Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Indy Transponder 24-December 0130z

Dayton Air Show wins industry marketing awards - Dayton Daily News, OH
The International Council of Air Shows has also chosen the Dayton show as its site for the council's 2009 ICAS Academy, attended by representatives of other ...
Press Release on Indy Transponder

Snowbirds to make return visit to air show - Lethbridge Herald, Canada
The president of the Alberta International Air Show returned recently from a major North American air show conference buoyed by the knowledge the popular ...

Aero-TV: Corkey Fornof -- Continuing The Legend (Part 2) from Aero-News Network
OK... We Admit It, We're BIG Fans! Most of the world has seen him fly -- but often in the guise of some other person... whether it be James Bond or The Phantom. The man behind the stick for some of aero-movie-dom's most famous scenes is none other than JW "Corkey" Fornof... one of the best pilots in the biz and a helluva nice guy.

Murcia air show takes off from Technorati
Villa La Manga reports…The Spanish Airforce will be hosting a major airshow in Murcia. The show scheduled for the weekend of June 3-4 will be based around the 20th Anniversary of the Spanish Demo team Patrulla Aguila. International display teams from other countries will be joining the fun, including the Patrouille de France, Patrouille Suisse and the Flying Bulls. Visitors to La Manga Club will be able to enjoy watching these teams as they fly in formation above the local beeches. The only do

An Inside Job (or Two) from Steve's AirVenture Site Updates by EAA Staff
Our outdoor activities this week have been limited due to snow removal and clearing. This has been one wild month for winter weather. I'm sure just about everybody in the northern half of the U.S. agrees. I saw they even had snow in Las Vegas last week! ...

'Human factors' focus of fatal Snowbird crash investigation - Edmonton Sun, Canada
... and military photographer Sgt. Charles Senecal died Oct. 9 when the Tutor crashed in a farmer's field a few kilometres from the aerobatic team's home ...

The Powder Puff Derby, 1947-1977 from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
The first Powder Puff Derby was held in 1929. It did not resume until after World War II, in 1947.
Thanks to Ebay, I've just acquired Powder Puff Derby: The Record (1947-1977). Edited by Kay Brick. AWTAR, Inc. 1985 Tells the story of the Derbies in 80 oversize pages. Lots of photos of the participants, in such dated hairstyles and clothing! Still they look a lot better than the grunge style of today's teens, I gotta tell ya.
Anyway, it's been fun to read through, and interesting ...

Robbins: On Hallowed Ground - National Review Online, NY
Orde Charles Wingate, along with his aide and six American crewmen of a B-25 that crashed in India on March 12, 1944. Another honors the crew of a B-26 of ...

'43 Christmas Day menu from WWII carrier brings on smells, sounds ... - The Plain Dealer -, OH
Browngardt said that when another brother, Arthur, a B-25 pilot in the Pacific during the war, found out about the carrier's holiday menu, the flier was ...

To Boldly Go from Air & Space Magazine

Last Minute Aviation Stocking Stuffers from Jetwhine by Robert Mark

Milestones of Flight: 12/23 from Cut and Paste Aviation by KenInfinite

Uncontrolled Airspace #113 "TTFN"
from Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast

2008 CF-18 Season - The Newest Bitchin' Vid from Fence Check
Asterpix Interactive Video - B2 Bomber plane. by vehiclesvids168
An AVRO "slight mishap" from Flight Image of the Day by Barbara Cockburn

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