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Fantasy of Flight May E-news

Fantasy of Flight E-news


May 2010


Fun Facts of the 15th
A continuing series of reflections in celebration of Fantasy of Flight's 15th birthday


Lessons of the Past/Template for the Future:
Fantasy of Flight's Immersion Environments


How did the Immersion Environments come about? What is their source?  


Kermit Weeks:  The Immersion Environments were a product of the design team I hired out of Miami, McBride and Associates, who were aware of a similar type museum exhibit in Chicago. Trenches of WWIOnce I understood the possibilities of the immersion experience for guests, I came up with the three main concept areas: Early Flight, WWI, and WWII.  And while I was not trying to emphasize the idea of war, most of the advancement in aircraft happened during those periods, and we had limited space to tell the story of aviation history.  The design team came up with the "jumping into the night" entrance and the mirrored "cloud chamber" aspects.  Since that time I've come to realize the Immersion Environments will be a key piece of our future product and its delivery. By combining it with our audio experience template and ride technology, we will be able to create engaging scenarios delivering what we all share in common, the human experience, through great stories of aviation in a way our patrons can self-discover something about themselves for themselves!




Secrets from the Maintenance Hangar Graphic

To Pickle or Not to Pickle?
That is the Question!
The best way to preserve an old airplane is to fly it. Why? Flying airplanes receive constant maintenance, constant inspection, and constant loving care.
However, with 160 or so aircraft in the collection, they can't all be kept flying at once. And more than a few of them are still waiting in line for restoration. They won't be seeing the clouds up close for a long time yet. 

As for the flying aircraft (which incorporates most of the aircraft in the display hangars), almost all are either flight ready or simply in need of an intense maintenance session to hit the skies. And by "intense maintenance" we mean soup to nuts. Every seal, every hose, every component reviewed, inspected, and all airworthy requirements fulfilled.

However, somewhere in between "needing restoration" and "needing maintenance" lies a whole different strata of aircraft. These are virtually airworthy but not on the front line for flight. These airplanes need preservation, which will hold off degradation until their number comes up for airworthiness.

Preservation techniques vary based on whether the aircraft is to be "on hold" long term or short term. Preservation steps may or may not include the following:
- Preserving the battery through trickle charging.

- Topping fuel levels to prevent condensation (and subsequent rust) in the fuel tanks.
- Blocking up the aircraft to minimize distortion of tires. 

Pickling Machine

Pickling Machine

- Shading "soft" surfaces to protect fabric.

- "Pickling" an engine with specific anti-corrosion formulas to fight water build up inside.


Once the aircraft undergoes full preservation, it essentially enters suspended animation.  A long sweet lullaby for a worthy old airplane.  

A Pickled Airplane: The Curtiss Pusher

A Pickled Airplane: The Curtiss Pusher



LabyrinthMay 1st is World Labyrinth Day
Check out Fantasy of Flight's Labyrinth
Designed by Kermit Weeks and based on an ancient pattern, Fantasy of Flight's outdoor labyrinth offers guests a unique opportunity to employ a centuries-old method of problem solving, focusing, relaxing, and reflecting... simply through mindful walking. 


But many of you may be asking, "How does this relate to Fantasy of Flight?"
Fantasy of Flight is built on the concept that flight is a metaphor for human potential, and Kermit urges us all to "light the spark within" and to engage our life's journey of self discovery. After all, as he reminds us, "we all fly in our dreams." The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for opening our minds, liberating our hearts, and freeing our dreams.
The Labyrinth is accessible during operating hours and can be found adjacent to the main parking lot. 


To learn more about World Labyrinth Day, click here.


Click here to see Fantasy of Flight's registry on the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator.



MilitaryMay is National Military Appreciation Month
From all of us at Fantasy of Flight, to all military men and women of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, a most sincere thanks for your service.
Military Salute


And to our readers, if you haven't offered a word of thanks to American veterans or active service members, here's your reminder!


Fantasy of Flight is pleased to honor the brave individuals of our armed forces by extending free admission to all active-duty, retired and reserve military, May 1-31, 2010. Guests must present a current ID to qualify for the free general admission ticket. Not valid with any other offers or discounts.



StufftheBusStuff the Bus


Partnering with the Kiwanis Club of Winter Haven, Fantasy of Flight and attraction visitors will "Stuff The Bus" this summer to benefit the Polk Education Foundation.


Donate school supplies from the accepted list of items and receive $5.00 off Fantasy of Flight adult general admission, May 1 - Sept. 30.


Click here for details.



AprilApril: A Memorable Month of Fun and Excitement

Sun 'n Fun Splash-In: 
Lakeside and Luncheon

Kermit Weeks with Jeff Skiles

Kermit Weeks with special guest: "Miracle on the Hudson" Co-Pilot 

 Jeff Skiles


13th Annual Mustangs & Mustangs


Mustangs & Mustangs

 This popular event featured nearly 500 cars!


"Victory in the Sky" symposium with WWII Fighter Aces including Triple Ace Bud Anderson


Kermit with Fighter Aces

Cdr. Charles Haverland, Lt. Col. Don Bryan, Kermit Weeks, Col. Bud Anderson, Lt. Col. A.T. House



Did you participate in our recent events? We'd love to get your feedback!




WorldsGreatestDadCOMING SOON


World's Greatest Aircraft Collection Seeks World's Greatest Dad


Watch this space for an exciting opportunity to celebrate your Dad!



PassHoldersCornerPass Holders Corner 


Fantasy of Flight is pleased to offer special savings for Annual Pass holders through the end of May.


Annual Pass Holders


Save 15% 

On purchases
from the Fantasy of Flight Gift Shop and Compass Rose Diner.

Discount valid through May 30, 2010. Offer excludes clearance items in Gift Shop. Present Annual Pass at the time of purchase to receive the discount. Not valid with any other discount or promotion.



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