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F-18 Crash: Updates

NAAA Kickoff Breakfast Features Pilot’s Story from agwired.com
With a story eerily similar to the F-18 crash today in San Diego, Udell told the audience how he survived the highest speed ejection from a U.S. fighter aircraft at nearly 800 MPH.
Here is just a small segment of his amazing story:

Cecil Airshow 2009 to Benefit Alan Henley Video Link
from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
Just a few days before Sun N Fun 2009 opens, an extraordinary group of performers will gather at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida for an airshow to help one of their own, Alan Henley. A show from the heart, these are the best of the best performing a benefit for their "brother". ...
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Aviation Association Benefit Boost Firefighters Toy Drive Video
from Alabama Aviator - Aviation News
CALERA AL- Not your average "Old Fashion Hangar Christmas Party", the Shelby County Pilots Association joined the Calera Firefighters Association to boost their Toy Fund Drive last Friday night. "For our Christmas Party this year, we wanted to give back to the community," says SCAA President Rick Kilgore," since Christmas is for children, what better way than to help the City of Calera Firefighters Association Toy Drive." ...

First women at Air Force Academy honored from Air Force Times - News
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — History shows that the first women to enter the Air Force Academy arrived in the summer of 1976.

Group proposes Air Force One museum in NC - AirForceTimes.com
The proposed Air Force One Museum would occupy about 30 acres of state-owned land adjacent to the Wilmington International Airport, said Bill Williams, director of the North Carolina Department of Transportation Aviation Division.

Berlin Airlift Re-Enactment to Launch Dec. 13 in North Carolina - MarketWatch
Hosting the event is ideal for Elizabeth City, an area with a rich aviation history - and a burgeoning future. "Elizabeth City has launched many news-making ...

Oregon navigator helped return a busted B-17 to base - EastOregonian.info, OR
AP SALEM - The gnarled mass of metal, wire and instruments on the nose of the B-17 Flying Fortress is a staggering sight. Photographs show a machine gun ...

Mike’s Mystery Machine. # 05 from AeroHub by admin
Witteman-Lewis XNBL-1 (Experimental Night Bombardment - Long-range); popularily known per the media as the “Barling Bomber”.
... To understand the story, drama and ultimate failure of the “World’s Largest Aircraft”, we must first travel back to (un) merrie WWI England in order to consider a previous “World’s Largest Aircraft” and the role of Mr. Walter Henry Barling; the so-called aircraft designer. I found a geneology reference which provided much family detail, but the salient points are that he was born in Woolwich on 10th, January, 1890, and died in Santa Cruz on 2nd, April, 1965. I do not know his technical education, but during WWI he was employed at the Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough. When the Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, the name was changed to Royal Aircraft Establishment. In 1917, he married Jessie E. Caddy who died in Santa Cruz in July, 1975.
Anyway, he was obviously working in some sort of design ...

Elvis Presley's 1962 Private Lockheed Jetstar to be Auctioned. from Planenews Aviation News Portal
Elvis Presley was known to be an airplane enthusiast. In fact, he owned three jets during his lifetime, which included a Convair 880 Jet (the famous Lisa Marie) and two Lockheed Jet. After Elvis’ death all jets were sold, and today only Hound Dog II and the Lisa Marie have returned to Graceland. The 1962 Lockheed Jet that will be up for auction is one of only 204 aircrafts manufactured between 1957 and 1978 in a private project between Jetstar and Lockheed...

First Space Camp Hall of Famer In Space - WAAY, AL
Dottie Metcalf- Lindenburger is about to become the first Space Camp graduate to actually fly in space! She is scheduled to fly aboard the Shuttle Atlantis ...

Argentine Aerocar Flew Down Highways with Gigantic Propeller [Retromodo]
from Gizmodo by Mark Wilson

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