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Pearl Harbor pilot became evangelist from Stars and Stripes
Shortly after Mitsuo Fuchida led the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he discovered just how fortunate he was to be living. Along with the 21 holes that visibly pocked the 39-year-old's a...

National Archives lets Internet users have easy access to WWII documents
from Stars and Stripes
A new Web site contains 200 terabytes of photographs, enlistment records, and interactive maps relating to World War II. Highlights include a searchable image of the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii, 80,000 photographs and nine million "Hero pages" that can be updated by users themselves.

40,000 airports from Land and Hold Short by david
Yes, Virginia, there are more than 40,000 airports in the world! Thanks to our contributors, OurAirports now lists more than 40,000 airports, heliports, and seaplane bases around the world. That’s a milestone I’ve been watching for ever since I set up the site. ...

2009 Millville air show cancelled The Bridgeton News -, NJ
by South Jersey News Online By JEAN JONES The Millville Army Air Field Museum has been unable to find a sponsor for its 2009 show, something it had to do ...

60th Fighter Squadron says goodbye to F-15 from Air Force Times - News
The “Fighting Crows” of the 60th Fighter Squadron flew their last F-15 Eagle sortie Thursday.

NORAD's Santa-Tracking Website Opens for 2008 Season from News
In advance of the holiday season and its 50th year of tracking Santa Claus on his annual journey around the world, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has activated its "NORAD Tracks Santa " website for 2008. [Photo credit]

EAA's AirVenture Museum brings in Santa, local groups for ... Oshkosh Northwestern
To celebrate the holiday season this month, the Experimental Aircraft Association brings its museum’s largest event back to Oshkosh.

Steve McQueen - Stearman Pilot - Airport Bum from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
This Saturday, Dec 6, Santa Paula airport in California will host Barbara McQueen for a book signing and fund raising event for the soon to be completed Aviation Museum. She and Steve McQueen lived for 6 months in a junk filled hangar, as the highly paid actor learned to fly his Stearman from the local old timers and ex test pilots at the airport.
Story at the LATimes, and more details at the Aviation Museum of Santa Paula web site.

NASA Throws a Party for its Global Hawks from Ares by Bettina Chavanne
Last year, the U.S. Air Force transferred two of its Northrop Grumman Global Hawks to NASA to be used as airborne science assets. On Jan. 15, NASA will roll those two big UAVs out of the hangar and re-introduce them to the public as NASA unmanned high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft. ...

How to get kids interested in space from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
This is very clever thinking on someone's part!
A team from Churchill College, Cambridge, England, has hit on the idea of getting schoolkids involved in space-related experiments. The kids seem to be having a blast, and it's certainly holding their interest in a subject that many find boring. ...

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo flight and roll out update
from Aviation & Aerospace News
WhiteKnightTwo's first flight could be by 15 December and April 2009 is SpaceShipTwo's likely roll-out date, according to sources...

Airport ideas may fly into more opposition - Indianapolis Star
Terry Airport served recreational pilots for many years until its owner sold it to the Hamilton County Board of Aviation in 2003.

C-130 Hercules from Fence Check


Ghost Airports - A Tour of Paul Freeman's Abandoned and Little-Known Airports Archive from Airspeed by Stephen Force (Steve Tupper)
... I was particularly struck by some of the military installations from World War II. We needed pilots in great numbers in the minimum possible time. We built facilities rapidly and used the heck out of them. Paved hexagons and octagons. Stars and spoked layouts. Or fields with nothing but an open space with a windsock in the middle. These fields made pilots efficiently and proudly. Then we abandoned them. I’m as happy as the next guy that they became unnecessary (i.e. that the war ended), but what an amazing amount of history is lost when you build a shopping mall or a subdivision on top of these grand dames of American history. ...

Talkin' With Chris Burger - Aviation Podcast #144
from The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast by
This week we visit South Africa and talk with Chris Burger, author of 'Cockpit Procedures' now available from ASA. Chris is an expert in Aviation Psychology and Ergonomics and is working hard to increase safety. Please enjoy The Finer Points!
Fly Your Best

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