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Indy Transponder 31-December 0030z

Thunderbirds release 2009 air show schedule from Air Force Link Top Stories
The U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, "Thunderbirds," has announced its 2009 air show schedule. In their 56th season, the Thunderbirds are scheduled to perform more than 73 shows in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Far East. ...

EAA Announces Tentative AirVenture 2009 Show Lineup - Aero-News Network, FL
Yearly favorites such as Sean D. Tucker, Mike Goulian, the AeroShell Aerobatic Team, and the Warbird Spectaculars will be part of the schedule as well. ...
More Details here
Air show returns to Sioux Falls | North Dakota News - KXMC, ND
... F-16 fighter jets; a P-51 Mustang gunfighter; Miss Mitchell, one of the few remaining B-25 bombers still in the air; and other aircraft. ...

Barrow man aims to put on new Walney Air Show - NW Evening Mail
A PLANE enthusiast plans to revive the Wings Over Walney Air Show next year - if he can raise £50000. Paul Rose, who is head of the local air cadets and owns his own plane, ran the successful air show for the first time with BAE in 2005.

Ladies! Want to learn to fly? Don't have the money from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
Watch this video from Women in Aviation International - they award scholarships for women who want to fly:

Carrier? from
I thumbed through my copy of We Rode The Thunder, here's a brief history of Thunderbird transports:
In 1955, the first transport acquired by the team was a C-119F Flying Boxcar. By 1958, it was replaced by two C-123Bs.

Luke pilot reaches F-16 milestone from Air Force Link Top Stories
In January 1979, the first operational F-16 Fighting Falcon was delivered to Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Nearly 30 years later to the day, a pilot from here has amassed 4,000 hours flying this workhorse of the air.
Col. David Lujan, 56th Operations Group deputy commander, became the 17th pilot, according to Lockheed's magazine, "Code One," ever to reach that milestone when he flew this memorable sortie Dec. 22. ...

Military museum to update history - Montgomery Advertiser, AL
The ball turret gunner tried to land a badly damaged B-17 during an ill-fated bombing mission over Europe in 1944. Although he was injured and most of the ...

Pilot from Saturday's crash released from hospital from (via AAFO)
... Ron Buccarelli, a 51-year-old Hollywood man, was injured after his 1959 Beechcraft E18S crashed into a wooded area just outside the airport. He was the sole occupant of the plane, and he was conscious after the accident, despite suffering some head trauma, officials said on Saturday. ... Buccarelli, a long-time air racer who is lauded across the Internet for reaching speeds above 400 miles per hour in his P-51D Mustang, "Precious Metal," retired from the sport only a few years ago.
[photo from flickr: Don & Brenda]

1947 National Air Races from
The 3-day 1947 National Air Race's at Cleveland attracted an unprecedented 104 entriescompeting for a total purse of $125,000 ... new was the Allison Race to Indianapolis and back. Fred Crawford, president of the National Air Races said in an interview "Cleveland will be the most exciting spot on earth this weekend"

Mach Match - Air & Space Magazine
Did an XP-86 beat Yeager to the punch?
Editors' note: October 14, 1947, was a day of undercover celebration at the Muroc Army Air Field in California's Mojave Desert. Captain Chuck Yeager had broken the so-called sound barrier in the experimental Bell XS-1, and the news was immediately locked away in the vaults of the newly independent U.S. Air Force and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Although the X-1 program was classified and there were no independent observers, Yeager was able to claim an official record because all airspeed, Mach number, pressure, and temperature data from test flights were tracked, recorded, and documented. Such documentation, like that produced by the Wright brothers, who painstakingly recorded all details of their flights, ensures an unassailable place in history. ...

Tuskegee Airman gets help to attend inaugural from Air Force Times - News
DULUTH, Minn.| Residents of Duluth are stepping up to help a member of the Tuskegee Airmen who was invited to attend Barack Obama's inauguration but didn't know if he could afford the trip.

Mike's Mystery Machines. # 06. "The Fleet Shadowers" from AeroHub by admin
...Two years prior to the outbreak of WWII in Europe, the Admiralty issued Specification S.23/37 which outlined a requirement for a very specialised carrier-borne aircraft. This was at a time when the concept of fast, long-range, land-plane, patrol and attack aircraft, carrying Air-to-Surface (ASV) radar, was only a vague future concept. What the Royal Navy planners wanted was an aircraft which could operate from small aircraft carriers and which had long endurance at very slow airspeed. It must have folding wings for under-deck stowage and be crewed by one pilot, an observer and a wireless operator. It would operate at night and must have quiet engines and propellers to minimise detection when operating at lowish altitude out abeam of, or downwind from, enemy ships. It was to be a stealthy, unarmed "Fleet Shadower"; sometimes referred to as the "Night Shadower". All rather 'mysterious' and exciting at the time. ...

What's it like to solo? from Earning My Wings: a video blog about learning to fly by Brady Lane
... I've been told a pilot's first solo is an experience that's never forgotten. As a small child, I remember my grandfather telling me about his first solo flight in a Stearman and knew even back then how memorable and momentous such a flight is. ...

Universe Getting Smaller As VirginMotherShip Proves Her Stuff from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper
Her name is Eve, she has a 140' wingspan, and now, she flies. On Sunday, 12-21-08, Scaled Composites' VirginMotherShip, also known as WhiteKnightTwo, became the largest all composite aircraft to fly. ...
AirPigz Podcast #1 Airfoil Designer John Roncz from Airpigz Blog by Martt Clupper

Some Year-End Mop-Up from Steve's AirVenture Site Updates by EAA Staff
The Christmas break came at exactly the right time last week. Over the course of four days, it snowed twice, rained hard for one day, and then came ice and snow before it turned colder again. We got a little break early this week, though, so work can continue. ...

2008 A look back of the years delights from Warbirdworld by WireFox
... Talking Mustangs still , I could not miss a word about the Mustang of Mr M Hammond at Hardwick of which I was lucky enough to see fly on two of the Hardwick open-days. The craftsmanship on this restoration is 110% and was a delight to see which is still on this blogsite
further down from this post of which you can hear that Merlin again. Tom Blairs new-build Fw 190 still did not fly this year due to the CAA and their endless 'paperwork' we all hoped to get a look at it in the air this year but it was not to be. We may not get the chance now has I understand that Mr Blair has sold a Spitfire and P-38 of his collection and wonders if more will depart. Anyway thats his 'shout' he can do what he sees fit to do. ...

From the 'Not A Good Idea' department . . .from Bayou Renaissance Man by Peter
. . . we have this story of corporate re-branding gone awry. ...Unfortunately, it then put the logo and its new name rather too close together on its aircraft. This caused speakers of English-English (as opposed to American-English, where the term isn't common) to do a double-take before they burst into raucous laughter. You see, in English-English, the two in combination appear to form a rather unfortunate word.

The Long Countdown for Apollo 2.0 from DailyAviator by Dennis Collins
The NYTimes covers the ongoing discussions between the incoming Obama administration and NASA.

Milestones of Flight: 12/30 from Cut and Paste Aviation by KenInfinite

Glacier Girl and Miss Velma make a pass on Flickr - Photo Sharing! from Google
1930s air racer "Mr Mulligan" replica from Fence Check
Stearman's from Fence Check
T-6 / SNJ / Texan / Harvard from Fence Check
Round trip with Endeavour - The Big Picture from

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