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Indy Transponder 07-December 0400z

It's Pearl Harbor Day - We'll never forget!
To the Veterans of our nation, we at the Indy Transponder again say -
Thank You for your service!

Response to Pearl attack gets focus
Honolulu Star-Bulletin, HI
The B-25 mission, led by Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle, inflicted little damage to Japan but boosted morale in America and led the embarrassed Japanese ...

If you're missing the annual International Council of Air Shows convention in Las Vegas next week, one air show announcer plans to take you to the convention floor live.
Learn More

Art show replaces air show - The Bridgeton News -
By JEAN JONES MILLVILLE - The 2009 air show has been canceled, but the Millville Army Air Field Museum is seeking other new and creative ways to raise funds for its operations.

Larger air show coming to RMMA - Broomfield Enterprise
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport on Thursday announced it will host the Colorado Sport International Air Show and Rocky Mountain Regional Fly-In.

2nd Annual Toy Drive Fly-In Takes Place This Saturday -, TX
The 2nd Annual Toy Drive Fly-In starts at ten and goes until two. Just bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate to the Salvation Army and NewsWest 9 toy drive. ...

Young Cancer Patients Get Private Air Show - Tampa Tribune, FL
TAMPA - Twenty-seven children undergoing cancer treatment and their families experienced a private air show at MacDill Air Force Base today, complete with ...

More Phantom Phun from Mojave Skies by Alan Radecki
On Thursday, BAE had QF-4 Phantom 73-167 up for a post-conversion FCF, and on one of the low passes, the pilot showed just how much of a "chore" it is to do his job, as he cranked the old girl almost inverted in a tight turn to downwind!

This Day In Women's Aviation from You Fly, Girl by Cathy Gale
I received my This Day in Women's Aviation desk calender from today.
I'm quite pleased wit the information - one snippet of information per each of the 365 days in the year, as per any other desk calendar, sitting on a sturdy black plastic base.
It's a maiden effort, however, and so instead of individual photographs or illustrations of the pilot concerned for each day, the illustration for each day is only of the Powder Puff Pilot logo.

Mister Dickenson from Another Time by DT Linn
Received an email from Addison Pemberton with news of the first flight of Mister Dickenson. Looks to be a mean machine!
Here's a little information on Bruce Dickenson's hybrid "Mister Dickenson". First off this is not a modified Howard DGA, Bruce Dickenson, who's grandfather was one of the original founders of the Santa Paula Airport in the 1920's designed and build "MR. D " from scratch. He emphasizes that he borrowed a bunch from Benny Howard's, DGA and Howard's famous racer Mr. Mulligan designs and why not. He was pretty familiar with the Howard line of airplanes. The Dickenson family has been flying the same Howard DGA for almost half a century. ...

World War 2 Pilot who flew over 36 wabirds and never went through a military school from Military Photos by
I went to a VFW meeting and met a "Flying Tiger" who flew the Hump. Since I know some other pilots who flew the Hump, I asked him what class he went though down in Texas, he said he never went through a class. Needless to say my interest was peaked so I set forth getting his story. What an amazing story it was...

Jones, 94, was among last survivors of Doolittle's Raiders - San Antonio Express, TX
David M. Jones took him all over the world, he was best known as a pilot with Doolittle's Raiders, and he had special connections with San Antonio. ...

Historic Flight Still on Hold – Part Eight via News
What was to be a celebration party upon the completion of a historic flight was not a party at all. The team members, without the Kelly D, returned to Edmonton on Thursday to re-group and wait for the weather to...

The Duo Gate: A Change to an Already Changing Sport - Bleacher Report, CA
by Sheiban Shakeri (Columnist) A new gate came in the Red Bull Air Race in the final round in Perth. It's one that I think we'll be seeing a lot of in the ...

Monika Petrillo has never been a person to postpone her dreams. So at 24 she decided to get a pilot's license. A year later, her father surprised her by learning to fly as well. As the movie begins, they take off together to circumnavigate the continent of Australia.
The only woman pilot in a group of eleven people, Monika experiences the true freedom of flight above one of the most untouched places on earth. As she becomes exposed to Australian culture, she learns about the Walkabout, a spiritual journey the Aborigines have valued for tens of thousands of years. That inspires her to use this trip to take stock of her own spiritual household. The first step toward that end is to relax. But that proves much more difficult than she thought: a tight schedule, careful and constant maintenance of the aircraft, pot-holed dirt runways, mechanical failures, sudden loss of visibility and unpredictable crosswinds keep her both too busy and too uptight ...

Deployed Warbirds participate in Australian Aces North exercise
from Air Force Link Top Stories by (Airman 1st Class Ryan Whitney)
Airmen deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, recently participated in the Australian Aces North exercise with personnel from the Australian Fighter Combat Instructor Course, which ended Dec. 4. ...

Russia Suspends MiG-29 Ops After Siberian Fatal from Aero-News Network
Type Entered Service In 1983 The pilot of a Russian fighter jet was killed Friday when his MiG-29 Fulcrum crashed in Siberia... prompting government officials to temporarily suspend operations with the aircraft.

Before space flight, tourists can train at surgery center - Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL
... who paid $200000 to reserve a seat on a spacecraft being designed by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson and American aerospace designer Burt Rutan. ...

Aeorophare For Indy, Anyone? from Advance Indiana by Advance Indiana
Indianapolis-based Aerophare America wants to erect a 20-story, enclosed balloon ride in downtown Indianapolis. White River Park is a preferred location for the $2.5 million structure according to the IBJ's Chris O'Malley. The company is best known for tethered balloons it operates at Disney's amusement parks. The enclosed structure is intended to eliminate the problem high winds pose for balloon rides. Riders would be charged a fee of $4-$8. The outer skin of the balloon would also be used by the operator for advertising purposes. At night, the balloon would be illuminated. The operators are willing to foot the cost of the construction and enter into a revenue-sharing agreement with White River Park.

PlaneMadness Episode 45
from The PlaneMadness Podcast by (Capt'n Chris)
Our guest today is Mitch Johnson and he is a former blimp pilot. We recently had the opportunity to chat and I found many aspects of that job to be quite fascinating. In fact I found them so fascinating that I asked Mitch to come on the show. I have to admit that prior to our conversation I was a bit naive about blimp operations, but afterwords I gained a real respect for what the job entails. ...

Navy wins 7th straight over Army -, FL
PHILADELPHIA(AP) The president flipped the coin, Navy's Leap Frogs parachuted ...

Asterpix Interactive Video - ANTELOPE - Ultra Slow Motion Camera, Red Bull Air Race: Ultra Slow .. by sportsvideos168 (sportsvideos168)

Posted 'Airshow Montage (2005/2006)' to by DustyTaylor925 (Alan Andrew Taylor)

Final day to enter our front cover photo competition from Flight International by Barbara Cockburn

Thunderbirds F-16 Static Display Nellis 2008 -
All that smoke comes out of that little opening Thunderbirds F-16 Block 52 Viper on static display at Aviation Nation 2008 Here we can see the absence of ...

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