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Indy Transponder 30-MAR-10 0830z

Patty Wagstaff Airshows I am not "retiring" from airshows but will be flying shows in the spring and fall, before and after west coast fire season. I'm excited about the new flying job and think it will be rewarding and excellent. I'll have my Extra with me on the west coast to train. I've had to cancel flying Janesville, Wisconsin; Quebe...c, Canada and Cleveland, Ohio. I will be at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh…

Blue Angel Ticket Sales – KIDK | IDAHO FALLS - The world famous US Navy Blue Angels are coming our way July 24 and 25th. Starting April 1st, the Extreme Blue Thunder website ...

MCAS Cherry Point Air Show » Mike Goulian Airshows by Karin | Mike Goulian's edgy, crisp, and aggressive style of aerobatic flying captivates air show and air race fans across the globe. His passion for aviation and pursuit of excellence shows up in his performances and in his general aviation ...

Airshow may feature German planes - AIRCRAFT of the Luftwaffe could fly over Plymouth's city centre for the first time since the Blitz as part of the annual airshow. Organisers have...

2010 NY Airshow at Jones Beach from Kings Media by steven@kings-media.com (Steven King)

Current Lineup:

USN Blue Angels

US Army Golden Knights

USAF A10 Thunderbolt Demo

CAF CF-18 Hornet Demo

NYANG 106th ARQ SAR Demo

Kirby Chambliss - Red Bull Extra 300

Sean D. Tucker - Oracle Challenger

Ed Hamill - Airforce Reserve Biplane

Geico Skytypers - SNJ Demo

Collaborators Aerobatic Team

Warbird Demos (P51, B17, P47, etc)

2010 MAAM WWII Weekend from Kings Media by steven@kings-media.com (Steven King)

Current Aerobatic Lineup:

Dan Dameo - P40 Warkhawk Demo

Scott Yoak - P51 Mustang Demo

Kevin Russo - SNJ-6 Texan Demo

There are lots of Flybys. Click Here For More Info.

You + $430 = Flight over Eugene in a B-17 Flying Fortress – KVAL | By KVAL.com staff Keep your eyes peeled: The Liberty Belle, a restored World War II Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, will take to the skies over Eugene next ...

World War Two Flying Fortress Lands in Salt Lake - ABC 4 | Today, the most recently restored B-17 bomber flew into town as part of a nationwide tour. ABC 4 News went to see the B-17 and took a flight on the 65 year ...

Last boarding calls for Sydney's tarmac tours from Plane Talking by Ben Sandilands | There are buses, and then there is the biggest Airbus, image by Airside Tarmac Tours. Something unique is about to disappear at Sydney Airport. There are only 13 weeks left before Airside Tarmac Tours closes on June 30, on the expiry of its commercial licence with the airport's owners. No-where else in the world can the public access a major gateway airport on a sight seeing excursion into areas you will never see by being inside a terminal, or an airliner. No-where else can you watch close up the landing and takeoff of everything from pocket rocket corporate jets to something as big as an A380, and Sydney is currently a major centre for the operations of the giant Airbus, alongside Dubai, Singapore and London Heathrow…

Spaceflight training on F-104 Starfighters from The Original Rocket Dungeon by Dick | The Southwest Research Institute reports: As part of the next phase in advancing suborbital research opportunities and their own flight preparations, Southwest Research Institute researchers and suborbital payload specialists Dr. Alan Stern and Dr. Dan Durda have begun a new element of spaceflight training with a series of jet fighter flights in F-104 aircraft operated by Starfighters Inc. at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla. The first SwRI Starfighters flights and the associated ground training, took place March 15-16.

Virginia Air & Space Center Meet-up - WVEC.com | The Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton has free admission thru the end of March for military folks and family. Lets plan a meet up here and have a good day! This should be a no pressure day to meet everyone and get to know one another. I can give a few people a ride if anyone would prefer to carpool. Here is the website address to the Center: http://www.vasc.org/events/freedom.html

In brief – 30 March 2010 - Shetland News | AN AVIATION history group, based in Orkney, is taking off on a membership recruitment
drive and are looking for new members from Shetland. ...

Hull Of The Zeppelin Eureka Re-Branded With Farmers Logo from AvStop » Number One Online Resource For General Aviation News | For second time this year, The Farmers Insurance Group has selected Airship Ventures as a marketing partner, re-branding the hull of the Zeppelin Eureka with the Farmers logo. The two companies previously partnered in January, when the Farmers Insurance Airship took to the skies above San Diego, providing aerial footage and acting as the ultimate skybox for passengers above the Farmers Insurance Open PGA Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines…

RAF Northolt Night Shoot from PPRuNe Forums by 7of9 | Here are some of my favourites from last Thursday's Northolt Night Shoot event. Thanks to all the Aircrew for bringing in the aircraft to be displayed.

Herd of Rhinos - Repost from MRC Aviation by Mike Condon | The most exotic collection of aircraft to visit New Zealand in a long time took place 23Mar with the arrival at Auckland from Pago Pago of 5 newly delivered Boeing F18F Super Hornet's (Rhinos) on their delivery flight to the Royal Australian Air Force as part of the defence force's retirement plan of the General Dynamic F111's later this year. A44-202, 203, 204, 205 and 206 arrived in numerical order and were closely followed by Omega Tanker Douglas DC10-40 N974VV and in turn RAAF Boeing C17 Globemaster A41-206. All aircraft originated at NAS Lemoore, California with stops at Hickam and Pago Pago for crew rest. The aircraft departed for Amberley 26Mar…

Aviation Trivia of the Day by JP Santiago - The legendary Russian rocket designer Sergei Korolev and his special design bureau (designated OKB-1) were given responsibility in the early 1950s to develop a practical tactical ballistic missile designated the R-11 that would better be known by its NATO code name, SS-1 "Scud". The first Scud-A/R-11 missiles were accepted for operational use by the Soviet Army in July 1955 but the early versions were cumbersome to set up and fire, requiring multiple vehicles for support and despite advances in technology was little more practical than the German V-2 rocket. As a result, few operational batteries of the early versions of the Scud-A/R-11 missiles were fielded in the 1950s.

On This Day in Aviation History: March 30th by Phil Derner Jr.- Eight high school girls die when Delta Air Lines Flight 9877 crashes into their hotel room in 1967. Also, Aloha Airlines announces the end of operations, Sudan Airways Flight 111 is hijacked, John Glenn bows out of Senate race, German man claims ownership of airspace above his property and much more.

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