Weekend Wings #28: The Balikpapan Raid from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
The US Army Air Force carried out many notable bombing attacks in World War II. In the European theater of operations, they included the infamous Schweinfurt-Regensburg missions; Operation Tidal Wave, the raid on the Ploesti oilfields in Rumania; Operation Frantic Joe, the first of the so-called 'shuttle bombing' raids, where US bombers flew from English and Italian bases to airfields in the Ukraine, bombing the Debreczen marshalling yards en route, then were refuelled and rearmed to bomb more targets on their return flights; and its participation in the controversial destruction of Dresden in 1945. ...

December 2008/January 2009 from Pacific Wings Magazine by Rob
Shuttle Endeavour Lands in California from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News [FLiR]
EDWARDS AFB- With Commander Chris Ferguson and Pilot Eric Boe at the controls, space shuttle Endeavour descended to a smooth landing at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. The STS-126 crew members concluded their successful mission to the International Space Station when the shuttle touched down at 4:25 p.m. EST today. ...

Why the Shuttle or aircraft makes a sonic boom ?
(via Twitter by DanTanner)
Sonic boom is an impulsive noise similar to thunder. It is caused by ...

Grumman E-2C makes last take off and landing on a road from Alert 5
Aviation Nation 08 from

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